Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
****Copyright © 2013 @Jerry_Twerking_ . All rights reserved.****



Cyan's P.O.V

"Cyan?"justin sad looking at me hard.

I smiled widely

"Justin baby"i said holding his face.

He looked scared as hell looking every except my eyes.

"W-Where am i?"he asked.

I sighed.

"In the hospital ... what happened too your arm... you lost so much blood"i said.

He looked so confused.

"Justin!"pattie said running in with derek and ryan and chaz.

They all ran over and justin flinched and backed up and came closer to me and he held my hand.

I smiled.

Pattie looked hurt.

"Justin?"pattie said putting a hand on his leg.

He shook her hand off and looked at me horrified.

I looked at him confused.

"Um w-who is that?"he whispered too me.

I looked at pattie in horror.

"J-Justin this is not funny " pattie said.

He looked at her confused.

"I'm sorry but i don't know you"he said.

He turned his head and looked at derek and his eyes went wide.

"He looks like me"justin pointed too derek.

Derek looked hurt.

"dude its not funny" ryan said.

Justin looked at me confused.

"Justin do you know who i am?"i asked.

He simply nodded.

"Your my girl"he said.

I smiled then frowned.

"What about them"i said.

"N-No should i know??"he asked.

Pattie cried quietly.

"Justin thats your mom pattie thats your twin brother derek and that is your best friends and me yea i'm your girl"i said.

He looked at them all and he squinted his eyes.

"I-I don't "he shook his head.

I sighed and looked at them all.

Derek was death staring me.

I looked back at justin.

"I'm sorry but can i be with cyan and you guys what ever your names please go outside"justin said.

Pattie ran off crying and derek stared at me the whole way out.

"Justin what do you remember i need you too think hard."i said.

He looked down his lap and he raised his eyebrows. "I remember me and you um at a party ....."he said.

I shook my head.

"I remember punching this guy there because he was on you..."he said.

"Keep going " i said. He focused a little more.

"I remember us waking up and you were mad because you betrayed um.... D-Derek i think yea"he said.

I smiled.

"You know anything about derek" i asked.

He shrugged.

"Ok i need too get too the doctor ok babe... i'll be back"i said.

He grabbed my arm.

"Can i have a kiss?"he asked flickering his eyes.

I chuckled and gave him a peck as he try too put his tongue in my mouth.

"Still the cyan i remember " he said.

I smile and walk out. I walk down the halls too look for the front desk .

I walked and saw the doctor.

"YO doc!"i called out.

He turned around.

"Ah Miss. Ramsey i cared for your parents"he said.

I smiled.

"Yea you did your best but now my mind is on justin ..."i said.

"Oh bieber!"he said looking threw his files.

"Oh yes he had several cuts on his arm and very deep... and he lost so much blood... and he's awake right?"he asked.

"Yea.... but we have a problem doc..."i said.

He raised his eyebrows.

"He knows me and some things but he lost a lot of his memory...."i explained.

He looked at me weird.

"I need too see him now then.. just follow me"the doctor walked as i followed him .

I saw the door and i saw pattie standing there with ryan derek and chaz.

"CYAN I NEED TO TALK TOO YOU "Derek said rudely.

I looked at the doctor and he smiled and walked in the room.

Derek grabbed me and dragged me in the other hallway.

I yank out of his grasp.

"What the fuck is your problem" I said.

He came closer and i backed up and my back hit the wall.

"Why the fuck are you acting like everything is ok and dandy ! huh?"derek spat.

I was really confused.

"What are you talking about derek"i said annoyed.

"You think you don't have too worry because justin remembers you! well it should be the other way around!"he spat.

I felt tears come.

"Your right " i whispered.

"Oh shut the f- Wait what?"he said confused.

"I said your right ok.... i'll leave... i just don't need anyone anymore and i guess ill leave"i said.

He looked taken back.

"Wait i'm sorry"he said grabbing my arm.

I looked at him.

"Justin needs you... and i do to"he said . I looked at him.

"I'm just putting all my anger out on you and i'm sorry. " he said rubbing his face with his hands.

I turned around and walked too the room and walked in.

I saw doctor talking to justin as justin smiled lightly when he saw me.

"Miss. Ramsey .... he should be good to go soon.. his memory might not recover but maybe it will... just call sweetie if anything happens to you " he said .

"Um doc?"i said.

He turned around.

"Whats your name... i know you have had my parents and i still don't know your name"i said.

He smiled.

"Doctor Jamey " he said walking out.

I smiled and looked at justin and he was trying too get up but i ran too him and pushed him down.

"What are you doing.

"he asked laughing.

"You lost a lot of blood honey... i don't want you falling on your ass"i said.

He laughed.

"If i fall for you then its worth it "he said.

I smiled.

He sat up and i saw his arm and i clenched.

"Whats up?"he asked smiling.

I just shrugged and helped him up.

He went too dress so i looked on twitter for a few.

#Feelbetterjustin  #staystrongjustin  #weloveyoujustin Thanks for all your support justin is leaving with me now  i tweeted. 

There was some hate but i just skipped it and read the good ones.

I smiled at the feedback. 

i saw one tweet that made me wanna climb in my phone and throw the person out the window. 

"I hope the faggot dies along with you .... slut" i felt rage come in. 

I retweeted it and i typed this person a message.

"See you in hell then " i sent.

A bunch of beliebers went off on the person and i felt proud so i locked my phone and i saw justin walk slowly because he didn't wanna fall.

I walked over and wrapped his arm around me and i held on to him and helped him walk.

"Thanks babe"he kissed my hair.

