Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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31. "I lied" *SEXUAL CONTENT*

Cyan's P.O.V

I shut the door and threw my bag on the couch.

I looked over and saw justin leaning against the door frame.

My bottom lip quivered and he went too me and pulled me in a hug.

I held on too him tonight and left some tears stream.

"Shhh baby"he said patting my head.

"That was the worst thing too happen..."i sobbed.

"W-WE WERE JUST HAVING FUN A-AND THE BABY... IS GONE"I screamed in his chest.

He rubbed my back trying too calm me down.

"why every time i become friends with people or put them in my life there life has too be hell to"i sobbed.

"My life isn't hell.... its actually better"he whispered.

I just quietly sniffled.

"Cyan baby..."he whispered.

"It isn't your fault"he said.

I nodded.

"I'm scared for them justin.... and i'm scared for myself"i said.

He pulled me off too look at me.

"I'm scared if it happens too me one day..."i said wiping her tears.

he sighed.

"Every girl fears that cyan... but you have too think positive"he said rubbing my waist.


i ran her hands threw my hair.

"She just lost something important to her... so did your brother"i said.

He nodded. I saw his eyes where getting glossy.

"Justin?"i said.

He backed away.

"I-I need time alone"he said with a crack in his voice.

"justin whats wrong"i said grabbing his arm and pulling him back.

He winced.

He jerked back which cause him too fall on the floor.

I went to his side.

"Did i grab your bad arm.. i'm-"he cut me off.

"I'm fine ok!"he screamed.

"What are you hiding"i growled.

He looked into my eyes.

A tear came out of his  eye.

I was about too spring up but justin pulled me down and put his lips to mine.

He kissed me with so much love.

"I have to tell you something"he breathed out.

"What"i said.

He took a shaky breath.

"I want you to know that i love you and never wanna leave you before i tell you this."he said.

My heart sank once he said the words...

"I lied"

Justin's P.O.V

She looked at me confused.

"About what"she asked.

I stayed quiet for a minute.

"ABOUT WH-"I cut her off.

"About the selena thing... i lied too you and selena and derek..."i said.

"What did you lie about justin"she said.

"Selena's Baby isn't derek's.... it was mine"i choked out.

She went silent.

"w-what"she spat out.

"The night they had sex derek told me they had protection... but i actually had sex with selena-

"HOW DARE YOU"Cyan screamed.

She pushed me and ran up the stairs as i followed her.

I saw her grab a suitcase and throw random shit in it.

I grabbed it and threw it across the room.

She had tears down her face.


She shook her head.

"It was when i was jealous of you and derek and then derek left and they had there thing and then selena got pregnant from me because we didn't use protection! I didn't tell selena or derek... because i was scared....and yes i did cry but i had to suck it up because i didn't want you too know .....We weren't together so it doesn't matter!"i spat.

"It does matter justin..."she said wiping her tears away.

"You stuck your nasty dick in my friend....the media was right you are a man whore."She spat.

I grab her and push into the wall as she winced.

"How dare you say that too me.... after what we have been threw and done for each other... you say the bitchiest comment ever"i growled.

She scoffed.

"You are a dick.... to think i would ever love you! You never cared! Your still a stuck up pop star that everyone drops there panties for!"she spat.

"So you saying you never loved me"i growled.

She looked at me with glossy eyes.

I punched the wall next too her and she flinched.

My hand started too bleed.

I put my arms on either side of her head.

She looked at me.

I was about to punch the wall again But she grabbed my arm and pulled me closer too her.

"Stop"she breathed out.

"I-I didn't mean too hurt you.... i know you can't stand the fact that it happen but i only do that stuff with you and forever will it be with you"i whispered. 

She nodded.

"Justin.. i'm sorry for what all i said"she said.

I lightly nodded.

"It was kinda hot"I lightly chuckled.

She giggled.

I grabbed her face and rubbed her cheek with my thumb.

"You have to tell selena and derek justin"she whispered.

I nodded and i lightly kissed her and licked her bottom lip and she let me have entrance and i roamed her mouth as she ran her hands threw my hair.

I kissed down her jawline and started slowly leaving hickeys on her neck.

I pulled her shirt over her head and threw it.

I kissed down her chest lightly tickling her skin with my fingers tips as i unsnapped her bra.

Her bra fell down and i admired my view and she blushed.

I winked at her.

I started sucking each boob as she moaned in delight.

I kissed down her belly and unbuckled her jeans.

I pulled her down and laid her on the floor.

"Lets do something different"i moaned against her ear.

I puller her pants down and she took my sweats off.

I rubbed her thigh as i laid kisses there.

"Justin now"she moaned.

I slide her panties down and i kiss her pussy lightly making her arch her back.

I started sucking slowly.

I enter my tongue in her making her scream in pleasure.

"Justin"she moaned running her hands threw my hair over and over.

"baby " she screamed as i inserted two fingers in her.

She Turned over and laid on top of me.

She kissed down my ab's as she started to pull my boxers off.

She started stroke my dick slowly as laid my head back and liked the pleasure.

She went faster as she made me moan.

I got on top of her and positioned myself on top of her.

I grabbed a condom out of the box under my bed.

 I inserted in her and she screamed.

I went faster as she started too moan in pleasure.

"Yesss justin"she screamed.

I chuckled.

I pulled out and landed on top of her.

I felt her nails still digging in me.

She was breathing hard.

"Make up sex"i breathed out.

"I guess so"she smiled lightly.




i'm excited for journals ahhhhhh

but we gotta promote and keep justin still going because he is taking a year off....

which that boy needs

he need too watch some netflix and eat some chips and pizza and get over selena... and stop seeing hate

so i wish the best for him and everyone

but we gotta stand my his side at all times we can't just give up boos

forever a belieber 

Thanks Readers:)

Love You XoXo.



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