Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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45. Q/A




QUESTION: I love your fanfiction so much its my life right now , but my question is are you planning on a sequel? love you!!!!

Answer: Thank you btw that means so much! I am mainly planning on the ending,and i'm debating on if i should or nahh :) it just depends. I love ya too.


QUESTION: Is the fanfiction based off your life, or anyone in your life? Update too its been forever!

Answer: Well the twins part is lol, but yes i am Cyan and i do have friends named jasmine,and nicole! And i will try to update for you :)


QUESTION:Do you like nutella?lol 

Answer: Actually its a love hate relationship between nutella and I. I love the smell of it but i don't like it on a lot of things:) but i'm kind not a big fan of chocolate so. 


QUESTION: When will be the last chapter of Jerek Twins?

Answer: umm well i'm think of ending on the 50th chapter.. lets just see;)


QUESTION:Do you have this story on anything else? or just movellas?

Answer: I'm gonna be posting all of it on wattpad!

QUESTION: YOU SLAY WITH THIS FANFIC GIRL!!! Ok sorry haha. My question is why do you always call us boo's?

Answer: My favorite author on movella's that kinda pushed me a little to write had a name with boo in it (i'm not gonna tell her name) and i was in love with the word for awhile i would say it all the time(mainly towards justin)! Now i say bae or papi or yass or slay lol.


QUESTION:Would you ever date a twin in real life, because i feel like after you have written this you are just like stay away from twins omfg.

Answer: I actually had a huge crush on identical twins in my 4th grade class lol, and i dated a twin this like a couple of months ago! lmao.


QUESTION: Will you answer my question?

Answer: yes


QUESTION: What do you look like in real life, i feel like your pretty in real life lol.

Answer; nope i'm ugly as fuuuuuukkkkk

QUESTION: Will you update or nah?

Answer: I will update :)


QUESTION: Do only like justin bieber?

Answer: No, i like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande(My fav),5SOS YAS,Katy Perry,and Miley Cyrus. I kinda like the Magcon boyz:) there cute. 


QUESTION: Opinion on jelena?

Answer: *Sighs* I got of that ship 1 year ago or 2 years ago when this drama started to explode like a fucking firework. I use to ship them a along time ago, but then they started going on and off and I was like fuck dis. I still hope they get together and work things out and stay together for longer than a week lol. I love them both individually! I just want all this sob stories to go away, and all the break up songs to fly out the window and out of our lives. I just want them be friends for fuck sake. If they hate each other,  it makes me pissed off. Which i feel like they hate each other right now so.  


QUESTION: Do you think justin is a man whore?I love your fanfic too btw lol.

Answer: Chantel and Justin , Yovanna and Justin, Ashely and Justin, Selena and Justin, Barbara and Justin , Miranda and Justin, That play boy girl (he made out with on a boat a couple days ago) and Justin.... I SEE A MAN TRYING TO MOVE ON AND FEEL LOVE AND CONNECTIONS WITH SOMEBODY ELSE. :)


QUESTION: Have you ever met Justin

Answer: No i wish. I saw him in person thoe.


QUESTION: Do you as the author of this wonderful fanfiction ship Custin or Cerek?

Answer:Well i'm gonna tell you what i ship without the fanfiction. Like the fanfic never existed. And there is actually a derek bieber in this world. I would ship Myself And derek to be honest. Your probably Like WHAAAAA WHAAAAA HUHHHHHUUUUUUUU Well i'll explain. I feel like a life with derek would be easier than a life with justin. Justin goes threw a lot these days. I mean they have the same voice,and body so pretty much i'm dating a not as famous justin bieber. I would die for that. I'm i confusing you? oh well lol.


QUESTION: Will you marry be baeeee :)

Answer: Where's the ring. You cant purpose without a ring.


QUESTION: Can you make more sex scenes ;)

Answer: Yeah just let me bathe in holy water, read the bible for a few hours,take a nap and then i will. Then i will pray to god.


QUESTION: What do you say to all your haters

Answer: SUCK MY ASS :)


QUESTION: Do you have anyone in your life that likes justin like you do?I feel like i'm the only one who loves him in my school lol.

Answer: I have this amazing belieber friend i meet at a justin bieber concert she is my homie i love her to death! 

you can be my friend :)


QUESTION: Omg so i hate lucy, and i wanted to know if that bitch is a real bitch in your life.

cause i mean that would kinda be interesting.....

Answer: :)


Ok  so that is a lot of questions i got and i want to thank you all for sending me DM'S i love you! I'm kinda surprised you didn't comment your questions below. butttt I don't care, because you guys can send it to me how ever. I will try to get all the story on wattpad as soon as possible! I love you all! You guys are so crazy,and i can't believe you have came along with me and read this whole fucking thing! I can never be so grateful! 4k Reads omg guys. I'm freaking out!!!!!

I hope you laughed at some questions,and responses!

I wanna thank every person giving questions! 

Thanks for exploding my twitter and insta DM!


Thanks Readers:)

Love You XoXo.

~Justinslittleboo (Bizzleslut)

(Sneak Peak coming tomorrow)

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