Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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38. First Show

Cyan's P.O.V

I walked on the bus and i looked around.

This is a pretty big tour bus.

I smiled.

"Ok so how is the sleeping situations?"Chaz asked plopping on the couch.

Justin's arms went around me slowly and pulled me closer.

"Well me and cyan will have the big bedroom"he kissed under my ear.

I giggled.

"Ewww"Chaz and ryan said.

We laugh.

You guys can sleep in the little cubby whole's over there"he laughed.

Ryan and chaz pouted.

"I feel like me and cyan should have the big bedroom"chaz winked at me.

I laughed.

I felt Justin grow hot.

"No she is mine"he pulled me closer.

"I mean i am"i shrug and i kiss justin's nose.

"Oh hey justin?"pattie asked.

We all looked at her.

"Where do want your birthday presents to go"she laughed bringing in bags and bags of stuff.

"I'll look threw it all and take the stuff that i need and everything else... i'll have kenny take back to my home"he said.

"Ok honey"she said.

Chaz and Ryan started playing some Call of duty and i laughed. 

"Can i join?"i asked.

They nodded.

I grabbed the pink controller and joined in.

"Come on chaz stop being a pussy and stop camping"i laughed at him.

"I get a lot of kills here!"he said in defense.

"Chaz you don't learned how to be a good player if your just sitting there"Justin laughed.

Justin picked me up and put me on his lap as i played.

"Come on bitch.. i see you"i aimed and i shot the bad guy.

"Damnit your girlfriend killed me Justin!"He screamed.

"But you were camping too bitch so i had to kill you "i laughed.

"Get it babe"justin cheered.

I continued to play as Justin rubbed my thighs gently.

He kissed my neck slowly as i was concentrating on the game.

A flash went off and i looked and saw alfredo took a photo of us.

"Awh this is cute"alfredo looked at the picture.

I laughed.

"Can i post it justin?"alfredo plead.

"Yes, hey and tag me and her in it"he smiled.

I continued to play call of duty until the match ended.

"Fuck! Cyan defeated are team man... What the fuck she cheated.... look at the scoreboard! That's insane!"Ryan cried.

"Your girl is cheating!"Chaz screamed.

"Bro she isn't i was watching her the whole time...."He laughed.

"That is kinda creepy Justin"I laughed.

"Nah it isn't if your so beautiful...and i have to stare"He cooed.

I blushed.

"Awh your so sweet"i coeed.

"UGHH"Chaz and Ryan moaned at the same time.

"You guys are so cute"Alfredo laughed.

"Actually i'm the only cute one in the relationship"I laughed.

"It's true... i'm the sexy one"Justin smiled with pride.

"No your the ugly one" i said looking at the video game and playing.

"OHHHHH"They all yelled.

"BURNNN"Chaz screamed.

I laughed.

"You did not"justin said.

"Oh i did"i said avoiding his gaze and playing the game.

I was thrown over his shoulder as i squealed.

"Put me down!"i screamed.

He walked down the hall in the bus and he threw me on a soft surface and he walked over and shut the door.

He hovered me with a smirk on his face.

I try to get from under him.

"Your not leaving until you call me sexy"he whispered.

"I would agree but then we would both be wrong justin"i smiled.

"You asked for it"he smirked wider.

He started pinching my sides and tickling me.

I wiggled around.


I couldn't stop laughing.

"Call me sexy!"he said.


He stopped and he hovered me.

"Good girl"he whispered against my lips and he kissed me.

I kissed back and i wrapped my arms around his neck.

He placed His hands under my shirt and pulled it over my head.

I pull him closer and pull his shirt up but i stop to the door opening.

We both looked.

"Hey are you still playing- OH GOD"Chaz and Ryan covered there eyes.

I hid under Justin.

"Can you guys knock first damn"justin said annoyed.

Chaz laughed.

"Can your girlfriend please help are team win"they plead.

"No she-"

"Sure i'll be right out"I ripped off Justin off.

They walked out.

"Fuck you"he breathed out.

"Is something you can't do"i said.

