Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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39. Day With Ryan And Chaz

Cyan's P.O.V

I made the bed so the room would be a little more clean.

I saw justin come in and plop on the bed.

"Wassup"He winked.

"Damnit justin"i cursed.

He frowned and bashed his eyelashes.

"What baby"he moaned as he pulled me down so his face was close to mine.

"I just made the bed"I whined.

"Why make it when we just mess it up again"he said against my lips.

He kissed me gently and pulled me on top of him.

"No not tonight!"I slapped his chest.

He laughed.

"Ok ok ... but why thoe?"He asked playfully.

"Because i'm not in the mood pretty boy"I poked his nose.

"No .... it either..... you didn't shave orrrrr your on your period"I playfully smacked his cheek and pointed at him.

"Aye."I warned.

He giggled.

"I'm just not in the mood ok jay"I blushed.

"Don't call me that your gonna make me horny"He warned.

"Sorry jay"I whispered in his ear.

He grabbed my neck and pulled me too him and kissed me forcefully and i gave in.

He smirked against my lips.

"Baby"He moaned against my lips.

"No"i said and i got off of him.

"UGHHHHHHHH"He screamed.

I opened the door.

I walked out and i saw ryan and chaz looking at the door surprisingly.

"Yo what's hatin in there?"Chaz said playfully.

"Justin didn't get me you know"I giggled.

"Baby come back!!!!"He yelled.

"Yo Bro you have a interview before we leave L.A and go to New York!"Scooter chanted.

I Sat next to chaz on the couch and i grabbed a controller.

"You playing bae?"Ryan cooed.

"Bring it on sucka's " I joked.

We started the match in battlefield 4.

I started to kill like i always do until i saw chaz pop in the corner and shot me.

"God damnit!"I screamed.

I looked at him in hate.

"Let's go bitch"I scolded.

I killed chaz and ryan at the same time scoring a double kill.

"Yes suck it!"I screamed.

"i will!"Justin attacked my neck and playfully snuggled his head in my neck.

I giggled.

"Come on Justin"Scooter said annoyed.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!"He sighed.

"Kissy"He said playfully.

I pecked his lips and he smiled.

"You wanna come with?"He asked.

"Nah i'm fine i'll just stay here all day" i said.

He looked at me not convinced.

"You sure?"he asked.

I laughed "Yea i'm to lazy to met people"i joked.

They all laughed.

"Bye baby love you"Justin said.

"I love you too baby"Chaz said jokingly.

"Bro he was talking to me"Ryan screamed.

"I wasn't talking to you assholes i was talking to cyan"He laughed.

"I love you to "I said.

Justin laughed and i just smiled loving my life right now.

"Yo ok there is call of duty ghost and justin doesn't have it so do you wanna get it with me?"Ryan asked chaz as i scrolled threw instagram getting that cute photo of me and justin.

I felt myself scroll and see the comments.

"Who is this bitch?"


"She's pretty... i happy he moved on from selena!"

"Yo this bitch is ugly and fat like what the fuck?"

"Is he like sucking her neck what whore!"

"I would like a girlfriend that plays video games lol"

There was millions more.

I just rolled my eyes and i see what alfredo's caption was

~"Damnit your girlfriend killed me Justin!"Chaz Screamed.

"But you were camping to bitch so i had to kill you "Cyan Screamed.

"Get it babe"Justin Cheered....... Cutest couple <3~

I blushed.

"HEY!"Chaz screamed.

I flinched and looked at them.

"You wanna come?"They asked.

I thought.... i have nothing else to do.... maybe playing some games... will be fun.

"Sure Losers"I joked.

They gasped.

"We are not losers!"They squealed.

"Hell right you are.... your gonna get a game!"I said.

"Hey your coming to! So your a loser to!"Ryan said.

I shrug.

"Bro i would agree with you but then we would both be wrong"I said.

Chaz "awed"

"Cyan is the master of comebacks!"Chaz sung.

(I Love Smosh!!!! :D)

"Lets go guys!"I said putting on my uggs.

"Yo when does it close?"Ryan asked.

"Like at 8 its 6 right now"Chaz said.

We stepped out of the bus.

I started following them.

"Aye are we driving there?"I asked looking around the sky that was getting dark.

"No it's just a couple blocks"Chaz skipped.

I rolled my eyes.

"You guys are so fruity"I laughed.

They were both skipping.

"We are not gay!"They screamed.

"People looking at you like you are"I joked.

"There probably looking at my ass"Chaz wiggled his butt.

I laughed.

"Ha you can't twerk!"Ryan said.

Chaz gasped.

"I can..... i think cyan can to"He smirked at me as we walked.

"You weirdo!"I laughed pushing him.

"I want to see that butt in action!"Chaz cheered.

"Yo Justin is gonna beat yo ass"Ryan laughed.

"Yea good luck seeing this !"I wiggled my but playfully and stuck my tongue out.

We came up to the store and i saw some flashes.

"God damnit!"Ryan cursed.

"Hey there here for me.... i mean i'm dating the biebs!"I joked.

They laughed.

