Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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29. "Go Fuck Yourself Bieber"

**One Week Later**

Cyan's P.O.V

"Seriously though justin i need you to think as hard as you can ok i need you to remember everything"i said.

He put his shirt on and came and sat next to me .

He sighed .

He rubbed his face with his hands.

"I remember you kissing me and derek.... my brother he came  in and i think you were going out with him and you never new about me"he said rubbing his head.

"Yes! justin!"i said hugging him.

He chuckled.

"Who's Your mom?"i asked.

He scratched his neck.

"Ugh pattie and my dad is jeremy and i have two half siblings jazzy and jaxon and my twin derek"he said looking annoyed.

"Ok sorry i just wanted too make sure you fully recovered " i said.

He laughed.

"Its fine i remember everything and everyone"he said.

"Except what happened"i said pointing to his arm.

I saw the cuts were still bad.

"Yea thats the only thing"he said looking down.

I lifted his chin and softly kiss him.

"Hey its ok "i whispered.

He nodded.

"Oh and i hope your mom and your brother doesn't find out we had you know what here when we weren't suppose to"i said.

He chuckled.

"I'm almost 18 so she can't get on too me... i mean i am a man"he said popping his collar.

"Whatever bieber"i pushed him playfully.

"I mean i showed you how good of a man i am a week ago right?"he whispered.

I giggled.

Derek walked in and stood in front of us.

"yo derek my bro"justin held out his hand.

They did there handshake.

"Nice too have my bro back"he said.

I smiled at them.

"So cyan i have a question"derek asked.

I looked at him.

"So i wanted to hang out with justin tonight and since he is your boyfriend and he never leaves your side... i have too ask you"he said.

I giggled.

"Yea go ahead "i said smiling at justin.

"But i want too make out with you"he whined.

I smacked his arm.

"Family is more important"i said.
He gave me the puppy eyes.

"But you are family"he said laying his head on my shoulder and snaking his arms around my waist pulling me closer.

"That is sweet but seriously justin"i said getting up and smiling at derek.

"Thank you"derek whispered.

I sent him a wink.

I get my shoes on and check the time. 6:00 pm.

"Bye justin i'm gonna go"i yelled.

I saw justin running over to me.

I grabbed him and kissed him.

"See ya later babe"i said walking out without him saying another word.

I got in my car quickly and drive down the roads.

I pull out my phone and call. 

"Hello"Selena answered. 

"Hey girl it's cyan"i said.

She laughed. 

"Heyyy " she said giggling.

"Are you here in Stratford now?"i asked.

"Yea i am at my house"she said.

"Ok i'm coming over too sleep over"i said.

"Oh sounds fun!! i'll get the girl stuff ready"she said. 

"Yes!!"i said before hanging up. 

I pulled up too my home.

Justin's P.O.V

"You want too go skate like old times"derek asked.

I looked at him now.

"Yes dude i gotta show you new tricks i learned on tour"i said.

"I learn some too while you were gone"derek said.

"Aw brother was lonely without me"i said.

He rolled his eyes.

"I'm gonna get ready so wait up"i said walking up stairs.

I went in my room and grabbed some sweet pants and a v neck and some supras and i walked in the bathroom.

I placed my clothes there and i turned on the shower.

I stepped in and i clean my self off.

I run my hand across the cuts on my arm.

A picture shot in my head making me lightly gasp.

My heart was pounding and my head was to.

I closed my eyes hoping the pain would go away but pictures in my mind took over me. 

* * *

I slam the door and sit down on the bed.

I run my hands threw my hair letting the stress bundle up in me.


I groan loudly and try too keep my anger inside and try not to break something.

The bathroom door swung open and i looked up and saw cyan standing there with a towel around her looking pissed off. 

"OK you wanna know justin?"She spat.

I raised my eye brows.

"I was crying because my life sucks and every since i met you and your fucking brother my life has been living hell!"she screamed.

She covered her mouth.

I was taken back.

I stood up and walked too the door shaking my head.

"Justin i-i"i growled.

"Leave me and my family alone.... and we will leave you alone.. i mean thats what you want right? maybe your life wont be hell"i barked.

