Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
****Copyright © 2013 @Jerry_Twerking_ . All rights reserved.****



Justin's P.O.V

I sat on the leather seat waiting for the door to open. I stared waiting for cyan to come.

Minute by minute the time was moving by quickly.

Why is it taking her so long? I thought selena and nicole were suppose to bring her in here like 30 fucking minutes ago.

The nob twisted making me jump up with my single rose in my hand.

Selena and nicole rushed in the room.

They looked around scared.

"Where is cyan!"i spat.

"We don't know we told her to go in here to relax then you would deal with her you know that was the plan!"nicole spat.

Selena looked terrified.

"Maybe she went to a different room"Selena said scared.

My eyes went wide.

"Is she drunk!"i spat.

They both looked at each other scared.

"Yea she is .... what if someone is with her like raping her!"nicole screamed.

I grabbed the rose and i ran out of the room and selena and nicole followed me.

Cyan's P.O.V

I kissed derek! What the fuck is wrong with me.

I mean justin did cheat on me.....

we are done,

You know what i can do whatever the fuck i want.

I slid my tongue across derek's.

But something made me stop.

I pushed him away.

"Get the fuck away from me!"i spat.

Derek looked at me shocked.

"You know i'm with justin! You made me think you were justin and you tricked me you bastard! Why would i kiss you! I know justin went and fucked some girl that he had no love for but it was all your fault! GET THE FUCK OUT!"I screamed.

He got up and stormed out and slammed the door making me jump.

I sat on the bed and i was about to cry but i shook it off and i took deep breaths.

I get up and i grab my bag and i walk out.

I saw everyone dancing and having fun.

I had no idea where my friends were so i just walked out of the club.

I looked around and saw fans and paps.

"CYAN HERE CYAN HERE!"The girls screamed.

I walked over and gave them a weak smiled.

"Hey guys"i smiled.

They all looked surprised i was talking to them.

"Hi would you please take pictures with us please!"one girl said.

I laughed.

"Sure thang beauties"i took pictures with all the girls and i signed autographs.

Which was weird because i'm not famous.

"Are you dating justin or derek?"one girl asked.

I smiled at her because i knew she was scared.

"There both very sweet, i love em , but i'm dating justin"i whispered.

I saw paps coming are way.

"I need to go but i love you beliebers, what are all of your names?"i asked.

They gave me all there names and i smiled .

"Ok bye sweeties"

I ran away the paps and i called a cab.

Selena's P.O.V

I opened the door and i saw two girls making out i shut the door fast and i shook the image from my brain.

"Def not that "justin joked. 

"We checked all the doors! she isn't here!"nicole said.

"You know what i'll go to her house and i'll go to my house and see if she is there you guys stay here and look for her!"justin said. 

Me and nicki nodded. 

Justin walked in the crowd of people as me and nicole continued looking.

Justin's P.O.V

I walked out of the club and saw fans and paps everywhere.

"JUSTIN!!"A group of girls screamed.

Maybe they saw her....

I walked to them and they started screaming.

"Hey girls um have you seen Cyan?"i asked.

The nodded fast.

One girl showed me a picture of her and cyan.

I smiled.

"She left like 10 minutes ago in a cab"one girl said.

"Thank you so much ladies"i started to walk off but i stopped my self.

"Do you guys want a autograph maybe a picture?"i asked.

They nodded fast.

I took funny pictures with them and i gave them a autograph.

"Love you guys"i said before walking off.

I saw one girl started crying and i smiled. 

I walked off to my car and i got in.


I got out and i walked to her door and the door was unlocked.

I walked in and i saw there was shoes on the ground i sighed in relief.

I walked up the stairs and i walked in her room i saw her room was clean and her dress was on the ground.

I heard the water running in her bathroom.

I took off my dress shoes and socks. I took of my blazer and tie.

I walked in and i only had a button up shirt and pants.

I snucked up behind her as she was washing her hair.

I started to get wet.

I grabbed her waist and she screamed and pushed me away and turned and saw me. She covered herself with the towel and it started to get wet to.

"Justin what the fuck are you doing here"she sighed.

"My plan failed miserably."i said  running hands threw my now wet hair.

"Why are you dressed all in nice clothes, and your ruining them"she said.

i sighed.

"I was at the club and selena and nicole brought you there so they could bring you to me but i don't know you never came and then you went missing and some beliebers told me you left so i went after you " I explained.

She sighed.

"Justin you shouldn't be here"she said now putting the towel Down because it was to heavy. 

I stared at hr face.

"I'm sorry i really am... i just wanted you to feel my pain."i gulped.

She turned around so her back was face me and she started cleaning herself again.

"Well i did"she said.

I took a step closer and kissed her shoulder and she froze.

I smiled.

"I love you"i whispered against her neck.

I pecked her neck and she shivered.

"Justin just get out"she said shaking.

"But what if i want to be here with my beautiful girlfriend"i purred.

I grabbed her hips and i started kissing her neck and  a moan escape her lips. 

I nibbled at her skin.

I moved her to the shower wall.

I laid her against it and i stared her in the eyes.

"Justin "she whispered. 

"Mhm"i moaned.

She laid her hand against my wet shirt.

"I'm not really in the mood "she said rolling her eyes and lightly pushing me away lightly.

I grabbed her ass and she gaspped and i captured my lips in hers. She is trying to keep my tongue out of her mouth but i grabbed harder and she opened her mouth and i sticked my tongue in her mouth. I pushed my body against hers and she moaned. 

"I'm fucking mad at you she growled against my lips.

"Show me how mad you are ,baby"i whispered against her ear.

I felt her undo my shirt and take it off. It feel on the shower floor.

She kissed down my abs and she bit lightly making me moan lightly.

Her hands went over my dick and she felt me.

I was moaning hard.

"Baby "i moaned.

She unbuckled my pants and she slid them down along with my wet boxers.

She stroked my dick lightly and she was kissing my neck lightly.

She went faster and i was breathing hard.

She got down on her knees and she kissed the tip lightly and i gasped.

She started sucking lightly making me grabbing her hair and pushing her closer.

She went at a faster as i moaned. 

I grabbed her and pulled her up and i turned off the water.

I picked her up and she grabbed her legs around me and i pulled her into the bedroom and i threw her on the bed.

I crawled over her and i kissed down her breast sucking each one carful as she laid her back in pleasure.

"Baby"she ran her hands threw my hair. 

I kissed down her tummy and i gently kissed her making her tense. 

"Relax baby"i purred.

I rubbed her with my thumb and she started moaning in pleasure.

"Justin come on"she moaned.

I stick my tongue in her and she screamed.

She grasped the sheets. 

I got on top of her.

"You ready sweetie"i said.

She nodded.

I stick my dick in her and she screamed and grabbed my back she clawed me as i started riding her faster. I went even faster and pushing myself deeper.

Her eyes were shut and she took her pain out on my back.

"Scream my name"i growled. 

"J-Justin"she puffed.

"Scream"i demanded.

"JUSTIN"She screamed loudly.

I smirked.

sShe flipped us over and she was on top.

she started riding on top of me.

She rode my dick so fast.

"Oh yea baby"i screamed.

She stopped and i flipped us back over.

She was sweating and so was i.

I pulled out and she sighed. 

"Babe"i said.

She looked at me.

Her eyes were getting heavy.

"I'm sorry..."i whispered.

 She grabbed my face. 

"I love you"i puffed.

"I love you too jay she breathed out.

I laid next to her and i pulled her next to me and i snuggled next to her.



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