Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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24. Date *Part 1*

Cyan's P.O.V

"Hey baby"his morning raspy voice said in my ear.

I flutter my eyes open and i feel his arms wrapped around me tight.

I moan and turn around.

"Yea"i moaned closing my eyes facing him.

"We have school"he rubbed my side.

"But i wanna stay"i said peeking and seeing him smiling down at me.

He kissed my forehead.

"Well i'm getting up" he hoped up and i sprung up and wrapped my arms around his torso tight from behind.

He chuckled lightly.

"What are you doing"he laughed.

I grabbed his arm and tried too pull him too the bed but he didn't move.

"BBBAAAABBBBBEEE"I wined trying too pull him.

He just smirked at me.

He pulled me too him and he pecked my lips.

"Will you get cleaned up for me... remember we have a date tonight"he said excited.

"Ok i will for you and i wouldnt forget."i said in a duh tone.

I walked off and i felt his hand slap my ass as i walked off.

I snapped my head around and see justin smirking.

"Wow thats was your best hit?"i said .

He raised his eyebrows.

"Wow you do hit like a girl"i laughed walking in the bathroom and shutting the door.

I chuckled too myself. 


"Come on we have too go!"i yelled.

"I have too get my hair good"he yelled beck.

I rolled my eyes.

"Bro hurry up i don't even take that long"i yelled.

He opened the door and he looked...... damn hot.

He smirked.

"Leggo" he said taking my hand in his.

"So you wanted too look pretty for your boyfriends ryan and chaz "i said playfully.

He looked at me playfully.

"No i wanted too look pretty for my girl"he coed.

I smiled at him.

He opened the car door and i sat in.

He went around and got in.

He started the car and the music blasted.

I turned it down because it scared me.

I looked at justin and he laughed.

"So where are we going tonight"i asked.

He started driving and he had a leg on my thigh and was rubbing it.

"Why would tell you babe". he smiled.

I rolled my eyes.

I put my pout face on.

"Because i wanna now"i wined.

He laughed.

"You'll figure it out later"he said.

I groan. 


Justin's P.O.V

I opened the car door for her and she got out.

She looked really beautiful like usual.

"Come on my princess"i coed.

She laughed.

I wrapped my arm around he waist and we walked in the school everyone had there eyes on us and some where whispering.

Some girls where fanning them self's and looking at me some even squealed.

I laugh and look at cyan and she rolled her eyes.

"Hey justin"the girls said .

"Hey ladies"i said trying to be nice.

I could see cyan was very ad now.

"Hey i love you "i whispered.

She looked up and and gently nodded.

"Me to"she said giving me a peck before walking to her locker.

I walked to mine and get my things for first period.

"Yo Brother"derek said patting me on the back.

We do are hand shake.

"I saw cyan over there talking with the bitches"derek said.

I knitted my eyebrows.

"I would go save her"he said playfully.

I nodded.

"Aye and how is selena?"i asked.

"She could be better... she is scared"he said.

I nodded. I walk down the hall see cyan surrounded by lucy and others they were smiling and talking to her and she didn't look amused.

I walked over and went to her side and i wrapped my arm around her.

"Come on lets go cyan"i said.

She gave me a "thank you" look and i smiled.

"Oh well cyan sorry for your loss" lucy said with a fake smile.

"C'mon girls talk to you later cy"lucy said walking away with her crew following.

I scoff.

"Cy?"she said annoyed.

I shrug.

"Like i said i don't like people here" she said .

"What about me?"i said playfully.

I rubbed her back.

"I don't like you"she scoffed.

I looked at her mad.

She smiled.

"I love you "she kissed me before walking in class and of course i chased after her. 

*** (End Of School)***

"So what now" she hopped up and down.

"I take you home and you get ready and be ready by 7:00 and i'll pick you up around 7:15 ish "I said.

She hopped again.

She is really excited.

We walked into the the car and i make my way too her house.

Cyan's P.O.V

I closed the door and took off my shoes.

I ran up stairs and went threw my clothes.

I pulled out a strapless sparkle purple flory dress.

I smile and i look at the time.

"4:00"i said.

I run in the bathroom and take a quick shower and hop out.

I squeeze myself in the dress and let my wet hair fall.

I quickly dried it and curled the ends and put it up in a pony tail.

I Put on my black heels.

I start doing my make up.

I put on foundation to hide my flaws.

I put liquid eye liner and i mascara.

I put a little lip balm and smile.

I walk out and see it is 5:30 pm.

I walk down stairs and turn on the tv and invite nicole over.


*knock* *knock*

"He's Here"nicole squealed.

I get up and fix my outfit and grab my bag.

I open the door.

He stood there with many roses and with his suit and tie. 

I smiled widely and turned and saw nicole squealing. 

"Hey justin"i said.

"You look outstanding"he said looking at me.

I blushed.

"Thank you ... you too"i said.

He handed me the flowers and i looked at them.

"There perfect justin"i said.

I handed them too nicole.

"Put that in the empty flower vase... my mothers on the counter top"i said smiling.

Nicole went off.

Justin held his arm out and i accepted.

"Now we go too are first destination " justin said opening the door for me.

I went in and he went around and got in. 


OHHHHH Excited for the next part??? i am!!! I would like to thank my fans and the things you have done. I know one went on twitter and messaged me and was so happy i could not stop smiling. I'm so blessed. And i would also like too talk about pyd .....



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