Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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3. "I never want too let this go.... Then don't"

Cyan's P.O.V

"Just a second ago .....but don't worry you won't be seeing it ever again" i said angrly yanking my hand out of his and walking into the cafe.

I was pissed...

why would i do that....

say yes too be someones date then go make out with a different boy after....

What the fuck is wrong with me?

I got a look at derek before i went in the cafe and he looked really hurt.

I'm gonna be really honest....

i really like derek....

and i hate jake...

because he is such a man whore and fucks every girl except me and my friends that are girls.

I mean i didn't wanna ruin the moment for him...

i mean he did all that for me...

but just remember he has done that millions of times.

I really feel like i need too stay home and get away from everyone....

and just sleep and listen too music.

"Cyan! Cyan!" i heard someone scream from behind me .

I turn around in my chair and see nobody and when i turn back everyone is sitting at the table except derek.

"Derek is um very sad..." nicole whispered to me.

I looked at her in concerned.

"Maybe you don't like him... but he is 100% falling for you " she said.

I looked around and saw everyone nod.

"So what is really going on here" Nicole asked.

Everyone looked me.

I sighed and looked at my food.

"I hate jake-i got cut off by them laughing.

"Then why did you say yes dummy" jasmine said poking me.

"Well i didn't wanna ruin the moment.." i said guilty.

They laughed again.

"i wished you did girl i wish." jasmine said.

I sighed.

"You like derek we can see the way you look at him...." nicole said in a duhh tone.

I rolled my eyes.

"Yea he is sweet and funny and nice and down too earth...

i can go all day but he hates me now...

i really want too go too the dance with him ."i said guilty.

They all smirked.

"Well just saying he was going too ask you out.... but jake "they said smirking.

I looked at them all shocked.

"You guys all new about this and didn't tell me."i spat.

They laughed.

"Derek was talking about you since day 1 you guys met."nicole said.

I laughed and looked around and my eyes met derek's and he stopped and we stared at each other.

He became mad  and rolled his eyes and looked at his food.

Chaz and ryan saw me staring there direction and they kept point at derek and motioning the crazy motion too there head.

I rolled my eyes playfully and i turned back and all eyes are on me.

"He is pissssseeeedddd" nicole sang.

They both laughed... i giggled.

"i'll talk too him later ok" i said eating my food.

(Last Period )

I walk in the classroom and see derek smiling and laughing with cassy....

the schools slut.

I growl and walk too my seat behind cassy.

Derek sat next too cassy .

He kept flirting and she would laugh really annoying.

I saw he took glances at me.

He started too get touch and grab her hand and waist .

My blood boiled and i felt steam slowly come out of my ears.

I could feel small tears one.

I wiped all them away and there was still one rolling down my right cheek.

I looked up and my eyes met derek's.

He saw the tear and he smirked and turned back in his seat and started writing.

I wiped away the tear.

The teacher began class and i could'nt stop looking at derek flirt with cassy.

 If he wanted too hurt me ...

the good job he did .

Did someone stab me in the heart because that is what it feels like....

The bell finally rang and i was the first one out of there and i bumped into someone and fell too the floor.

"Whoa watch your self- oh hey cyan" jake said pulling me up.

I give him a light smile.


and um jake i'm sorry but i don't think i can go tonight maybe ...

some other time..." i asked.

He smiled and nodded.

"Actually... my friend nicole doesn't have a date....will you ask her ?" i asked.

He nodded and smiled.

Before he walked away i grabbed his arm.

"Give her this" i said handing him the rose.

He smiled and ran down the hallways.

I giggled and went too my locker.

I turn my head and see cassy and derek kissing against the lockers.My jealously came back again...

and made me angry.

I slammed my locker shut and caused them too jump and stop kissing.

Derek saw the tears roll down my face at a fast face.

His smile faded into a frown.

Cassy started telling a him for staring at me and stormed off.

I rolled my eyes and tried too stop the tears.

I picked up the bag on the floor.

Derek started too walk fastly over too me but got pushed back by ry and chaz.

"Bro that was so not cool" i heard chaz spat before i stormed out of the school.