He rolled his eyes.

I push him off and i put my shirt on.

"Go on hang with your boyfriends Chaz and Ryan"He said annoyed.

I smiled.

"I will"I said.

"Whore"he said.

I got mad at him and i stormed out.

I ran in the play area and i sat on the couch.

"Give me the controller"i said.

Chaz handed it to me.

I started playing angry killing everyone that got in my way.

"Damnnn she is killing there whole team!"Ryan said.

The game ended and i set the controller down forcefully.

"I'm going on a walk around the arena"i mumbled and left without a single word.

I walked around and i saw some girls running around so i put my hood up.

I walk around and i saw they were setting up the stage.

I was walking backstage and someone stopped me.

"Hey where do you think your going?"One guy said.

I turned and i saw a bodyguard.

I showed him my pass.

"Oh i'm sorry miss"he smiled.

I smiled back.

"Nah it's ok"i laughed.

I walked back stage and i saw some of the dancers and when they saw me they all started whispering.

"Hey who are you?"one dancer asked.

I put my hood down.

"Oh hey! Your Cyan !" One girl said excited.

"Yea " I laughed.

"Are you guys excited for the first show"i asked.

"Yea!"They all screamed.

"Ok well you all break a leg tonight!"i said.

"Well not really... try not to that would be horrible"they all laughed.

I walked away down to the dressing rooms and saw justin's and i continued to explore.

I walk out of the arena and make my way back to the bus.

"Hey you!"I heard someone scream.

I turn and i see alfredo.

"Yo wassup"i said.

"You looking around?"He asked.

"yea i met the dancers and all that jazz"i said.

He laughed.

"So are you mad at justin?"he asked.

I looked at him in shock.

"How do you know"i asked.

"because if you weren't then you would be with him right now... but your not"He said.

"Are you like a genus orrr"i laughed.

"Yea i'm pretty amazing"he laughed.

"I gotta go give out tickets would you like to come with?"he asked.

"Nah i'm good i'll just walk some more"i smiled.

"Ok have fun"he joked.

"I'll try"i smiled.

He walked towards the gates and i just walked to the other one making my way back to the bus.

"Hey slut!"i heard someone yell.

I turn my head and see two girls running towards me.

Once they were a couple feet away they threw something at me and something splashed all over my face.

"Stay away from justin bitch!"they ran away laughing at me.

I feel tears form in my eyes.

I walk back to the bus with tears streaming down my face.

"Yo hey cy- Whoa what happened?"Chaz said.

I shook my head.

"They threw this all on me" i said wiping my tears.

"It looks like coke"He said.

"Who did it?"he asked.

"Two beliebers"i said.

He shook his head.

"No true belieber would do that"he admitted.

I nodded.

"Well justin left to get ready for the show in a hour"he said.

"Lets go take you to him"he said.

I nodded.

We walked out of the bus together.

My hair was soaked by the soda and my clothes were to.

I felt embarrassed the way people looked at me.

We walked back to the arena and went back to where i already have been to.

He took me to justin's dressing room and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?"he asked.

"Chaz , bro open up"He answered.

Justin opened the door and his eyes looked at me.

His mouth gaped open slightly.

"I'll let you guys have time alone"chaz said walking away.

Justin pulled me in by my arm.

"What happened baby"he asked worried.

I started to cry.

He pulled me into a hug.

"Sh Sh don't cry"he rubbed my back.

"Now tell me what happened"he said looking at me.

"Your beliebers came up to me and threw s-soda on me... they hate me"i cried.

He rubbed my back.

"Those girls aren't true beliebers then.... my beliebers wouldn't do that... yes they would try to protect me but not hurt you..."He whispered.

"But they did Justin"i said sobbing.

"I will deal with this ok princess just calm down... i won't let anyone hurt you ok?"he asked.

I looked up at him.

I nodded.

"I love you"he said kissing my lips tenderly.

"I'm sorry to about earlier"he kissed me again.

I kissed back wrapping my arms around his neck.

Things started to get heated.

He unzipped my sweatshirt and and he took off my shirt.

