Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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33. Payback

Derek's P.O.V

I can't wait any longer... i love her way to much to see her loving my brother. I went off on her which made me want to kill myself.I never wanted to hurt her....

i never loved selena....

which is good because that kid wasn't mine anyway.

All that matters now is cyan.....

i love her

i need her now..... but how with justin around.....

I just want her with me... like in the first place.

I had her first.. she loved me first...

i guess this plan can be a fresh meal of


Cyan's P.O.V

I have been at my house ever since justin and me fought outside his house 2 days ago.

I'm just really stressed....

all this drama...

all this shit pile.

I just want everyone to be happy and not have problems.

I'm mad at justin though.

He lies and gets into even more deeper shit....

and if i do something...

he tells me its not my fucking fault.

When it is.

Everything is my damn fault.

I just need to get away from everyone.

I think i need a break from justin.

He is driving me overboard...

even thoe i love him... he just makes me feel like i wanna kill myself sometimes. 

Wow my life sucks so much.

Every since my mom left.... 

thinks have been going down hill.

My grades dropping.... drama with the twins.


Ugh where's my parents when i most need them.

I also have to pay for this house now.

Which actually i'm suppose to be moving in with pattie but i'm not really in the mood to be with them at this moment.

I wrapped the blanket around my body tight and i flicked threw channels why eating my sour patch kids.

Spongebob came in my sight and i threw the remote on the table and i laid down watching it.

The door bell rang and i hopped up and rapped the blanket over me and i opened the door to see justin in my sight. I sighed.

"Justin really i'm not in the -"His lips crashed into mine.

Of course i gave in.

His hands pulled me close and he started too put me against the wall.

He slid his tongue in my mouth and i moaned lightly.

He kissed down my neck making little hickeys as i laid my head back and enjoyed justin's work. 

"Mhm justin"he kissed me again and he started slowly grinding on me. 

The door slammed open which made me and justin jump.

We looked and saw derek standing there in fury.

Justin smirked at derek. 

I looked at justin's jaw and i didn't see the scar i gasp.

I push derek off me. 

"How fucking dare you!"justin shouted at me. 

"Justin it's not what it looks like i swear"i plead. 

"Shut the hell up"justin shouted.

He looked at derek in hate.

"Derek get the fuck out"i spat.

Derek pushed past justin and justin looked back at me.

He shook his head. 

"Why the fuck were you-"

"I still get mixed up!"i spat.

"I thought you new the difference ?"justin said hurt.

"I do i-i"

"I'm just done"justin said throwing his hands in the air.

"J-Justin please"i sobbed now.

Justin walked out slamming the door.

I slid my back against the wall.

Then i thought.

Derek did this....

he plan this

that little mother fucker.

Justin's P.O.V

I was so pissed off right now i just really wanted to get my anger out.

I pulled out beer after beer drinking them down.

Good mom isn't home because this drinking would have not been a option.

My anger is still inside of me thoe.

How could that little whore think she could fuck with MY brother.

And i thought she was special


Fuck no i'm not just gonna sit here and drink i'm gonna go get some


I gabbed my jacket and i walked out.


I grab my phone and text Cyan:

Come over i wanna talk

She replied:


I threw my phone and i looked over at the girl i got at the club.

I lick my lips and look over at her.

I grabbed her hungry. 

"Let's take this upstairs"i purred in her ear. 

She nodded.

Cyan's P.O.V

I went up to justin's door and walked in.

eh it's ok i pretty much live here....

i walked up the stairs but something made me stop and choke on my air.

I heard girl light moans and screams.

I went to justin's door and i heard the girl in there.

There was tears in my eyes now.

I opened the door and i saw justin fucking the girl.

I gasp and cover my eyes.

They snapped there heads in my direction.

"Justin"i cried.

Justin had a smirk... but then he softened. 

The girl got out  from under him and she got dressed and ran out fast.

I looked at justin with tears.

"Cyan -"

"That was payback wasn't it"i spat.

He looked sad.

"Well then good job your plan worked"i spat.

I ran out before he could get me. 





hah ok so my thought about is that i don't really care if they are together or not .... i just really want justin happy and i want him to smile. I heard that they are only friends hanging out and that pic of them it wasn't all lovey dovey... i take pics like that with my friends soooo i think they are just friends!

but i do ship jelena but i just think there on and off and ugh it gets crazy soooo

i think that ship is just sinking 

and whats a new year without jelena 


Thanks Readers:)
Love You XoXo.




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