I got in my car and i saw derek run out of the school and his eyes landed on my car.

I started it and zoomed away before he could reach me.


"Come on it starts in a hour you better get ready " my mom said patting my legs.

I lift my pillow up and throw it and try too hit my mom but it just hit the wall .

"he will be there mom" i spat.

"Be with your friends.... show all of them how tuff you are and most of all beautiful. " she said. I sighed.

I mean i would look like a bad bitch and a tuff one from all that shit that has happened to me today.

"Fine" i groaned.

She claped her hands. I took a shower and dried of quickly and dried my hair and did light make up and put this on :

I grabbed my phone and made it down stairs and my mom saw me.

"You look adorable!" she cooed.

I rolled my eyes and laughed.

I ate some food before going .

My phone started buzzing while i was driving.

I saw that i had miss calls from derek and nicole so i called nicole back.

"Hey girl are you coming too the dance?"she asked.

"Yea i am " i said acting happy.

"Wow you tuff girl... i thought since what happened at the end of day you would be like "i'm never going too school" i quote" she said .

"Hey maybe i say that when i'm in a bad mood but i don't mean it... i just wanted too see you guys ok" i said.

Well actually my mother made me but i was looking forward too my friends.

"Ok i'll see you in there" i said hanging up and parking in my parking spot.

I locked my car and walked into the school and se all the girls run too me and hug me and squeal.

"I know you don't wanna hear about him... but he is looking really sexy... and too top it off he is here with no one just with ry and chaz" nicole said.

All the girls jumped.

"Shut up ok... i don't wanna say his name or talk about him... i just really wanna have fun" i said smiling and all of us locking are arms.

"Let's make a badass entrance..." jasmine said.

We all laughed.

"Yea by kicking the door and see us bad bitches!"nicole screamed.

We laughed again.

"Can we just open the gym doors in stead of paying for them.... " i said sarcastically.

We walked into the gym and there was blasting music and sea of body's dancing.

"I gotta go find jake" nicole said walking away. 

Jasmine looked at me and motioned her head behind me. I looked behind me and see ryan and chaz talking and derek against the wall looking in his drink looking sad as ever.

I sigh.

i look back and the girls are all dancing with there guys on the floor.

I grab a drink and sip it until someone tapped my shoulder.

I turn and see jake.

"Will you dance with me" he asked.

I laughed and nodded.

We danced on the floor too 22 by Taylor Swift and acted like kids.

My friends joined me and jake and

we were having a fun time. 

Dereks P.O.V

I having the worst time....

i can't find cyan any where....

i really fucked things up really bad..

i broke her in half .

I just stared at my drink and looked at it slush around and swirl.

"Bro guess what!"chaz said nudging me.

I looked up acting concerned .

"Your ladys here tonight"he said.

I snapped out of it and got off the wall.

"Where?" i asked.

"Wait bro... ry is gonna put a slow song on and your gonna go surprise her and ask too dance with her ok" chaz said.

I nodded quickly.

I threw my drink away and fixed my tie.

Chaz motioned me over too where he was.

I walk over there and look where he is looking and see cyan dancing on the floor with nicole.

She looked beautiful .....

i wanted too kiss her so badly right now.

"Now go " chaz said patting my back.

Here it goes....

??? P.O.V

The slow song started and the girls looked at Cyan and smirked.

"Go find him girl...." they all said.

She smiled and rolled her eyes.

She push past the people and looked around.

Derek was pushing past people and twisting and turning...

but both of them seemed too not find each other.

They both sighed and took one step back and both bumped into someone .

Cyan turned around and so did derek and there eyes met each others finally.

They both smiled.

"I was looking for you..." they said at the same time....

They felt the people around them vanish..

derek put his hands on her hips and she rapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

They danced slowly and stared into each others eyes.

"I'm really sorry " he said in a whisper.

She giggled.

"I'm sorry " she said.

"No you didn't make out with someone else in front of me...

and mad them cry ...." he said guilty.

She saw the pain and sadness in derek's eyes.

She brought her hands too his face and rubbed it with her thumb.