"No justin.... i need you"she spat out.

I shook my head and made contact with her.

"Did you need me before........

Hell to the fucking no"i said opening the bedroom door and running downstairs.

I ran over to the door and grabbed my jacket and put it on before i could twist the handle cyan screamed my name.

I turned around and my eyes landed on the knife.

I sucked on the air and my heart went million times faster.

I shook my head and started shaking.

She slid it across her wrist and she let out a gasp.

The blood fell too the floor.

I ran over too her and grabbed her arm.

My eyes started too water and my vision got blurry. 

"I need you... please don't go... i promise my life is better with you"she said.

I ignored her and just brought her too the bathroom.

I cleaned the cut like all the others.

"Justin i-i'm sorry"she said.

I growled.

"Just shut it ok?"i spat looking her in the eyes.

she looked down in my lap.

"I want you to know i love you"she said.

I rolled my eyes.

"Yea thats why you said that thing earlier."i spat. 

She put her head down and i saw one tear and my stomach was filled with guilt....

I hate when girls cry and about me.

I grabbed her chin and she whence i looked at her then softened.

"Why are you crying" i said.

she looked at me with hate.

"Well maybe because your being the biggest asshole on the planet."she said annoyed.

My anger grew inside of me. 

"Whatever you started it bitch"i whispered putting away the stuff...

please hope she didn't hear.

"What the fuck did you call me"she spat.

I looked at her with my body burning with rage.

"I called your a bitch." i said again.

I walked out and walked too the front door.

"Where are you going"she yelled.

"None of your concern" i spat slamming the door.

I ran out in the car and pulled out my phone an dialed her number as i started the car.

"Hello"she answered annoyed.

"And if you try to do it again" i started.

She sighed.

"I won't be there to save you" i spat before hanging up.

I made the car purr as i zoomed off in rage.

I drove down the roads just wanting to hit someone.

I pulled up too my house and there was no one there.


I walked up too the door and unlocked it and made my way too the kitchen.

I grabbed a beer and started drink it.

My anger was at high.

I threw the bottle and it smashed against the wall and shattered every where.

I groan and my phone went off.

I growled and looked at it. 


Hey man you need too tweet for your fans ! there going crazy! :)

I growled and went on twitter.

"Worst day"i tweeted. 

I scrolled down and saw massive loads of hate. 

"Your gay"

"go fuck yourself bieber"

"biggest faggot "

"burn in hell justin beaver"

I scream and throw my phone so it smashed in the wall.

I run my hands threw my hair.

My fans are totally going crazy. 

I punch the wall and feel like someone is eating me from inside.

I look over at the knifes.

My chest was moving up and down from my breathing.

I grab the biggest knife from the stand and held it firm in my hand.

I walked up the stairs and into my bedroom.

* * *

"AH"i yelped holding my head.

No No No No....

i remember....

I cut myself.

I hurry up and get out of the shower and put my clothes on.

I can't tell cyan ....

i mean she will hate me....

maybe even hate me forever!

I do my hair in the style of a quiff and i walk out.

"Come on jay!"derek yelled.

I walked down stairs and saw my phone on the table.

"Scooter saw it was broken so he fixed it and dropped it off here"derek said.

I nodded and grabbed it.

I went on twitter quickly as i walked out in the car and sat down in the passenger.

I tweeted:

I know you ... my beliebers :) are going cray cray but i'm fine lol :p 

My phone blew up like always. 

I tweeted again.

I love you guys so much and i love her too

i posted a picture of cyan and i smiled wide.

I logged off and cyan texted me. 

C: "Babe aw shucks <3 i love you too "

J: "See you when you get back i'll miss you"

C: "I won't miss u ;)"

J: ":'("

C: "Just kidding i'll miss you too boo"

I could imagine her giggling.

I smiled.

Derek smacked my shoulder. 

"Hey you gonna stop daydreaming and get out of the car?"he said.

I looked around and we were at the skate park.

I smiled.

"Sorry"i said getting out of the car.

Cyan's P.O.V

"So what happened too justin a week ago... i saw on tmz"selena said doing my nails.

