Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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18. Party Pooper...

Cyan's P.O.V

There is nothing left for me too do....

i lost everything i had....

i lost the only thing i had left....

my father left right in front of my eyes when i was 6 and now my mom dies in front of me now.....

the only person that is really there is justin...

he has been giving me things and caring for me and hasn't even left my side once....

i feel bad though i mean he has been in the same clothes the past days....

i want him too leave but he doesn't trust me home alone.....

he is being very protective over me....

which no one has gone this far on protection.

And every time he holds me he smells bad because he hasn't left ....

and i wanna tell him too go take a shower and get your smell away from me...

but thats just mean.

I smiled at my thoughts.

I went back to the other day when i almost said i love justin.....

it just kinda came out ...

like i didn't mean to say it...

i was just stressed and tired and alone.

Know i'm thinking i meant too say it...

i mean he always is there....

and he is comforting, 

But he did tear me and derek apart.....

I shake my thoughts away and i fix my outfit :

I went out of the room and i saw justin sleeping on my couch with the same clothes on.....

Just because i'm suffering doesn't mean he has too.

I went up to him and gently shook him.

He groaned and rubbed his eyes and looked up at me and smiled.

"Hey girl"he moaned.

I smiled lightly.

"Justin i think you should go home.." i said.

He got up and i could smell his body odor and it made me gag.

"I can't i have too stay with you" he said demanding.

He wrapped his arm around me and the smell got worst.

Ok this ends now....

"Oh dear god justin" i coughed and pushed him.

"What?" he asked smiling.

I plugged in my nose and looked at him.

"Ok i'm sorry but you smell horrible and its getting worst every day so please go take a shower.." i said with a weird voice.

He giggled.

"Oh i'm sorry babe i'll go get clean..... but i need clothes.." he said.

"I'll go get them ok just go please clean so i can breath without gaging." i wined.

He laughed and walked off and went upstairs.

I grabbed my keys and walked outside and feel refreshed by the air.

It's nice too be a little better and have some light.

I walk out of the house and start the car and zoom off down the road. 


I unlock the door and walk in and i see derek kissing a girl against the wall rubbing her sides.

Derek's head snapped in my direction and i saw regret in his eyes.

I was shocked....

I look at the girl and i saw lucy.....

hell no.

"Uh"i spit out.

I broke eye contact and went off running.

I ran up too justin's room.

I packed 3 pairs of some leather pants.

I pick some shirts and get one for me.

I love wearing his shirts......

there comfortable.

I get the other stuff and grab his charger and put it all in one of his bags.

The door opened and i turned around and i saw derek looking mad.

"What the hell are you doing?"he asked.

My tears started forming and pouring out.

"Getting justin some clothes " i spat.

He looked shocked and mad.

"Oh so this just shows you are really and big fat slut...."he spat back.

I rolled my eyes and wiped some tears away.

"I'm not fucking around with your brother he is uh... just helping me ok?"i said trying too not think about my loss.

"Helping with your thirsty needs"he spat back.

I grab the bag angry.

"Not exactly you ass hole" i said pushing him away from the door.

I started walking but then derek turned me around.

"Then what is it exactly"he spat in my face.

My tears streamed down my face fast.

"The death of my mother fucking mom you heartless asshole" i screamed.

I yanked out of his grasp and ran down stairs.

I walked too the ooor and saw lucy looking down at her feet.

"Lucy your way better than that.... way better than all the fake.... just be you ok" i said.

She looked at me and nodded.

I walked out and zoomed off in my car with tears still falling. 


I fixed my makeup before walking in the house so he doesn't know i cried.

I went in and saw him sitting on the couch with a towel around his waist.

He got up and smiled at me when he saw me.

He came up too me and he smelled like my father which made me smile.

"What?" he asked.

"Did you use my dads shampoo?" i asked.

He looked at me worried.

"Was i wasn't suppose too... i'm sorry i didn't mean to us-"i cut him off.

"Justin its ok you can calm.... you smell good" i said handing him his clothes.

We walked up too the room and he set all the clothes out and he looked at me weird.

"What?" i asked.

"Why did you pack this?"he asked holding up the blazer and tie and button up shirt.

"Well ... i thought we could go out tonight because i wanted too have some freedom..." i said awkwardly.

He smiled wide.

"Ok that sounds great!"he said excited.

He ran off in the bathroom and he got ready and came out.

I looked over and saw him and i checked him out.

Damn... and did he look good....

"Hey um cyan "justin said waving his hands in my face.

"Huh what"i said. He laughed.

"You should take a picture babe....because guess what.."he whispered.

"It last longer"he whispered in my ear.

I shivered.

"Good to know"i smiled at him.

He held out his arm for me too grab which i did and we walked out and made are way out too the car.

Justin's P.O.V

We pulled up to the club and cyan got out and grabbed my hand and dragged me too the doors and of course we could cut because i'm a famous and i have my ways.

"Justin! Justin! Justin here!"the people screamed.

I avoided them and made my way with cyan in the club.

Cyan ran over too the bar and she ordered bad drinks.

"Whoa we are kinda under age too drink that stuff.... we are only 17." i said playfully.

She rolled her eyes and chugged a shot down.

"Mhm i needed that" she said calmly.

"Hey just don't get crazy" i said playfully.