"Oh we thought you were some random girl just with us 24/7"Ryan joked.

I laughed.


I looked at them and smiled.

"Hi... yes i am"I laughed.

"Hey go get the game real quick i'll keep these paps occupied"I whispered to ryan and chaz.

The nodded and ran in.

"Who are those people?"One pap said.

"Oh that's Chaz and Ryan they are me and justin's friends"I laughed.

They took some pictures.

"A photo was posted of you and justin... he was kissing your neck... was that real?"One pap asked.

I looked and saw ryan looking all over the store and i rolled my eyes.

"Yes it was... i was playing games with the guys... kicking there ass as usual... and justin.... was just being justin"I blushed.

"What do you think about selena gomez?"The same other pap asked.

"She is such an amazing person.... pure beauty... we are Best friends and i know this sounds funny but i want to do a collaboration  with her... like at anything... but like dancing is my thing"I laughed.

"What do you think about Miley Cyrus?"One pap asked.

I giggled.

"I met her at justin's birthday party the other day.... she is very sweet and crazy... i adore her"I laughed.

"Do you think you and justin will stay... or even get married?"One asked.

I blushed.

"Like i said i love him... he is my everything... but i would have to say if i didn't meet his brother derek... i wouldn't be here right now with my justin....I cross my fingers"I said.

Chaz and ryan zoomed out.

"Ok i gotta go"I smiled.

"Thanks! have a nice night! have fun with justin!"They all chanted as i ran off with chaz and ryan.

"Did they do anything bad?"Chaz asked.

"No they just asked me questions"I said.

"They might switch it up to make you look bad... just warning you"Ryan said.

"I don't care... if i have justin then it's not a problem" i said. 

They both nodded.


I threw popcorn in the air and missed.

"Fuck!"I screamed laughing.

They laughed at me drinking there beers.

"Hey it's not funny!"I screamed.

"Yea it is your a fail"Chaz laughed.

I gasped.

"Yo i'm gonna get another beer... you want one?"He asked me.

I nodded.

"NO ewww"I laughed.

Ryan rolled his eyes.

"Your gonna pay for calling me a fail somers!"I spat.

I threw popcorn at him.

"OH NO YOU DIDN'T CYCY"He screamed.

He picked me up and i squealed.

He pinned me down and started tickling me.


"Say your sorry cycy"He laughed.


He kept tickling me as i laughed and screamed.

The door opened and chaz kept tickling.

"Yo!"I heard Justin's voice scream.

Chaz got off of me and picked me up.

I caught my breath.

"I'm not a fail bitch"I pointed at him.

I looked at justin and my smile faded.

"What were you -"His voice cracked.

I was about to speak but he ran off into the room slamming the door.

"Uh oh"i whispered.

I looked at chaz and he looked sad.

"Sorry i-"he started but i cut him off.

"It's fine... we were just joking... i think justin thought we were doing something bad..."I said.

Ryan walked in looking confused.

"Yo what happened?"Ryan asked.

"I just gotta go talk to justin..."I said.

U walked down the bus hall and i twisted the handle and it was open.

I looked inside the bedroom but i already saw he was in the bathroom

because the water was on.

I sighed and closed the door and got out my lace underwear and bra and i took off my clothes and i put them on.

I went and grabbed one of justin's shirt and put it on.

The bathroom door opened and i looked over and i saw justin avoided me and he had a towel around his waist and he was getting some joggers and some underwear.

he just dropped his towel right in front of me so i saw everything.

He got dressed and he walked over to the door.

"Justin"I breathed out.

He turned around looking at me slightly.

"What?"He said turn around looking at me.

"Nothing happened"i said.

"Oh really!"He spat.. which caught me off guard.

"Justin we were just playing around-"i was cut off.


I softly gasped at his words.

He sighed and ran his hands over his face.

"I'm sorry"He said quietly.

"Huh?"I whispered.

He walked over and pulled me to him forcefully and kissed me.

"I'm sorry... it was just a stressful day without you.... i know you will never cheat on me.... and with my best friend.... that's just crazy... and i was kinda jealous..."He said.

"I'm sorry i should of told him to stop tickling me"I said.

"No it's ok you guys were playing"He sighed.

"But your the only one that can touch me"I said rubbing my finger under his chin giving him a cute smile.

He smiled back.

"I'm ok with that babe"He kissed me.



"Do you think we could have a 30 second round of sex?"Justin asked,

I rolled my eyes.

"After seeing you change in front of me.....i would have to say ummmm no"I laughed.

He frowned.

"And i would be so good riding you,you would want to longer than 30 seconds"I said tapping his nose and pecking his lips before walking out of the room.

"Damn"Justin mumbled as i smirked.

"Yo is he ok?"Chaz asked.

"Yea he is just fine"I laughed.

As justin followed me to the couch pulling me in his lap as i started to play some ghosts.


I tried to make this a long chapter so i hope you like boo's!!! i love you guys so much and i hope you like the cover!! it was my photoshop and everything! Could you please share jerek twins to friends or on twitter's,insta's,or tumblr's my fave hehe.

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