He kissed down my neck slowly sucking my sweet spot.

I tilted my head back as he moaned.

His hands traveled up my back.

He played with my bra.

The door opened and i screamed and hid behind Justin.

Kenny walked in with 2 girls that had bieber shirts on.

Kenny eyes widen.

"I can see you guys are busy"kenny coughed awkwardly.

The girls looked about 17ish looked at me with the most shocked look and i frown and remained behind justin.

"These girls were here to meet you... they begged me"kenny said.

Justin nodded.

"Well could you please leave for a minute"he asked. 

Kenny nodded and took the girls out.

I face palmed myself.

"God damnit! did you see the way they looked at me.... they thought i was some whore... and this damn shit is gonna be all over the-"

"Babe! Calm down! it's ok don't worry.... just do you trust me?"he asked me.

"Yes of course"i said.

"Then believe me when i say things are gonna be ok "he said.

I nodded.

"Now put some clothes on"he laughed.

I got my shirt on and my sweatshirt.

"Just sit there and play along"he said.

I nodded.

He opened the door and they came back in.

"Hide ladies"he said sweetly.

"You have no idea how much we love you justin"one girl said. 

"We have supported you since 2009 and we will stay forever"the other girl said.

"Thank you some much... that makes me so touched... and thanks for buying my stuff and supporting me and defending me and staying"he smiled.

"But i have someone you should meet"he looked at me and motioned me over.

I walked over and smiled at them.

"Hi"I said shyly.

"Your cyan"they said.

I nodded.

"She i my girlfriend.. and we were having a .... moment when you came in.... and we apologize"justin said blushing.

The girls laughed.

"Its ok its what people do"the girls smiled at each other.

"So you guys are like sisters?"i asked.

They laughed and i stood there dumbfounded.

"No actually we are actually dating"one of them said blushing.

"Wow..."justin breathed out.

"You guys are strong... both independent women fighting for what you love.. you both are so cute and i wish both of you luc... and don't let them haters get you down"i said.

The smiled.

"Thank you so much... people hate us being together even are parents and justin is are only way to be happy in those situations... because in his music it makes us feel we can be are selfs and everything will be alright"One of the girls said.

The girls started tearing up.

"Come here ladies"justin said opening his arms.

He hugged them both as they cried.

I smiled.

"Thank you so much"one of the girls said.

"No thank you"he said.

They let go and stepped back.

"You guys are watching the show with me tonight"i blurted out.

Justin smiled at me.

"Really!"They screamed.

I nodded.

They hugged me and i laughed.

"Justin! Show in 10 get in positions" one guy said.

"I gotta go babe"he told me"i nodded.

"Good luck kiss?"he pouted his lip out.

I pecked his lips and they girls awed.

Justin walked out.

"Ok girls lets watch this show"i said.

They grabbed the passes i gave them.

They held hands as we walked down to the stage area.

I was in front with kenny and alfredo.

The girls looked at everything in awe. 

I saw a girl whispering to her friend and pointing to the girls i just met.

She was laughing.

I walked over angry.

"What did you say to your friend?"i asked.

They saw it was me and was surprised.

"We were talking about the lezbos in front"they all laughed.

"Don't make fun of them because at least they met justin and got free passes and not you" i said.

They looked shocked.

"They have a right to love who ever they want... so does everyone else... so don't make fun of them"i said sternly before walking away back to the girls.

"Did you just yell at them for laughing at us?"one girl said.

I nodded.

"Thank you"they smiled.

I nodded.

"What's your girls names?"i asked.

"I'm sarah and this is katie"sarah said.

I nodded.

The timer started to go off.

"The party starts"i smiled at alfredo as he gave me a fist pump.



I had writers block but now i'm good so lol.

This chapter is about loving who you want... no matter if you love guys, girls, its same love. I love guys but i respect people that like different sex and i wanted to tell people that do love different sex then stay strong and show everyone who your made of and be who you are. And find that right person. 

Be yourself.

Thanks for comments,favs,likes 

Thanks Readers :)

Love You XoXo.







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