"Yea yea bieber no promises" she said drinking down another shot.

I walk over too the vip and see some famous people...

and i see chris brown.

"Yo man!"i screamed.

Chris looked at me and smiled.

"Little man i didn't know you were home!"he said giving me a bro hug.

"Yea i went back too school and i brought a friend here"i said.

He looked at me playfully.

"Its a girl?"he asked.

"Of course it is"i said playfully.

He pat me on my back.

"You should find her before she gets drunk.... bitches when there drunk is very ugly"he said playfully.

I laugh.

"Yea i should... but hey man we should hang later on just text me or call bro"i called out.

"Well Can Do bro"we did are hand shake and i walked away and into the sea of people.

I looked around and saw cyan grinding on a guy.

"Ha it is ugly" i spat under my breath.

I walk over and push the guy off her and pull her away.

I drag her out into the quite area of the club.


She could hardly stand so i held her up.

"It's ok just no more drinking ok" i said.

She groaned.

"But jayyy you are such a party pooper.... you poopie!"she said giggly.

I smiled.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and ran her hand threw the small hairs in the back of my neck.

"Have i ever told you your sexy jay"she said playing with my hair.

"Well thank you... we better get you home"i said.

She put on a puppy face.

"Jay i have no home"she wined.

"What do you mean" i asked.

"A home is where a mother and a father live " she stirred.

I knitted my eyebrows.

"Yea and"i said.

"I don't have a father or a mother..... so that means no home for me" she said shrugging and looking me in the eyes.

"Cyan you have me" i said.

She looked at me seriously.

"Then your my mother and father combined" she said in amazement.

I giggle.

"No i'm not but i will watch over you and i will be there and care for you" i said.

She smiled.

She laid her head on my shoulder and looked up in my eyes.

"Then your my home now " she asked.

I smile and pull her up and take her too the car.

"Jay i don't wanna go" she said stomping her feet like a kid.

I smile at her.

"Just come on" i put her in the car.

I drove off. 


He turned up my song that was on the radio.

She started screaming the lyrics out the window and dancing around.

She is drunker than i thought.

"I NEED A BEAUTY AND A BEAT!"She screamed out the window.

I let my right hand off the wheel and i grab her waist and pull her down in the seat and roll up the window.

"Party pooper" she whispered in my ear.

"Buckle your seat belt" i said .

She giggled.

" What are you gonna do if i don't " she spat.

She started jumping up and down and jumping in the back sea and jumping in the front again.

I pull the car over and i grab her arm angerly so she stopped and looked at me. She smiled and bit her lip.

"Your gonna get us in trouble.... and maybe in the hospital ... just stop " i said.

She giggled.

"What are you gonna do baby...."she whispered.

I smiled at her and i went over and buckled her seat belt.

"Hey!" she screamed.

I drove off and she pouted in the corner.

She whimpered like a puppy dog.

Wow chris was right.....


She ran over in the kitchen i heard her open something in the kitchen.

I ran in the kitchen and she was opening two beers.... oh my.

"Here jay" she handed me a beer.

I grabbed it and set it on the counter.

She was about too take a sip but i pulled it away .

I was holding on too it and she was holding on too it.

"Justin let go" she wined.

I pulled and she pulled then it slipped and it went all over cyan's shirt .

I grab the bottle and put it on the table.

"Shit" she wined.

"Wait let me get a towel.

I ran off and then came back with a towel and cyan's shirt was on the floor and she was just wearing her lace bra and skirt.

I tried too keep my eyes on her face.

She walked over too me and she wrapped her arms around me.

"I'm good" she whispered.

I gulped.

"Come on babe why do you look so nervous..." she whispered.

She grabbed my hand.

"I know you want it"she giggled.

She laid my hand on her chest.

My wild teenager is kind of coming out and the responsible teenager is kinda drifting away.

I put my hand too my side again.

"Lets get you too bed." i said .

She smirked at me.

"But i'm not tired" she said grabbing me and pushing me too the wall.

She traveled her hands down my stomach and then i picked her up and swung her on my back.

"HEY PUT ME DOWN!"She screamed.

I went in the bedroom and flopped her on the bed.

"Now change in pj's and go too bed sweat heart" i said.

She giggled.

"Y-You can dress me" she said pulling on my tie.

I roll my eyes playfully and walk over too her stuff and saw m shirt in her drawers.

I smile down at it and turn around and saw cyan was out like a light.

"Oh thank god" i puffed.

I walked over and put the shirt over her head and the shirt went down too the end of her skirt.

I slide her skirt off and put next too her other clothes.

I take off my clothes so i was left in boxers and i walked over too cyan and pushed some hair behind her ear and i rubbed her cheek with my thumb.

I lightly leave a kiss on her forehead then i saw her stir.

"Mhm I love you justin" she moaned.

My stomach got filled with butterflies and my mood got so happy.

She fell asleep again and i walked too the door and look back.

"Love you to" i said walking out.

I went downstairs and laid myself on the couch and got under the covers, And i fell asleep that night....

smiling like an idiot....


Awwwww love this!!! 

thanks for the comments and sorry i didn't update... all this music mondays and film fridays are freaking me out and tumblr is addicting so i'm very sorry boo's 

but i tried too make this update long so i hope you like and buy all that matters on itunes too!

Thanks  Readers :)

Love You XoXo.



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