"derek... i deserved it... i mean i made out with you after i just said yes too someone else too go out on a date pretty much" she said guilty.

He shook his head.

"No... you don't say sorry... i made out with that slut cassy and now she on another guy already... i shouldn't have hurt you.."he said.

"But i shouldn't have let go from what  we had..." she said still admiring his features and still rubbing her thumb across his flawless face.

He smiled at her.

They still swayed too the song.

"You didn't  let never did ... did you?"he asked concerned.

She layed her soft lips against his and they moved too the song.

They started too fight with there tongues and it got heated.

Nobody there saw them they all payed attention too what there doing.

Cyan pulled away and rested her forehead against dereks and nodded slowly.

"I never want too let this go derek..." she said .

"Then don't " he whispered.

She smiled again and the song ended  but they kept dancing like it was going on forever.

"I won't " she said smiling.

She kissed him again.

"So we together?" he asked with hope.

"Yes" she said before getting picked up by derek and spinned around the floor everyone laughed at them.

Everyone thought they looked so cute.

Derek finally set her down and kissed her again but the girls came up with chaz and ryan.

They all smirked and then when cyan and derek pulled away they looked at them.

"Oh hey guys"cyan said waving.

The girls started squealing.

"So you guys a thing"nicole asked.

Cyan looked at derek and he smiled down at her.

"Yes we are..." she said kissing derek again.

Justin's P.O.V

I set my things down by my old bed and looked at my old memories ...

wow i missed this place.

I just can't wait too see Dereks face when he see's me...

i might even record it.

I look at the time it was 10:00 .

I walk in dereks room and see that his suit is missing.

I laugh and walk in my room and check if i still have the same one.

I look threw my closet and find it.

I take it out.

Let's see how sexy..

i look in this fucker.

I strip down and put on the suit and check my self out.

Wait until derek see's me...

he will think there is a mirror in front of him.

I walk down stairs and go in the kitchen. 

Cyan's P.O.V

I let derek lay his hand on my leg while he drove.

I smiled and sang along with the radio.

"Ok we are here " Derek said pulling up too the driveway.

It looked like pattie wasn't home so it was just me and derek.

"I need too get my clothes.. so stay here." he said.

I grabbed his arm.

"I got its ok" i said winking and kissing his cheek.

I get out and walk too the door and walk in quietly.

I go up the stairs and go into a room.

I walk in and see stuffed packed on the floor and bags .

I looked around and saw there was Justin written on the wall.

Uh oh wrong room haha that is embarrassing.

I walk out and close the door behind me and walk in too the other room across the hall.

I open it and it was a girls room.

I laughed and closed it.

I opened the door next too it and i walked in i saw the Derek written on the wall.

I smiled and went too his closet.

I stuffed clothes in the bag for over night and i walked into the bathroom and grabbed some things and left his room.

I walk down the stairs and See derek drinking water in the kitchen.

He set it down and fixed his suit.

I smiled.

I ran over too him and i hugged him from behind he jumped in fright. 

Justin's P.O.V

I set down my water and fixed my suit ..

gotta look sexy as ever.

I felt small arms wrap around me and i jumped in fright.

I turn around and see that girl from the picture my mother showed me.

"I thought i told you i would get the clothes" she said smiling big.

Damn this girl is hot.

"I uhh- she smashed her lips into mine and i grabbed her face and kissed back.


She pulled away smiling .

I looked and saw my brother standing at the door way with his mouth wide open.

"Oh how nice too join us derek" i said looking at derek.

The girls face looked confused and turned around and gasped and looked back at me in shock.

She kept looking back in forth.

"But.. but ... but how.. you ... him... justin.."she said looking from me too derek.

"I mean i was hoping too get a kiss from my brother"i said looking at her.

"But kissing his girlfriend was fine too " i said patting her head.

"Oh i mean his girlfriend kissing ME was fine too "i said pointing too me.

There mouths were both open now. 


Ohhh yea justin is in the story now so please give me feedback tell me what you think and even boss me around and yell at me too update and i will :) haha love you boo's 

Thanks Readers :)

Love You XoXo.



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