"Like me and him got in a fight about cutting myself -"

she cut me off "Which you are way too beautiful and pefect for that gurlll"she said. 

We both erupted in laughter. 

"And we fought about what i said on accident"i said.

She colored my pink nail tie dye. 

"Well its all good now ... i mean how did he even get the cuts"she asked.

"Well i went too his house and i saw his arm and all the blood and he lost a lot of it and he lost his memory for awhile and he only remembered me.... but he still doesn't remember the cuts " i said watching her do my other nails. 

"Hopefully he does because tmz has the whole story twisted like always."selena said rolling her eyes. 

"What did they say?"i asked.

"They said that he is in there because he got in a car accident or maybe for a chance of cancer"she said. 

"There so stupid"i groaned.

Selena nodded.

"So the baby?"i asked excited.

She smiled. 

"Oh i'm excited for this little nugget! i think i'm getting big"she said giggling.

"Nah girl you good"i said.

She laughed. 

"I'm glad we could be friends after all this shit piling" she said.

I blew on my nails too dry.

"Me to girl!"she said. 

"Oh i need too go too the bathroom how about you order some pizza i'll be back"she handed me her phone and walked off.

I dialed the pizza place and started telling the guy what i wanted.

There was a loud scream which made me stop telling the boy the order and make me jump.

"Oh shit"i whispered.

"um ma'am you there"he asked.

"I'll call you back"i hung up and ran over too the bathroom and the door was closed.

I knocked lightly on the door.

"S-Selena you ok darling"i called out.

I heard her quiet sobs.

"Selena honey open the door"i said.

She opened the door and i saw her.

She had this terrified look on her face and there were tears rushing down her face.

"Awh girl whats wrong"i pulled her into a hug.

She cried on my shoulder and she held on too me tight.

"Selena tell me"i said.

"L-L-Look"she sobbed pointing too the toilet.

I looked and saw blood in the toilet.

I gasped and looked over to her.

"Oh No No lets take you too the hospital now"i pulled her into my car and she was crying and breathing at a unsteady rate.

"Honey calm down"i patted her shoulder with my eyes on the road. 

"I-I-I-I Can't"she try too get breathing.

I Called derek fast and he picked up. 

"Hey "he said sounding out of breath.

"Derek you need too come too the hospital now!"i said pulling up in the parking lot. 

"W-Wait what why?"he panicked.

"Selena"i said hanging up. 

I pulled her into the hospital and i went up too the desk. 

"May i help you?"the nurse asked. 

"Can my friend be sent into emergency now"i said. 

The nurse looked at me then selena which she was crying.

"What maybe the problem " she asked. 

"We might have had a blood problem and she is pregnant"selena sobbed quietly.

The nurse called in and they grabbed selena and i sat down in the waiting room staring into nothing.

"CYAN!"Derek screamed.

I looked up and he was standing there look awful.

"Where is she"he puffed.

I pointed down the hall.

"101"i said.

He ran down the hall pushing people out of the way as i looked back down in my lap.

My phone began too buzz in my pocket.

I pulled it out and saw the caller ID was Justin.

I answered. 

"Hello"i said.

"Hey babe when are you coming home tonight"he said.

I knitted my eyes in confusion.

"Justin i'm at the hospital why aren't you here?"i asked.

The line went silent.

"Wait! Are you ok! are you hurt! who hurt you?"he panicked.

"Its not me its selena"i said.

"I think she l-lost the baby"i whispered.

"No....derek would be broken"He said.

"I'll go over there i guess... i was gonna stay at selena's but that didn't work out"i said.

"You don't have too babe"he said.

"No really i'm tired anyway i'll just be there in a few minutes ok"i said.

"Kay baby i love youuuu"he said playfully.

I giggled.

"I love you too"i said hanging up. 



sorry i haven't wrote in so long 

like seriously it has been years of waiting

and waiting 

and waiting 

like waiting for heartbreaker 

like that long haha

i hope you like the chapter it took me two days because i had brainstorm new ideas and everything so i hope you like it ! 

I love you all so so so so much all the comments ! there is so many!

the favorites ! love you guys

thanks fans and i'm so blessed!

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