Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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13. "Don't Be Stupid "

Derek P.O.V

I got up and quickly put clothes on ,and ran out of the room.

I left without selena noticing and i jumped in the car and sped off.

I run my hands threw my hair and punch the wheel causing the car too honk.

I groan in frustration.

Justin is gonna kill me.

And what about my sweet sweet cyan ...

she will be heart broken if she figured out what happened.

She would never listen too my story....

the truth....

she would take it the bad way.

Justin even warned me last night but look what i have gotten myself into.

I hate selena at this very moment.

Justin is gonna be sooo pissed once he figured out i did it with selena.

My phone started ringing.

I looked at it and answered it quickly. 

P=-Derek were are you ? We are leaving too canada soon.

D=I'm on my way.... i'm be there in 5 minutes.

My phone buzzed again too tell i had another call. 

D=Gotta go mom 

I hung up and answered it.

C=Hey baby

D=H-Hey babe i'm coming too canada soon me and my mom are gonna go on the flight in a hour

C=That's so great- Hey justin hand me my bag pweasee!

Oh so she is with justin...... there just friends....... just friends.

D= Hey babe can you tell justin too give me and call later 

C=Um yea i'll do that DBear 

I chuckled lightly. That made me smile.

D=ok i'll see you babyyy

C=*Giggle* bye bye DBear 

We hung up and i face palmed myself.

How could i hurt the most important thing to me....

Justin P.O.V

I woke up with her tiny body in my arms.

She was playing with my arms and looking at my fingers.

I chuckle and she snapped her head around and looked at me and smiled lightly.

"Hows your arm?" i asked. She just shrugged.

"Just healing" she said .

She looked at my cut that got on my arm.

"And i'm sorry for that" she said pointing at it.

I just smiled and shook my head.

"It's fine.... i have experinced way way way worst than that beautiful..." i said sweetly.

She just giggled.

She shot up from my arms and ran over too her clothes.

"What are you doing?" i asked.

"School duhh" she said fixing her hair.

"But i don't wanna go" i said in a kid voice.

I pull off the covers so know i was laying on the bed shirtless with underwear only.

"Um Uh .... i gotta call derek..." she said nervously.

I looked at her and her eyes were locked on my body.

I chuckle and pull the covers over my body and she looked away.

She dialed his number and started getting ready.

She started talking but i just zoned out.

I wonder what derek did last night?

i mean if he slept with anyone then i would kill him and if he slept with selena then i would go ape shit.

Selena hurt me and i feel like she is getting rewarded.....

she should feel the pain i felt....

not have fun with my fucking brother.....

but i have no idea if it is true or not.

"Hey Justin can you hand me my bag pweaseee" she said breaking my thoughts.

I rip my covers off and hand her bag too her and she smiled.

"Bye Bye DBear" she cooed.

I scoff again.

What a stupid nickname....

You are just mad she isn't calling you Jbear... 

Shut up mind we are friends.....

nothing more

But you want too be more.... you don't want to be in the friend zone 

I said shut the fuck up mind Not until you admit you have feelings for her....

I have feelings for her but it will never happen....

because she is very happy with my brother...

"Hey jay i-"I cut her off.

"What did you just call me?" i asked surprised.

She smiled.

"Thats my nickname for you jayjay or it could be juju or... justy-"I cut her off again.

"Not justy....  i don't like that" i said smiling.

"Ok which one?"she asked.

put on my fake thinking face and she giggled.

"Both " i said while walking in the bathroom and getting the water on.

"Sure thing juju!" she screamed on the other side of the door. 


I got out and saw her sitting there with her face glued too her phone.

"Is there something exciting on your phone?" i asked.

She giggled.

"Just tumblr" she laughed.

I giggle and walk over and fix my hair.

"Okeyyyy i'm done you wanna go too your house so you can get ready" i asked.

"I am ready" she said hurt.

