Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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20. Mental Break down....


Selena P.O.V

"But derek..."i grabbed his arm.

He yanked me off.

He stormed off walking too his car.

"Derek i'm pregnant"i said.

He turned around and looked at me terrified.

"What!?"he hissed.

He walked over too me.

I began too cry.

"I'm pregnant derek"i sobbed.

He rolled his eyes and cursed himself and turned around and walked over too the car again.

He got in and zoomed off.

I sighed and ran my hands threw my hair.

I thought about the people i could talk too but there was no one.


no he's mad at me...

but derek did tell me justin was with this girl.

This girl hates me too for what happened with derek.

I got my phone out and dialed justins number.

After 2 rings he picked up.

"Aye"he said.

"Justin it's selena"i said awkwardly.

He scoffed.

"What do you want"he spat.

"Justin hear me out ok.... i'm sorry and i know you hate me.... but are you with the girl?"i asked.

"What girl?"he asked.

"The one derek cheated on"i said.

He scoffed.

"Cyan... yes i'm with her"he said.

"Why?"he asked.

"Um well i really need another girl too talk to and can you please tell me where you guys are?"i plead.

The line went silent.

"Please"i plead.

He sighed.

"Fine"he groaned.

"I'll send you directions"he said.

"Thank you justin"i said before ending it.

I took out my phone and got in my car and started it up.

I looked at the message and saw the address and i put it in the GPS.

I drove down countless roads and made my way to the average house.

I walk up too the door and i knock.

Cyan answered it and her look was un readable.

I smile nicely at her.

"Hello"she said stepping aside.

"Come in"she said smiling.

I smile at her and come in.

I look around the house and i see the nice furniture and set up.

"I love your house"i cooed.

I look at her. "She smiled.

"You can call it mine now"she said emotional.

I knitted my eyebrows in confusion.

Justin walked in and looked at me and he had a look of disgust on his face.

"Justin stop "cyan hit his arm.

Justin gave her a warning look and she stick her tongue out and he smiled.

I laughed.

"You guys are cute."i said.

"Actually we aren't - Justin put a hand on her mouth.

"Thanks"justin said.

Justin yelped and took his hand away.

He rubbed his hand.

"She bit me"he said like a little kid.

I laugh so did she.

"Um justin can you leave or something because selena i guess need too talk too me about something"cyan said.

I nodded.

Justin kissed her cheek and ran out and up the stairs.

"So um i'm cyan "she said holding her hand out.

I swatted it away and i gave her a hug.

She returned.

"Thanks for letting me talk too you"i said sitting on the couch.

She smiled.

"No problem...

but i'm gonna go make tea so we can start this"she said walking away.


"Ok so why did you wanna talk too me in the for? You don't even know me."she said.

I giggle.

"Yea i'm sorry.... and i know you must hate me since the whole derek and me thing and-"she cut me off.

"I don't hate you"she said with a smile.

"But you were the only one i could talk too because i'm not really with my friends at the moment."she said.

"Ok so back too the first question what is it about"she asked.

I breathed in and out.

Cyan's P.O.V

She breathe in and out then i saw a tear trickle down her cheek,

Then more followed and now she started full out crying i sat there awkwardly then i knew what too do.

"Selena shh"i said bring her in a hug.

She started sobbing.

I rubbed her back .

I might be a little mad at her but i hate derek out of all of this.

She looked up at me.

"I'm pregnant"she sobbed.

That took me off guard.

"Wait what?!"i said shocked.

"Me and derek you know and now i'm pregnant"she said wiping some tears.

I pulled her back in a hug.

"Does derek know"i asked.

She looked at me.

"Well yes i did before i came here and he zoomed off and thats why i called justin so i could talk too you"she said wiping her eyes.

"So he just left you there"i asked.

She shook her head fixing her eye make up.

"He is such and asshole" i said rubbing my temples.

"I agree"she laughed lightly.

"I wanted too say that i'm really sorry for having you know with your boyfriend..."she said quietly.

I looked at her.

"He is not my boyfriend" i said shaking my head.

"Because of me"she said sadly looking at her fingers.

"No it wasn't it was his fault ... he was the one that new he was gonna get drunk."i said.

