Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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34. Pretty Much Dead

Cyan's P.O.V

"Come on cy you have been in this bed for like 1 week"nicole said pulling my feet. 

I kicked and it hit selena.

"Oweyyy"selena said rubbing her leg.

"Sorry i mumbled in my pillow.

"Get up hoe"nicole said slapping my leg. 

"AHHHH"Nicole and selena pulled me out of the bed making me fall on the floor. 

"Ugh its fine i like it down here."i cuddled in a ball.

"You can't stay in bed forever"nicole wined. 

"Yea it looks like you haven't showered for days"selena said making a gross face.

"I don't care.... not like i have any where to go.... or any one to see"i said getting off the floor. 

"To bad sweetheart your going out tonight" selena said pushing me in the bathroom but i grabbed on to the door so i could go back in bed. 

Nicole and selena tugged on my body but i held on the door with my dear life. 


"No get in the shower"nicole said yank at me.

"NO"I spat.

"You asked for it"selena disconnected me from the door and nicole held my legs and selena held my arms. I wiggled but they had me tight. 


"Nicole pin her down while i turn on the shower."selena said. 

She nodded and nicole pinned me down and i try too wiggle out from under her.

They picked me up and they pushed me in the shower.

My clothes met contact with the water and drinched my clothes .

"Fucking really"i stood there letting the water pour on my head. 

"Now just take off your clothes use shampoo and some body wash and you'll be clean as a peach"nicole said grabbing selena and walking out.

I sighed and i took off my wet clothes and throw them angry at the mirror. 

I wash y hair first and i had to admit..

it felt good to see a person alive.

Ever since i saw... justin.

I just kept my phone dead.

I stayed in bed.

Didn't eat.

I was pretty much dead. 

I shake out of my thoughts and get out of the shower wrapping a towel around me.

I walk out of the shower and i walk over to my  bed but nicole grabbed me and pulled me away.

"What i cleaned now can i lay back down"i wined. 

"Hell to the no sista"selena said bring a bag in.

She threw me a bra and panties from victoria secret at me. 

I grabbed them. 

"Put those on"nicole demanded. They looked away as i put it on. 

They looked at me. 

"Dang girl you actually look like one of the models!"selena and nicole purred. 

I rolled my eyes.

"Ok now but this dress on!"nicole threw me this:

"Put it on you will look so good!!!"selena said hoping up and down.

I groan.

"No" i said setting it down on the bed. 

"What"nicole and selena said sad. 

"I said no"i said shaking my head.

"Wait what no what do you mean no"nicole said. 

"I don't wanna go ok! i don't wanna do anything... because if i do something it turns out doing me bad or someone else bad.... so no!"i said sitting on the bed. 

They looked at each other and sighed.

"Well ok then... i guess a drink or two with your friends might not make you happy... or even take your mind off things."selena said fiddling her fingers. 

"Or maybe dancing with someone nice and maybe even feeling good again"nicole said. 

Maybe  i should go .... 

i mean what could go wrong. 

"Fine"i sighed. 

Selena and nicole high fived and laughed. I smiled at there stupidness. 

"Leggo"nicole said clapping her hands.


"ANDDDDD WALLALA."Selena said curling the last piece in my ponytail.

"OHHH cute cute cute"nicole said fixing my makeup. 

"Beautiful"nicole and selena high fived again. 

"Ok its almost 9 we better hurry up and get going"nicole winked at selena and i furrowed my eyebrows.

Selena gave me my phone and i clicked it and it was on full charge. 

"I charged it for you"selena said.

It turned on and i saw loads of text, tweets,messages.

I just slide the screen for it all to vanish from my sight.

"Lets go party!!!!!"They dragged me outside to the car and we got in.

They blasted the music up loud and we were dancing around like idiots. 

"Do you feel better already?"nicole asked. 

I smiled. 

"Actually yeah yeah i do"i smiled.

"Good because we here"selena said parking. 

We walked out and there was paps everywhere...

maybe because of me and selena.....

They only have the camera on me because well... justin.




I looked at the guy who said that and gave him a weird out look. 

"Could you guys stop following us and me and nice and normal person"selena spat.



I saw selena ear up a little so i walked infront of her to protect her.

"Fuck off and leave us alone.... will you be decent people and leave us alone"i spat.

We walked up to the doors and the gaurds let us in but before we walked in selena said one last thing. 

"You guys are fucking jerks"she spat. 

We walked in and i gave selena a hight five and she laughed. 

"Wow cyan you popular !!!"nicole said. 

"Lets party!"selena said. 

I smiled. 

We walked up to the bar and got drinks. 

I only had one but the others were chugging after chugging. 

"Ok me and nicole are gonna dance you fine some one handsome!"selena said.

I nodded.

I looked around and i found no one that catched my eye.

Maybe because the only guy that can catch my eye is justin.

I shook of the thought of him.

Selena's P.O.V

"Ok so here's the plan again " i said to justin. 

"Ok listening"justin said.

"Me and nicole bring her to dance we get her more drinks and then we settle her down... she won't be drunk... and we will take her to the room you will be in and  then its all you " i explained to justin.

He nodded .

"Are you nervous?"nicole asked.

Derek came next to justin and gave him a pat on the back.

"A little" justin said fixing his tie. 

"Ok we gotta go now" nicole said.

We all go or ways. 

Derek's P.O.V

I felt bad for what i did but then what justin did was way out of line.

So i don't really feel bad for justin.

I feel bad for cyan.

She is broken.

I go in one of the rooms and i sit down on the bed. I run my hands threw my hair. I let my thoughts take over until i was stopped by the door. 

I look up and i saw cyan come in she looked at me.

"Oh derek?"she said.

"Yea its me derek"i said slightly confused.

Why isn't she with justin in the other room.

I just shrugged it off.

"At least i have someone to talk to.. i came in here to clear my thoughts. " she said sitting next to me. 

"Yea i'm sorry about the whole kissing you thing... i was just..."i cut myself off before i said anything else. 

"You were just?"she asked. 

"I was just still in love with you"i said looking in her eyes. 

She looked shocked. 

"I'm sorry for the hell i have put you threw these past months."she said.

"It's not just you derek i have more shit then you have put threw me"she laughed. 

"I know you might still love justin but that doesn't stop me from loving you"i whispered. 

I grabbed her side of her face and looked in her eyes.

She grabbed my face and kissed me.

Forever the moment i have waited to come

is finally here.



whats gonna happen next.



thanks for all the comments 

omb you guys made me blush like so hard like one girl commented saying how she stayed up all night reading it and i was like awwwww really that is so sweet i love you boo's so much hehe.

and i love justins tweets lately.

He is like road trip where am i!?!?!?!?

In my pants

hehe jk jk

no i'm not hehe

Thanks Readers:)

Love You XoXo.




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