Oh shit..."Oh i didn't mean- i mean you are beautiful like you are-but i thought-sorry"i said hanging my head low.

She laughed.

"I'm kidding.... thanks" she said.

I smirk and we walkout of the house and we get in the car. 


"Come on slow poke we need too be there in 20 minutes..." i yelled.

"Coming jay" she said.

My spine just got the shivers .

I love it when she calls me jay.

She came out wearing this :

and i smiled at her.

"Finally little miss i take an hour too get ready."i said.

She rolled her eyes and pushed me playfully.

"Oh and jay derek wanted too talk too you"she said.

I nodded and smiled.

"Lets go too school."I said grabbing her hand and dragging her outside.

Cyan P.O.V

"Girl did you see on tv?" nicole asked.

I knitted my eyebrows in confusion and she sighed.

"Did you and justin and selena go too a club!"she asked excited.

I face palmed myself.

"No i was with justin at his house and i think derek went too a club with selena..." i said annoyed.

"Sorry girl.... what do you think happened i thi-" i cut her off.

"I don't wanna talk or think about it... i don't care." i said annoyed.

"Rawrr ok ok" she said playfully.

I smile lightly.

Nicole always makes me smile she is my bestyyy.

"So you and harry" i asked eating my pizza.

"Oh yea well i really like him and i think he likes me but i'm just too scared he will shun me " she said.

I sigh.

"Tell him you have feelings and maybe he will open up.... the worst he could say is no" i said.

She nodded.

"Your right" she said confidently.

"Of course i'm right" i said.

She giggled.

"Hey cyan" chaz said sitting down at the table ryan and justin followed.

Justin sat next too me and i smiled at him and he laughed.

"Hey you guys wanna go too the bowling alley later..."ryan asked.

I nodded fast.

Nicole did too.

"Oh and bring jasmine and people you want." chaz said.

"You like jasmine bro?"justin asked.

I looked at chaz and he blushed.

"And that is a yes" justin said laughing.

"Omg i'm texting her now" i said texting jasmine that we are going bowling.

"Were is the girls?"nicole asked.

"They had too stay in Mrs.Summers"I said.

We all laughed.

"Hey justy"lucys annoying voice came over us.

Justin clenched when she said justy.

Yup he hates that name.

"Yo lucy how are you" he asked trying too act kind.

"Oh so lonely without you justy" justin clenched again and i chuckled lightly.

"I wonder if you would like too come visit my home tonight so we could 'talk'" she said with a wink.

I roll my eyes.

Justin don't be stupid....

don't be stupid....

don't be stupid.

"Sorry i would rather eat out with my friends then eat out you" he barked.

The whole cafe bursted into laughter.

I giggled and tried too hold my laugh.

Lucy looked pissed.

"Same old justin" she scoffed.

"And i know where you hide your trampy don't even try now"he said .

She just walked away trying too shake her ass while walking but justin didn't even bother to look.

Thank you lord for making justin smart at that very moment.

"Bro you killed her she was so pissed!"ryan said.

They did there hand shake and pat there backs.

I just laugh.

I turn and talk too nicole but then i look back and justin is gone. 

Justin P.O.V

J=You wanted too talk too me?

D=I need too tell you something but don't tell a soul.

J=What did you do last night?


J=Spit it out!

D=I woke up naked with selena!

the line went silent and my anger grew.

J=You little mother fucker.... how could you! What about cyan?you are so dead!

D=Justin calm down ok.... i will tell her .... sometime.... i don't know

J=Fuck you

I hung up and ran my hands threw my hair.

"You ok?" cyan asked from behind me.

I turn too face her.

She looked so innocent and sweet.

Should i tell her??

"Do i still keep that promise no matter what..." i asked.

"What happened justin...." she asked.

I looked at her with sadness.

"Tell me jay..."she said.

"Nothing just lucy getting too me....." i lied.

She shrugged.

I tured around and walked away from her leaving her in the hallway.....



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