Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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23. Shitty Mood

Justin's P.O.V

"Um but we shook hands you have too"i said grabbing her wrist when she tried walking out of the bedroom.

"Ugh do i have too" she wined with a puppy face.

"Yup"i said popping the p.

"ugh fine" she said smiling.

"We should go to your house" i said.

I wrap my arm around her and we walk out.

"You know you still have a bet you didn't pay up for" i whispered as we walked down stairs.

"What?"she said annoyed.

I chuckled.

"The bowling alley"i said.

She smiled at the memory but then she remember what the bet was.

She push me softly.

"I was joking silly"she said.

I chuckled.

"Yea thats why you want it more than me babe"i said.

She gasped.

She opened my mouth too say something but i  talked before her.

"WE ARE LEAVING BYE"i screamed opening the door for me.

she walked and she stopped and gave me a death stare.

"Are you sure about that justin"she said annoyed.

I walked out.

He chuckled behind me. 


"It's getting late you should go"she said getting up and shutting off the movie and looking at the door.

I get up and walk over too her and wrap my arms around her waist.

"Why would i leave you here alone"i said sweetly.

I pecked her neck and she shivered.

"Justin i'm not in the damn mood right now"she said.

I started too kiss her neck more now as i sucked it gently .

she tried too keep in a moan.

"J-justin seriously " she said .

I started kissing up but then my lips were disconnected from her her skin.

"I said get the fuck off!"she screamed pushing me off.

I looked at her with a wtf face.

My anger grew inside me.

"Why are you always pushing me fucking away !" i spat at her walking closer.

She stepped back and her back hit the wall.

She gulped.

"I am not" she spat back.

"Fucking bullshit" i growled.

"Fuck you justin " she spat.

I Put my hands on either side of her and i stare in her eyes with fury.

I grabbed her and she flinched.

I pulled her to me and i kissed her softly as i tasted her lips.

I rub her sides as she kissed back and ran her hands threw my hair over and over.

Are tongues battled and we both moaned.

My nerves calmed a bit.

I lift her up and she wraps her legs around my torso.

I had my hands on her ass.

She gasped a little in the kiss.

I laid her down on the couch and climbed over her.

I reconnected are lips as she rubbed her body on me.

I slid my shirt over my head and i threw it.

Her hands touched my abs and traced them as i sucked her neck.

I fiddle with her belt and she moaned.

I started slowly undoing it but then the door bell rang.

We both flinched.

I looked at her and she pushed me off.

I groaned and walked over too the door i look back at her and she buckled her belt.

She walked out. 

I opened the door and see the last person i would see

Scooter ....

"Scoot what are you doing here?"i asked. 

"Your mom said you would be here for some reason...."scooter said . 

"Why are you shirtless?"he laughed.


"I was busy"i said trying not to sound annoyed.

"Well i was here to talk too you about new album " he said. 

"What about it scooter?"i said annoyed.

"Well we really want you too tour again..."scooter said. 

I rub my face with my hands. 

"Scooter i have a family here and i have love here i don't wanna leave" i spat.

"Thats why they can come... so what do you say?"he asked.

"I don't know .... ever since the selena thing and the crazy stuff....

i just don't really wanna get in trouble anymore"i said.

He nodded. 

"Just please think about it "he said before walking too his car and driving off.

I slammed the door and turn and see no cyan anywhere.

I sigh 

Cyan's P.O.V

I stood there and listen to them talk back and forth.

"Just please think about it"the man said .

I heard a car then the door slam.

I jump slightly.

I heard him sigh and then i heard footsteps.

I tip toed up the stairs and into the room and i plopped myself on the bed.

What if he leaves me?

I mean he does make me really happy...

I just don't show it....

Which i think i should start doing.

I just don't want him gone...

I love him...

a lot.

He is the reason i'm alive ...

i mean i practically could of died so many times but he saved me every damn time.

See i can't imagine derek doing that....

yea he's nice and all....

but i no he loves someone else.

The door opened and i looked over and saw justin leaning on the door frame looking at me with sad in his eyes.

Time too start showing him how much i love him and how he makes me feel.

I smiled widely at him.

He chuckled.

"Wow i didn't expect that"he said.

I chuckle.

"Well you turned my shitty mood into a great mood so thank you"i said.

"Thank you for everything... for staying"i said.

He smiled again.

"Oh yea you want your shirt back " i said grabbing it of the bed.

He laughed.

"Nah not now"he said walking over and sitting next to me on the bed.

He pulled me on his lap and he cradled me kissed my nose.

"Your so cute"he coed and kissed my nose again.

I giggled.

"Your sexy " i said playfully.

He smiled .

"I mean we all know that"he said.

I push him playfully.

I kissed him.

"So date tomorrow?"he asked.

I smiled and nodded.

"Yay good."he said setting me on the bed and getting up and waling too the bathroom and shutting the door.

I took off everything except my underwear and i put justin's shirt on.

It was pretty big on me.

I climb in bed and check the time. I turn my phone on and i saw 

Sunday February 16th 

10:00 pm 

I sigh and put my phone on the stand and charge it.

I put some fuzzy socks on and justin walked out with boxers on and nothing else.

He smiled at me and i checked him out.

He walked over and laid down and got under the covers.

He pulled me closer and i got under the covers to.

He kissed my shoulder and nibbled a little.

I giggled.

I turned and face him.

"Hey baby"i asked as i face him.

He smiled.

"Mhm" i smile.

"What will people think at school tomorrow?"i asked.

He frowned.

"I don't now but whatever they say i will defend you and stay by your side babe"he said sweetly.

I kissed him and i tasted his lips.

Oh and did i love them.

I turn back around and justin pulled me closer so are bodies are touching and his hot breathing is on my neck .

"Goodnight baby"he whispered.

I shivered and my hair stood up.

"I love you " he whispered.

"I love you too jay"i said drifting in my darkness. 



justin was in the hospital and i was crying and going crazy and i finished this play so its all done so now i have more time on my hands. 

but back too serious 

i'm sorry and i didn't update because what happened too justin....

i was just scared so much...

i love him :)

but i hope you guys love this and watch the believe trailer on friday and buy all bad on itunes and did you guys see the new poster for believe? it reminds me of never say never :) ahhhh kidrauhl forever baby!!

Thanks Readers :)

Love You XoXo.



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