Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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14. "I Was Drunk "

Cyan P.O.V

The last bell rung telling us it was time too leave.

I walk out fast and try too look for those carmel eyes but they weren't in sight.

"Cyan"That same voice spoke.

I turned and saw justin he had no emotion.

"I was looking for you"i said nervously.

"You wanna go with everyone too bowl?"he said.

"Yea that would be good" i said with a smile.

Justin just looked at my smile then back up too my eyes.

He stepped closer and i just stood there lost in his eyes.

"Justin what happened at lunch?"i asked.

He looked down then back up in my eyes and he licked his lips.

"I just talked too derek thats all." he said .

"But the promise .... something happened and you need too speak up now!" i said demanding. He just looked away and bit his lip.

"I keep my prom-

"Fuck the damn promise tell me justin!"i spat.

He looked at me with worry.

"Derek was seen with selena and they took pictures and they think its me ... thats all ok!" he spat.

Something in me made me calm and think i guess that wasn't bad at all.....

but i also feel like he is lying.

"I'm sorry i didn't mean too yell at you" he said.

I just shrugged and giggled.

"It's fine jay" i said patting his arm.

he smirked.

"Lets go"He said grabbing my arm and interlocking are fingers.

He pulled me down hallways until we saw all the girls and guys all huddled.

They all turned and saw us and looked at are hands and looked confused.

"Lets bowl!" i let go of justin's hand and threw my hands up.

We all walked out and walked down the street and saw the alley.

We walked over there and were talking about funny things.

We walked in and we were all excited.

I changed into my shoes and ran over to the balls and i picked a bright blue one.

The lights went down and everything was glow in the dark and i looked at it in awee.

"You ready too get your ass kicked?" justin asked me.

"Oh really i don't think so bitch" i said playfully.

"Oh so i'm a bitch... ok i see how it is your going down babe"he said.

If he fucking says that again i'll punch him.

"Don't call me-" he put his finger too my lips.

"Shh shh young one" he said walking away.

I roll my eyes and sit down with everyone else.

"hey um cyan i thought you were derek..." jasmine asked.

"I am but justin i my friend and he was draging me too you guys so thats why he had my hand.... i promise we are just friends" i explained.

"But do you have feelings for justin?" nicole asked.

"Well i-"Justin came up and cut me off.

"Ok i got a spare so what were you guys talking about. " he said sitting next too me.

"Um" i said.

"We were talking about how cyan is going too kick your ass..... Go cyan!" nicole said pushing me up too bowl.

I walked over i aimed and swung my ball back and swung it forward and it slid down the floor and knocked all the pins down.

I jumped up and everyone attacked me in a hug as i screamed.

Justin stood there shocked by my move.

I looked at him and he had his mouth open in o shape and i giggled.

"BOY YOU JUST GOT OWN BY ARE GIRL!"the girls screamed pushing justin around playfully.

He looked at me and i smirked.

"Oh your gonna get it ramsey" he said getting a ball.

"Hit me with your best shot bieber" i said walking over too the girls and guys and sitting down.

He winked before he got his ball and swung and he knocked them all down.

"WHAT!"the girls scream and chaz and ryan laugh.

"Calm down i got this" i said getting up and hitting justin in the shoulder as i past him.

I grabbed my ball and did as i did before and swung and knocked them all down again.

I jumped and hugged the girls.

We started playing more and i was kicking justin's ass he was doing worst than me and i was getting spares and strikes everytime.

We were on are last round and if i score i will win but if justin scores more  than me than i will lose.

Justin got his ball and focused on the pins.

"Go seduce him or something!"nicole pushed me out of my seat.

I ran over too him.

"Hey wait justin " i said.

He looked back.

"You wanna make a bet on this?"i whispered.

He smirked.

"Go " he said telling me too continue.

"If i win i get 20 bucks and if you win ...." i trailed off.

I went up too his ear and run my fingers his neck and make him shiver and turn into jelly.

"It could just be me and you...... your bedroom...... pleasuring each other..... with me.... just wearing.......absolutely..... Nothing"I whispered nibbling his ear.

I could feel he was getting hard by my touch and he quivered by every word i spoke.

"Can you just imagine it baby" I whispered.

I looked into his eyes and i could see he was probabaly so horny at this very moment.

"Do we have a deal jay?" i asked.

" Y-Yea " he quivered.

"Thats very good " i whispered before walking back over where everyone else was .

They were all laughing.

"You think he will mess up?" Jasmine asked.

I smirk.

"All i have too say is that he is horny "they all laughed except chaz and ryan.

"Whats up guys?" i asked both of them.

"You are so screwed" chaz laughed.

I knitted my eyebrows in confusion.

"What are you talking about?" i asked.

"What did you exactly bet ?"ryan asked.

Oh shit.... "I bet if i win he gives me 20 bucks and if he wins me and him with 'Get it on'" i said and i started laughing but everyone just sat there emotionless.

I stop laughing and worried.

"What?" i asked.

"You know justin will bring up his game if you do that right"Chaz asked.

I looked over and justin and he aimed and rolled the bowl and it knocked all the pins down.

"Shit!" i muttered.

"You better get a strike this time or you are getting fucked by your boyfriends brother"nicole said.

I gave her a death stare.

Justin gave me my ball and he smirked.

"You thought you were smart ?" he asked cocky.

I rolled my eyes ad walk over and get in position and aim.

I swung my arm back and roll it down and it went in slow motion and it hit the pins.

we all looked and i saw one still up but rocking.

It stayed up .

I groan in frustration and smack my face with my hand.

I felt arms rap around me and kiss my ear.

"So when would you like to 'Get This On'?" he asked in a whisper.

I push him off and stomp over to everyone and they were in the arcade.

I sat on one of the benches and i saw justin talking too this girl in the corner.

