Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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Cyan's P.O.V

"As long as you love me.... we could me starving.... we could be homeless..... we could be ... broke"He whispered softly in my ear.

I smiled enjoying his sweet touch.

He had two arms around me laid on my tummy and his lips leaving pecks on the back of my neck.

I shivered in his arms.

"Nice to wake up to this"I whispered.

"Yeah"His raspy voice moaned against my ear.

I turn around so i could face him.

I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him gently.

I collied are tongues together and we fought for dominance.

"Love you my pup"He said.

I looked at him weird.

"Your pup?"I whispered.

"Yeah your like my puppy... so cute... and fragile"He said pulling me closer.

While giggling i shook my head.

"Your such a weirdo" I said.

He rolled his eyes.

"I know , I know"He said.

I was about to get up but his hand grabbed my arm and pulled me back down.

"Wait"He said.

"Yes"I said amused.

"i want to know if its ok with you if um"He scratched his neck.

"Derek comes on tour when we arrive to new york in a few hours"He said quickly.

"Yeah that's fine - wait what derek?"i asked.

 "Yeah well ... i know your guys past and i know me and his past on you isn't so..... perfect... i just really think we should all mend are relationships... because well he is my brother"He said.

I didn't want to come in between him and his brother...

i mean it's his brother!

But this is gonna mentally kill me.

He tried to break me and justin up not to long ago.... he still loves me... and they look exactly alike.... and that will bring way more stress then it already is with this tour.

Do it for justin! it's not all about you , you know?

My mind spoke.

"So?"His voice caused me to snap out of my thoughts.

"Yeah yeah totally "I said nodding.

He looked at me like i was lying but i just got up from under the covers.

I forgot i was only in my bra and panties. 

Don't worry! Me and justin didn't have any sexual stuff happen.

I picked up justins shirt off the floor and put it over my head. 

"Are you sure pup"He asked.

I looked at him and gave him a stop-it look.

"Yes i'm sure"I smiled.

I grabbed a towel from the closet and make my way to the bathroom.

I close the door and i start the water and turn it hot.

Stripping my clothes i jumped in the shower and i got chills once it hit me.

I shivered.

"oo Fuck"I whispered.

I got some body wash and i started washing my body.

The sudden touch of someone wrapping there arms around me made me yelp and jump up in fear.

I turn around and saw it was justin.

I sighed in relief.

"I thought you were some intruder... you little ninja"I joked.

He chuckled

"Sorry i didn't mean to.. i just thought maybe..."He trailed off.

"We ain't having sex bieber"I warned.

"Buttt whyyyyy"He whined loudly.

"Shh, what if someone hears us in here... we would be moved to separate rooms"I said. 

He rolled his eyes.

"Over my dead body"He whispered rubbing my tummy and going down lower with each stroke.

When he touched my area my body relaxed and butterflies exploded inside of me.

He started rubbing and i laid my head back on his chest and moaned.

"You like that my little pup"He whispered.

I moaned quietly.

He entered to fingers in me and i yelped.

"I said do you like it baby"He whispered.

"Mhm"I moaned.

He started kissing my neck, and started sucking on my sweet spot.

I ran my hands threw his hair as he sucked my neck and fingered me at the same time.

Holy shit

the things this boy does to me.

"J-Justin"I moaned.

He exited me and licked his fingers slowly looking at me.

I bit my lip and sighed.

"How the fuck do you do that!"I said kind of angry.

"Do what"He said innocently.

"Like when i don't wanna have sex or do this stuff it's like you still find a way to do it"I said.

He shrugged.

"You just can't resist me"He said and chuckled.

"I guess i can't"I laughed.

"But it's ok because i can't resist you either my little pup" He cooed.

"What's with you and calling me that"I laughed.

"It's your new nickname... your my puppy, so cute and gently and easy to have fun with"He said.

"Naw just stop"I laughed.

He chuckled and kissed my lips.

"Now can i please take a shower?"I asked.

"Yeah i'll help you"He winked.

"I swear to god if you fucking use your little trick jay i swear i will-"

"Ok Ok Cy i won't babe"He said.

I smiled and nodded.

"Thank you"I sighed.


"There they are why did it take you guys so fucking long to get here"Chaz said.

We got out of the cab that parked next to the big airport.

I sighed and justin wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed my head.

"Well we had to get ready"Justin smirked down at me.

"Pleaseee tell me you guys didn't do it"Ryan said.

"Nah we didn't have sex"Justin said.

"it was pretty damn close"I whispered.

Justin rolled his eyes.

I smiled innocently up at him.

"Ok ok guys derek will be here in like i don't know 5 or like 10 minutes so we better-"

"Yo HEY!!!!"I heard a familiar voice yell.

We all looked and i saw derek walking ... but he wasn't walking alone.

He was walking with the biggest slut from our school


Didn't i fucking tell her she was better than that to get with him.

Why do i even care?
I still wanted to punch both of them.

"Sup justin, chaz, ryan"He said giving them hugs.

He looked at me.

He walked over to me and surprisingly gave me a hug i saw justin tense up.

"And Cyan"He smiled.

He backed up.

"I brought lucy along with me"He smiled.

Lucy fixed her low cut shirt, yuck.

and her short ass skirt.

I rolled my eyes.

"Well we will find a place for her"justin said.

Everyone nodded and started talking.

Lucy gave me a look of hate.

"Stop fucking looking at me , bitch"I mumbled.

"Whatcha say?"Lucy squealed which caused my ears to bleed.

I felt myself wanting to rip her fake ass hair out.

"I said stop fucking looking at me you fake , ass , whore , you fucking bitch"I spat.

"Okeeeeyyyy"Justin said.

Chaz and Ryan ohhed.

"Cat fightttt"Ryan mumbled.

"Let's before this "Pup" tries to fucking scratch all of her fucking makeup off her face"I told justin.

He tried to hold in his laughter.

We made are way back to the cab.

"Well this is gonna be fun right guys?"Chaz said.

I scoff.

"Not for me"I said.


OHHHH shit the lucy is back!

She was the girl from the school were she hit on justin but she got rejected badly lololololol and she was making out with derek when she walked in the house to get justin some clothes lol.

Ok just had to clear that up from some people that don't wanna reread this whole thing lol.



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Love You XoXo.





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