Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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17. "I'm Not Coming Home Sweetie... Stay Safe"

Cyan's P.O.V

I wake up To someone taping on my nose lightly.

I groan and open my eyes to see a flawless faced boy sitting there with his bright carmel eyes and cute smile, And that scar across cheek to tell me which from which.

"Justin?"i said rubbing my eyes.

"Yepp sleeping beauty " he said cheeky.

I look down too see what i was holding and it was justin's shirt from yesterday.

Oh Shit...

"Yea you robbed me... while you were sleeping you kinda took my shirt and i didn't wanna wake you"justin said.

I giggled.

I give over the shirt but he pushed it back.

"No you can keep it" he said putting it back next to me.

I smile and look back into his soft eyes.

"Thanks for last night" i said patting his hand.

"And i'm sorry for all of this drama and yelling and blame because its all me it all my fault."i said.

He shook his head.

"I mean we all share the blame its not all your fault...

i was kinda taking it to far"he said rubbing my palm.

I looked at the time and hoped up and searched the house with justin following me.

"Wheres my mom" i asked.

"She wasn't here"justin said.

The phone started ringing.

I ran over and picked up and justin came up and looked at me concerned.

"Hello?"i asked.

"Hello is this Miss Ramsey ?"a women asked.

"Speaking" i said annoyed.

"Well your mother has gotten in a terrible car crash and its hard too say she not make it another minute"my heart stopped and my jaw dropped my breathing was hard and my eyes started to water.

"Cyan whats wrong"justin said rushing over too my side and grabbing my arm.

"Miss Miss"the lady spoke.

"Let me talk too her"i said trying to hold my sobs.

"We can't-i cut her off.


I made justin jump.

"H-H-Hello"my mothers weak voice filled my ears.

"Mommy"i whispered cried in the phone.

"S-Sweetheart I love you babe"she said weak.

"But mom you can't leave not like daddy please mommy please come home"i sobbed.

Justin held me in his arms now just comforting me.

"I'm Not Coming Home Sweetie......

Stay Safe,ok?

Will you promise me you will find a husband and Have a job and be sucessful?"She asked. I cried on the phone and justins hands rubbed my arms.

 "I promise mommy" i sobbed.

Fast beeping was heard in the back.

"Mommy No!"i screamed.

The line went dead and justin let go of me and looked me in the eyes.

 My anger was growing inside of me.

"Ughh!"i scream throwing the phone knocking stuff off the shelf.

I began to cry.

I need to go.

Justin grabbed my arms When i was trying too run off.

I yanked several times while i sobbed.

"Look at me!"he demanded.

I stopped and looked at him.

"What happened cyan?"he asked.

More tears started to fall.

"Take me too the hospital justin"i sobbed.

I hugged him tight.

He picked me up bridal style as i cried in his shirt and sobbing.

" girl.... shhh"he said calming while he placed me in the car.

He ran on the other side and started the car fast and backed up and zoomed down the street.

I grabbed his hand that was on his leg and i tangled my hands with his and i squeezed it while tears fell.

"It's ok cy were almost there"he said rubbing my hand.

"J-J-Justin thank y-you"i sobbed.

We pulled up too the hospital and justin came and got me out.

I ran without justin threw the hospital doors and looked everywhere.

I ran up too the lady at the desk and i looked like a drag,

But it doesn't matter.

"Is amanda here?"i asked.

"Room 134 floor 4 sweetie"she said sweetly.

I go off running into the elevator and i see justin run in there and stand next to me.

"Sorry"i said quietly.

He shook his head no.

The doors opened so i grabbed justin's hand and ran out and ran too the 134 number door.

I went in and i saw doctors all around doing things.

I saw my mom laying there bloody and weak and with her eyes closed.

"Mom!" i screamed.

All the doctors made room for me too come in and see her.

Her eyes opened slightly and she weakly smiled.

"Sweetie"she said grabbing my hand.

"Mom please don't go i love you" i said.

Her breathing started getting weaker.

"H-honey i never will i'll always be there"she said simply.

My eyes were pouring tears.

"And you better keep your promise baby"she said.

I smiled and nodded.

I hugged her lightly and she kissed my cheek.

"And cyan?"she said.

I smile and nod.

"That boy he's a keeper"she smiled.

I turn around and see justin with watery eyes looking at us.

I look at my mom.

"Justin my friend " i said .

She smiled again.

"Justin come"my mom said weakly.

She motioned justin over.

Justin came over and laid his hand on my back rubbing it.

"Justin will you watch over her please and keep her safe"my mom said.

"Yes of course Miss"justin said shaking.

The beeper went off and my moms eyes closed.

The doctors pushed us out and i was screaming and crying.

Justin grabbed me in a hug ask i cried on him again.

We sat in the waiting room with me in justin's lap and my head laying on his chest just looking at his shirt playing with it.

My eyes started getting heavy and i drifted in darkness. 

Justin's P.O.V

"Um sir i'm sorry too tell you but amanda has passed away...i'm very sorry"a male doctor said.

My eyes got watery and i looked down at sleeping cyan and i sigh.

I get up with her in my arms and take her too the car and set her down gently and she laid back and started sleeping.

I got in the car and started it and drove off slowly.


I wake up too small fingers playing with my hair.

I open my eyes and see cyan with tears in her eyes and her hands in my hair.

"Baby girl" i said wiping her tears away.

She looked in my eyes and lip quivered.

"What are we doing here i thought we were at the hospital. " she said.

My grip around her got tighter.

"What about my mom?"she asked getting up and pacing now.

"Cyan-She cut me off.

"What if some thing happened?"she asked.

"Cyan-" she cut me off again.

"Is my mom home?" she asked stopping in her tracks.

I grabbed her and forced her too look at me.

"Cyan" i said.

She stayed silent.

"Cyan your mother she is um" i choked on my breath and my eyes started to water.

"I'm so sorry cyan" i said pulling her close and laying my head in the crook of her neck.

"S-She died?"she whispered.

I pulled back and cupped her face and look in her eyes.

"Yes baby" i whispered.

Her eyes began too pour out tears and she held on my hands tight and cried.

My phone started ringing and cyan let go and looked at my phone.

I walked over and answered it and looked at cyan that looked at me.

Her look was different from the looks she use too give me.

It was like a look with hope and love.

"Hello?" i asked.

"Yo bro can we hang? were did you go ? your not here?" derek asked.

"I can't hang out i'm sorry i'm busy with you know singing, shit like that" i said annoyed.

"Ok call me when your coming home."he said.

"Ok mom" i said jokingly.

"Haha very funny"derek said hanging up.

I threw my phone down and looked back at cyan.

She was swing back in forth looking into the air just spaced out.

I walk over and wrap my arms around her and hug her.

Her arms went around me and she smiled weakly up at me.

"Your beautiful smile " i said.

"Justin thank you for being there and comforting me and i love you-MY HEART JUST STOPPED.

"to be there yea i love you to be there." she said.

My heart literally was pumping so fast.

she just saved herself from saying i love you.

She loves me?

She turned around fast and ran into the bathroom and i heard the water run.

I smile too myself.

What if she loves me?





Ok seriously doe


Hhah i hope you enjoyed this chapter it was kinda sad :( her mother is dead like her father and all she has is her friends and derek or not and def justin :) 


Thanks Readers :)

Love You XoXo.



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