I scoff and look away.

I looked justin's way again and he was signing a paper for the girl and he looked my way and made eye contact with me.

He said something too the girl then walked away and went my way.

"What you doing over here by yourself?"he asked sitting next too me.

"Leave me alone please" i said annoyed.

He leaned back and pulled me closer.

"I'm gonna stay forever until you tell me whats wrong"he said.

"Its the mother fucking bet!" i spat.

"Hey you made up the bet not me you can't yell at me!" he said sweetly.

"Well i'm just pissed you actually won" i said mad.

He rubbed my back and looked at my hair as he played with it.

"I win everything sweetheart" he cooed.

I pushed his playfully.

He started laughing.

"Hey guys you wanna go back too nicole's and we can play games"ryan asked us with everyone behind us.

"You wanna?"justin asked.

I nodded and got up and walked by jasmine and nicole's side.


"Lets play spin the bottle!!"nicole screamed.

"Yea!"everyone screamed.

I laughed and sit down in the circle.

I sat with nicole and jasmine next too me.

"Ok chaz you first"ryan said.

Chaz spun the bottle and it landed on jasmine.

We all awwed.

Jasmine blushed and so did chaz.

The got up and kissed each other with passion.

I giggled and she sat back down.

"Ok cyan go"ryan said.

I spun the bottle and it landed on ryan.

I got up and kissed ryan and sit back down.

Justin sent me a glare i returned it and gave him a smile.

"nicole"i said.

She spun and it landed on justin.

She got up and kissed justin and sat back down.

"Justin go"chaz said.

Justin went and it landed on me.

Justin rubbed his hands together and licked his lips.

Justin got up and walked over too me and lowered himself and looked into my eyes he placed his lips against mine and his tongue roamed my mouth as the butterflies filled my tummy.

"GUYS!"they all yelled.

We pulled away and justin walked back too his seat.

"Um i think i'm done" i said getting up fast and running into the bathroom.

Justin's P.O.V

"Man you guys like were making out " chaz said hitting my arm.

"Yea.... don't tell my brother" i said pointing my finger at them.

We walked out of the house and started walking too my home.

"So do you like her bro?"ryan asked.

"Yea i really do... i think its more than like" i said.

They looked at me shocked.

"Are you sure i mean after selena"chaz said.

"Yea i'm sure she is just.... perfect... but you know she is with derek"i said.

They pat me on the back.

"Don't take her away from him.... just don't not like it happened with selena"chaz said.

I shook my head and we walked into my house.

I see derek there on the couch talking too mother and i smile.

They look when they heard us.

"Justin!" my mom screamed.

I hugged her and squeezed.

"I missed you"i cooed.

I let go and saw derek.

I look at him in anger and look away fast.

"Hey justin can i talk too you " derek asked.

I storm off into the kitchen and search the fridge until the door was shut on me.

I look up and see derek.

"What the fuck" i spat.

"I was drunk"derek said.

I rolled my eyes.

"I fucking warned you asshole!" i spat.

"I-" i cut him off.

"Shut the fuck up .... you have know idea what happened while you were gone " i spat.

Fuck i didn't say that!

"What the hell did you do!"he spat.

My anger grew.

"All i know is that your girlfriend wants me more than your ass!"i yelled.

Derek swung and punched me in the face and i hit back and hit him in the jaw and chaz and ryan pulled us back.

"What are you doing boys!"mom screamed.

"Fuck you justin!"derek screamed.

"Yea she did fuck me !" i screamed .

Derek lunged forward but got pulled back.

He yanked ryan off and looked at me in hurt.

"Your just fucking around!"derek asked.

"How about you ask your girlfriend derek!"i scream yanking chaz off.

Derek turned red and ran out of the house and i chased after him.

I chased derek down the street.

"Derek !" i kept screaming.

I ran after him and he ran to cyan's door.

Derek opened the door like he owned the place and i ran in to. 

Cyan's P.O.V

I jumped out of my seat when derek and justin burst in the house.

I got up slowly catching my breath.

"Fuck derek! justin!" i scream.

Derek looked pissed and justin looked scared and pissed.

uh oh....

"Is he fucking telling the truth!"derek screamed.

I flinched.

I looked at justin and he looked down scratching his neck.

"What are you talking about derek!" i screamed.

" Justin how about you tell her!"derek looked at justin and he threw his hands in the air.

Justin kept quiet.  

"hey guys whats happening?" nicole said walking in the room.

"Justin you better tell her !"derek said annoyed.

"He said that you two fucked is that mother fucking true?"derek spat.

I choked on my air and i started sweating.

"Justin why on this earth would you say that mother fucking statement!" i scream.

"Ok Ok me and cyan went too a party and we got drunk and we only made out and that was all and we also kissed the day after that and today."justin spit out.

I smack myself.

"Is this true?"derek asked more calm.

I look away and tears start too roll down my cheeks.

"You are guilty yourself"i said fast.

"What?"derek asked.

"You aren't guilty yourself"I spat.

"What the fuck?"he said.

"You butt dialed me and and you were at a p-party with s-selena." i cried.

I went in nicole's arms and cried on her shoulder and jasmine rubbed my back.

"C-Cyan i-i-" justin cut him off.

"Fucking tell her derek " justin said.

I looked at derek and he sighed.

"I-I woke up naked with selena"He sighed.

My heart shattered in a million pieces .

I started crying more.

"Why?" i asked.

"I was drunk" he said.

"Derek ....Cyan cut herself after she got that call from you...and came for my help"justin said.

I cried more.

"I just need too get out of here ...." i cried.

"I'll come with " justin said.

"No i wanna get out of here and get away from you two for awhile... i just need to get away from you guys" i said walking upstairs with the girls chasing me behind.


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