I smiled.

What if justin doesn't remember his fame???

or his beliebers?

We walked out and everyone was waiting.

I saw jassy and jaxon looking sad in justins dads arms.

I frowned and justin looked at them weird.

I helped him outside i saw there was many beliebers trying too get too justin but body guards and small poles held them back.

"Justin!"girls chanted.

He looked around in horror and looked at me nervous.

"Justin you don't know these people?"i asked.

He looked around again.

He looked at one girl holding a t-shirt that had him when he was 16 and he knitted his eyebrows.

"Lets go"i said bringing him in the van.

Scooter and the others of justin's crew was in there.

The others came in.

I sat next to justin and he was by the window.

"Yo justin bro what happened and why didn't you text me , what about the tour and trouble we have too get threw? huh?"scooter said a little annoyed.

Justin looked really confused and he looked at me for help.

Ugh he has been doing this all day....

well i'm the only one he remembers.

"Earth to justin " Scooter said waving his hands.

I looked around and saw no pattie or them just derek and the guys and the crew.

"Scooter just leave him alone"i said annoyed.

"Um cyan but out this is work talk between me and him"scooter said annoyed.

Justin looked at me and saw i was hurt.

"Hey who ever you are or scooter what ever the fuck don't tell my girl what to do... i don't even fucking know you so why are you talking too me and why am in a car of people i don't know"he said.

I looked around and they all had their mouths open in o  shape.

"What is he on about cyan?"ryan good asked me.

I looked at justin and he was looking at scooter in hate.

We pulled up to justin's house.

"Guys don't worry about it... he is just banged up a little he will get better"i said grabbing justin's hand and bring him outside.

I help justin too the door and we went inside.

I set him down on the couch and he smiled up at me.

He patted his lap.

I sat down on him and i faced him with my legs on each other side.

"Justin i need you too think really hard ok i need you too for me ok"i said rubbing his arm with the deep cuts gently.

He looked down and saw my sad expression.

"Justin i- "He grabbed my face and he kissed me lightly then i kissed him back.

He rubbed my ass gently and i smiled too his lips.

He slid his tongue in my mouth and he roamed my whole mouth.

I moaned in delight.

He started to kiss down my neck and leave little butterfly kisses.

I would fling my head back too give him room.

He held me and he started sucking my sweet spot.

I moaned loudly and pulled on his hair which made him moan.

I smile.

He kissed back too my lips.

He stood up and i wrapped my legs around him.

"What about your walking"i asked.

He chuckled against my lips .

He started kissing me again.

"I think i can make it " he said walking as i slowly kissed his neck.

I left bites and i heard him moan loudly.

I started kissing his sweet spot and i started sucking on it lightly.

He laid me down on the soft bed and he hovered me.

I grab his shirt and slowly pull it over his head.

He kissed my neck as i played with his abs.

He pulled on my shirt and he put it over my head.

He kissed down my Chest down to my tummy and he bit my skin as i rubbed my hands threw his hair.

He pulled my jeans down to my ankles.

He kissed my thighs lightly and he left love bites.

I moaned loudly.

"Mhm justin"i said pulling him to my level.

He kissed me gently as i pulled on his pants.

I slid them down to his ankles and i saw his bluge and i giggled.

"Its all for you baby"he whisper to my chest as he kissed it.

His hands traveled up my back and unbuckled my bra.

He slowly slid it off.

He stared at my chest and he began massaging my boobs.

I moaned in pleasure.

"Mhm you like that"he whispered in my ear.

I started rubbing against him.

"Y-Yes"i groaned.

He kissed down and started sucking my nipples .

His tongue swirled it around and i arched my back and moaned loudly.

"Fuck justin"i screamed.

He did the same too the others.

He stopped and started kissing down my tummy.

He slid my panties off.

He looked at my vagina and he licked his lips.

He kissed it gently and i moaned.

"Fuck justin fuck me already"I groaned.

His tongue was inside of me.

I moaned loudly.

He pumped his tongue in and out.

He was teasing me with his tongue .

He played with it with his fingers and he slowly inter me with them.

I screamed in pain then it all went away once justin kept going.

My fluids came on his fingers and he licked his fingers.

I flipped him over and kissed his abs down to his waist line.

I bite his underwear and tug it with my teeth and justin moaned.

I rubbed his bulge and he moaned.

"Come on baby"he moaned.

I pull of his underwear and see his length and butterflies filled my stomach.

"O-Oh god"I said admiring him.

He smirked.

"It's not gonna suck itself baby"he smirked.

I grabbed it and justin yelped.

I started to give him a hand job and i saw that was his weakness.

"Ah f-fuck baby faster"i went faster and he was breathing hard.

I went down and kissed the top and he gasped.

"Oh baby suck it "he screamed.

I started sucking slowly.

He was moaning.

"Fuck"he screamed.

"Faster cyan"he screamed.

I did it faster and i choked and justin moaned.

I felt him release and it traveled in my throat.

I moaned.

I climbed over him and he flipped me over.

He kissed me softly.

He slowly put his dick in me and gasped and justin put his tongue in my mouth.

"Fuck me hard justin!"i screamed.

Justin rode my body hard as i started sweating.

I started clawing his back.

Justin came out and fell down next to me.

I turned around breathing hard. 

"What just happened"we both breathed out.

We both smiled. 


I had so many breaks i was like laughing so hard writing this stuff bahahah 

i did it for you guys so if you don'y like sex 

just don't read it 

i warned you in the title so i hope you pay attention...

i love you boo's 

Thanks Readers :)

Love You XoXo.



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