"Either way i'm sorry cyan... i'm really sorry"she said.

"Its ok "i said smiling.

"Thank you again for letting me talk too you for about an hour"she said laughing.

I looked at the clock.

"It's fine "i said smiling.

She held her hand out.

"Here give me your phone"she said.

I gave her my phone and she grabbed it and started typing.

"I put my number in i will text you" she said standing up.

"So this means were friends right"i said playfully.

"Sure gurl!"she said playfully.

She pulled me in a hug and she walked too the door.

I opened the door and i saw her walk out too her car.

I waved at her before shutting the door.

I walk over too the kitchen and i clean the tea.

I thought about my mother and the tears streamed down fast.


(Age 8)

"Hey mommy"i said running in hugging her while she made some tea.

"Hey sweetheart"she said kissing my head.

"What are you doing mama"i said resting my hand on my hip.

She smiled at me.

"Just making some tea"she said pouring some.

She handed me a cup.

"Try some"she said.

I looked at it and i smiled.

I put my lips too it and sipped the liquid.

"Mhmm mama this is good"i said drinking more.

She kissed my cheek and hugged me.

"Just like your mama"she said.

**End Of Flashback**

I looked over too the knifes in the corner.

Thoughts shot daggers in my head.

"Promise me you will never do this again"justin's voice was in my head.

I shook it out.

I looked behind me and i saw nobody so i slowly walk over and grab the small knife.

The tears gathered up and my eyes got blurry.

I put it too my skin.

"I love you"justin's voice was in my head.

I shook it out and i hovered my skin with the knife this time.

"Don't do it"i heard justin say in my head again.

I shook it out.

I held it tight and more tears fell and turned into loud sobs.

I dropped the knife on the counter, 

And looked at the scars still on wrist from last time when justin saved me.

I lifted my head and see justin lean against the door frame looking at the knife with pure hate.

He looked at me and just shook his head in hate and turned around and stormed off.

I went after him.

I run after him and i go into the my bedroom and i see him shut the bathroom door hard.

I pound my fist on the door.

"Open justin!"i scream.

"I'm sorry"i plead.

I keep pounding.

My anger grew inside me and high pitched scream and slam my foot in the door and my foot went in the door.

"Fuck"justin screamed.

I pull my foot out. 

??? P.O.V

Cyan took her foot out and justin was on the other side of the door shocked.

Her stress...

and the feelings she has been keeping inside were waiting too explode and she was tired of hiding it.

She kicked another whole in the door and justin flinched.


Justin walked over too the door and opened it slightly and she pushed it opened so it smacked the wall.

Her face was bright red and her hands were in fist.

She started sobbing in front of justin and justin started walking slowly too her but she saw him about too grab her but she screamed highly.

"NO"she screamed running out of the bathroom.

Justin ran after her as she opened her mothers bedroom.

She started throwing things and throwing the papers off the desk and making the room a mess.

Justin grabbed her and picked her up and she started screaming bloody murder and swatting and kicking but it didn't stop him.

She kicked him in the leg and made him drop her she bundled up on the floor and she screamed bloody murder and justin rushed over too her and held her down and tried too calm her but she kept screaming.

"Cyan calm down"he puffed still holding her down.

She stopped screaming and she started sobbing.

"Justin she'e gone all my family!"she screamed with tears streaming.

"I HAVE NOTHING"She screamed.

"Fuck my life!"she screamed.

"I had too hurt myself i want too die!"she screamed.

"I HA-Justin grabbed her face and pushed his lips too hers and kissed her too calm her.

Her heaving breathing started too calm slowly and she was kissing back.

She wrapped his arm around his neck as his tongue roamed her mouth.

Justin pulled away slowly when he felt her tears.

"Justin please help"she cried.

She sat up and hugged justin's torso and justin wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in his lap.

"I'm here baby"he whispered kissing her hair over and over rocking her back in forth..


Im sorry... i haven't updated :( my parents took my crap for yelling at them because they were making fun of justin -_- so i got my stuff back so :) i thought i could update!

Thanks for the comments and the likes and favorites:)

thanks boo's :)

Thanks Readers :)

Love You XoXo.



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