Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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6. Looking For This Beautiful

Cyan P.O.V

We took are shoes off and put them back upfront i grabbed derek's hand and swung them back and forth as we walked too the car.

"Ok cutie now gotta tell you the bad news"derek said in a pout.

I sighed deeply and frowned.

"I'm leaving too pick up my mom from LA and taking her here... and justin wanted too hang with you during that time."derek said annoyed.

In the lower of my stomach it got filled with butterflies.

I stopped my self from smiling.

"Ahhh it's ok i don't think anything will happen... i'm your girlfriend" i said kissing his cheek.

He smirked.

"I should really trust justin... i mean he is my brother but i mean i just don't want this too happen again." he said laying back in the seat.

"Don't want what too happen again?" i asked.

"You know selena .... well i use too be with her... we went out in public for the first time and everyone thought it was justin... so there was rumors and justin took selena away from me because it was for the best..." he said annoyed.

"I'm sorry " i said staring at my fingers.

"Not your fault... i just don't want justin too take anything more from me."he said starting the car.

I felt so bad for derek having justin be the good one...

and successful one...

i felt so guilty too for even having one slight of feeling for THE JUSTIN BIEBER.

Poor derek....

i just don't want derek too know that i like justin...

that will ruin us and him. Ifelt like the bad person....

the bitchy ass....

slut that fucks the brothers....

the girl who jumps from guy too guy...

i'm such an ugly ass bitch how could i do this....

how could i have feelings for justin when i'm fucking with derek...

the normal fucking one.

My mom taught me better...

i'm playing there hearts what and the fuck am i doing!

Your stupid...

your retarded ....

your a fail....

get out of there way...

the voice kept replaying in my head.

"Cyan..cyan! why are you crying baby"derek said snapping me out of my own world.

I felt the tears stream down my face.

I wipe them away fast and turn towards derek that turned off the car.

He pulled me in a hug and kissed my head several times.

"Come on lets go too my house and we can hang with justin...

i know he will make you laugh..justin is so funny." he said trying too make me feel better.

"Okeyyy" i said sniffling and backing in my seat.

I closed my eyes and heard justin hum a song and he rubbed my thigh making me smile.

I need to calm and stop thinking about justin...

i mean i am with derek i'm with derek .....

i'm with der-

"We are here baby" derek cooed shaking my leg.

I opened my eyes and saw the house.

I got out and derek wrapped his arm around my torso and we walked up too the door and walked in.

Justin hopped from the couch and looked at us shocked he had red lipstick all over his face.

I trailed my eyes down and saw a fake ass barbie doll laying on the couch in her short skirt and tank sowing her fake boobs.

I baby vomit in my mouth and make a fake gross noise.

I looked back at justin and he had his shirt half on and his sweats were falling off.

I look at derek and he looked furious.


I giggled silently.

Justin snapped his head towards me and death stared me into my soul.

I whimpered like a puppy and backed up a little.

The girl started get up and fixing her outfit and lipstick and she started getting her shoes on and purse.

She started walking too the door and i looked back.

"Oh you forgot your fake ass boobs" i screamed and smirked.

She gasped and pressed her hands too her boobs too try too feel them but then she saw they were on the ground.

Me and derek laughed as she left the house.

We look back at justin and he still looks like a mess.

"You can do better justin really?" derek asked.

Justin shrugged.

"I was angry and i wanted something too fucking calm me down so shut the fuck up"he spat.

He was angry??

at what??

"A girl with fucking fake ass and boobs and skin and everything on her?"derek asked.

Justin just snickered.

"Ok well i got a eye out for a girl right now and i'm very excited " justin said taking a glance at me before going on his phone and walking into the other room.

Derek snickered.

"Honestly... that is the first time he has picked up a girl like that.."derek said.

I shrug.

My phone buzzed.

I took it out and looked at it quickly.


Oh yea... i got my eyes on her realll good!!

I thought for a second.

What the fuck justin...

how did he get my number???

I slowly looked up and derek looked threw his bags.

"Are you leaving now??" i asked.

He looked at me with sad in his eyes and frowned.

He walked over and hugged me.

"Even though its gonna be 3 days i'm gonna miss you so much.." i said squeezing him.

He chuckled.

"Me too shawty" he said playful.

I looked up at him and got on my tiptoe's and looked into his bright carmel brown eyes.

I smiled.

I lightly pressed my lips against his and he grabbed my legs and pulled me up so i could jump on him.

I wrapped my legs around him not breaking the kiss.

He glided his tongue across the bottom of my lip.

I opened my mouth and his tongue roamed my mouth.

"Derek its time too go-WHOA was i intruding..."justin said.

I pulled away and giggled.

Derek sighed in frustration.

I turn my head and give justin and smile and he smirked.

I jumped down and derek whined.

"Ahh cheer up kid i'll keep her safe" justin said winkng my way.

Derek laughed.

"If you touch her i swear to god i will kill you"derek spat.

"Oh come on derek he paid for us too have a fun day at skyzone... that was pretty cool." i said smacking his arm still.

"Still that doesn't change a thing"derek said pointing towards justin.

"Hey no swearing too god derek" justin said in a kiddy voice.

I giggled and derek rolled his eyes.

"Seriously bro  you need too go. " justin said looking at his phone.

Derek nodded and looked at me and smiled.

I wrapped my arms around derek's neck.

"Oh goddd"i heard justin say annoyed.

I smile.

Derek wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer causing a groan too escape justins lips showing he was annoyed .

I laid my lips against derek's and we moved in sync and butterflies filled my tummy.

I heard another wine and pout escape justin's lips.

My tongue found it's way in derek's mouth and Justin high pitched screamed which caused derek too pull away and both of us too look at justin.

"Justin what the hell is your problem!"derek spat.

Justin started laughing and i did too.

"Time too leave mom will be mad derek..."justin said pointing too the door.

Derek grabbed his bags and put them in the car with justin's help.

"Go too school and have justin around.. and tell them thats justin not derek... and try too survive without me" derek said putting a hair behind my ear.

"Ahhh yea totally" i said sarcastically.

I pecked his lips and backed up so he could see justin.

"where's my kiss brother?" justin pouted.

I laughed.

Derek kissed justin's cheek and justin screamed.

"I was joking brooo" he screamed.

We both laughed.

They bro hugged and derek whispered something in justins ear before he waved too me and got in the car and drove down the street .

I went in the house and looked for my phone .

"Looking for this beautiful..." justin said holding it between his fingers.

"Oh thank god you have it.." i walked over and try too grab it put justin held it up high.

"No no no i'm not playing these games loser give me my phone!" i said jumping.

Justin picked me up one i was in the air and threw me on his shoulder.

I started hitting his back.

"Put me down..." i screamed.

"You called me loser Ramsey..." he said.

"Oh last names now bieber?" i said still hitting his back.

Derek just left and this is what i got myself into already...

just wow.

"I'm sowwwyy ok." i said whiney.

He laid me slowly on the ground in the kitchen and he handed me my phone.

I smiled and grabbed it and put in in my pocked of my shorts.

"Now this is what we are gonna do..." Justin said licking his iips and rubbing his hands


Oh God...



Thanks Readers :)

Love You XoXo.



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