Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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25. Date *Part 2*

Justin's P.O.V

I had my hand on the stirring wheel and had one hand in cyans hand.

She looked kinda nervous....

I mean i am too like this is are first official date.

I have this whole night planned out thanks too the guys and derek even helped....

I know he still hates me.

"Justin where are we going" she wined.

I laughed.

I looked out and saw it was starting to get dark.


"I'm not telling"I looked at the clock and it read 8 pm.

I smile.

"Babe it's getting dark i-"i interrupt her with a shh.

She groaned.

"Ok here"i said stopping by the forest .

She looked at me weird.

"Justin i don't know..."she said looking out.

"Do you trust me?"i asked.

She nodded.

I handed her the blindfold.

"Put it on"i said. She put it on and i got out of the car.

I opened her door and helped her out.

"Your not cheating right"i asked.

She nodded.

I grabbed her waist and pushed her too walk.

There was a trail so i pushed her on it and i guided her.

I saw the rose petals i made ryan put out.

I stopped her and i handed her a paper.

"I want you too count to ten .... then take off your blindfold."i said in her ear.

She nodded slowly.

I kissed her ear lightly. 

Cyan's P.O.V

I count down slowly in my head.

I take off the blind fold and i dropped it on the ground.

I saw a trail of rose petals.

I blush and i look around and see no justin.

I look at the paper and open it.

"Follow the petals as i show you how much i love you"

~Justin <3

I giggle lightly and i walk the trail and see all the petals.

I look up and see lights hanging from the trees and i looked at it in amazement. I looked around and saw a paper on the tree. I run over and grab it .

"I'll always protect you from the little things and the scary things that the world might bring"

I follow the trail again and i see the lights down the trail.

I look further and i see there is a small little park down the hill.

I was about too walk down the hill but i saw a note.

"I will hug you and cuddle you when you are need of a friend or even a boyfriend.."

I blush and walk down the hill and see there was water fountain and seats around it.

I run over and look at the fountain as it poured water.

I turned around and saw a note on the bench.

I run over and get it.

"I would kiss you a million times a day if i could and i just wanna show you i can be good .."

I smile widely and i turn around and follow the other trail.

I walk down and there is a big field with lights shining in the grass.

I smiled widely.

I hear a guitar playing.

I run and the guitar stopped and i ran further and finally saw there was a guitar lying down on the ground.

I ran over and picked up the note.

"I'll write songs for you when your down or upset. I'll take you to things and places on are adventure

next. "

I look around and see more petals going down the field.

I run down the trail and it lead me too a picnic table.

I looked and saw a big box and roses on top.

I run over and grab the card on the roses. 

"I'll buy you things without your permission ... sorry its hard too resist babe ;) open the little box first."

I giggle and open the little box and i see a ring with a J on it with tiny diamonds it it.

I gasp and laugh.

Oh my goodness! I put it on my ring finger and i look at the huge box.

I open it and the first thing i saw was a bra.

I pulled it open and saw it was all victoria secret.

I close the box and look around.

I was blushing hard.

That cheeky mother fucker.

I look around and see a trail of candles.

My legs are gonna fall off i'm not kidding. I follow it and it ended but there was a note on the ground. 

"The End Of The Trail Doesn't Mean There Is A End For Us.... I want you too close your eyes and count too 10 again..."

I Close my eyes and count slowly and i feel the wind a little and i hear the trees .

I finally got to five and i felt hands lay on my sides.

"5....4....3....2."He whispered against my neck as he kissed after each count.

"1'He whispered.

I opened my eyes and this big feast came opon my eyes.

Did justin move me back too the picnic table.

I turned and looked at justin he was smiling.

He took the nots and put them next to my stuff.

He took my hands and played with the ring.

"J-justin"i said amazed.

He pulled me in a kiss.

Are tongues fought back in forth as he rubbed my waist.

I was in wonderland right now and i'm never going back.

"That's not all"he whispered.

He pulled me too the table and sat me down. He served me food as we sat down and ate and talked. 


"Ok you ready for the next part?"he asked.

I knitted my eyebrows.

"Sure" i said throwing a grape up and catching it in my mouth.

"What time is it"he asked.

I checked my phone.

"It is 8:56"i said.

"Perfect"he said getting up.

He grabbed my hand pulled me up.

He took me too the big fields.

He pull out the stereo and put it some music.

He gabbed me and pulled me close.

He started dancing with me and swaying.

He kissed my neck as he had his head in the crook.

"I love you so much cyan"he said.

I laugh.

"I love you too jay"i said.

He moaned.

"I like it when you call me that."he said pecking on my skin.

He started slowly kissing my neck and sucking slowly and leaving love bites.

I couldn't hold my moan so i let it out.

He looked at me and we had are make out session dancing.

"Justin i'm tired"i said.

He nodded.

"Ok let me get your stuff and ryan and chaz will clean this up later"he said.

He ranover and grabbed my presents and stuff.


Justin's P.O.V

This night was the best night of my life....

i mean it was so much love.

I look over at cyan and see was sleeping.

I get out of the car and pick her up and carry her in the house.

I take her in the bedroom and i set her down gently and pull the cover over her.

I walked out and went back out to get everything else and i brought it inside.

I walked back in the room and laid next too her and brought her close.

I don't even care if i'm wearing a suit. 

I'm to in love and not patent too sleep with my princess...



I got an update for you guys and i hope you like it !!!!

i was listening too believe and i started crying i don't even know i was writing and it played and i stopped writing and i started crying ahhhh

i love justin so much!!!!


derek will be more in the story coming soon!!!

thanks for favorites and comments and likes 

ahh thanks 

Thanks Readers :)

Love You XoXo.



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