Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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7. Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover

Justin P.O.V

"Party..." i said licking my lips and rubbing my hands together.

A laugh escape's her mouth.

"No thank you justin... i'm just gonna you know go home and you know watch a movie with my friend..." she said looking at her phone then putting it in her back pocket.

Cyan's P.O.V

"No you are coming too this big party here that one of your class mates are throwing..." he said pulling on my wrist.

 "Pwease... i wanna go with someone... and it's payback baby" he said in a pout.

"Don't call me baby" i spat yanking my wrist from him.

"Aww sorry babe" he said with puppy dog eyes.

"Don't call me-""Aye shhh ok i'm gonna drive you too your house and you get ready..." he said simply.

"But what if i don't wanna g-""Aye you do lets go" he said grabbing his keys and dragging me along with him.

He opened the car door for me and i got in slowly and buckled up.

Justin came on the other side and made the car rumble and roar.

"YEA THATS MY BABY!"justin screamed admiring his car.

I giggled slightly.

"What?" he asked amused.

He pulled out of the drive way and started driving down the roads.

"You really like this ride" i asked.

"Yea it has been a long time ... i mean being away from my family and friends and my normal is just stressing and it is just the worst." justin said.

"But you get too see things and get loads of money and have the nicest things. " i said.

"I would pick family over all of that cyan.." he said.

He wasn't as snobby as i thought.

Can't judge a book by its cover...

"Well thats good you love them some much you would waste a bunch money too come back here from your successful tour." i said.

Justin looked at me.

"It is not a waste if it was for a reason " justin said looking back at the road.

"And seeing my friends again was a blessing.."he said.

I nodded and looked at his features.

"But meeting you was a sin " he said looking at me now.

I thought for a second.

"How is it a sin?" i asked.

He shook his head.

"Not everyone gets what they want cyan" he said pulling up too my house.

"Yea but the thing is i don't know what i want justin...."i said getting out of the car and running too the door.

Justin's P.O.V

"But meeting you was a sin" i said.

I will never get too call her mine...

i can't steal her...

that would hurt my brother which it is a sin too steal what does not belong too you.

"How is it a sin?" she asked.

I shook my head too try too forget about it.

"Not everyone gets what they want cyan" i said making a point.

I want her too know i'm not some snob.

I pull up too her house and look at her as she was already staring at me.

"Yea but the thing is i don't know what i want justin..." she said before getting out and running too the door.

She looked back and held up her finger too wait and nodded.

She doesn't know what she wants?

I she talking about me and derek?

no way!

she doesn't like me as much as derek...

she doesn't even like me , period!

I mean maybe?



Shut up !


Ugh this girl makes my mind go crazy.

I looked at the time and it has been already 20 minutes.

I turned on "Beware" by Big Sean and started singing along as i laid back just letting my thoughts take over.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and i jumped up scared.

I heard her giggle and i calmed down .

I turn and she she had amusement all over her face.

"You scared me!"i said.

She laughed.

I looked at her from head too toe and she was wearing this:

"Um justin are you gonna drive?"she asked.

I nodded and disconnected my gaze from her and started pulling out from her home.

"You look very beautiful"i  said with my eyes trailing her again.

"Oh really thanks justin.. you look good too ... so which party is it"she asked.

"Jake's he goes too school with you and going too be me" i said.

"Oh shit.." she spit out.

"What?" i asked.

"Me and jake... ugh... he likes me .... i don't .... he wants my pants... i want them know" i began laughing.

"It is not funny"i started crying from my Laughter.

"Oh my god justin your crying " she said wiping away the laughing tears.

"That was funny" i breathed out.

I parked out by the other cars and she wiped away another tear that laid on my face.

I started at her eyes and she looked at my cheeks trying too break contact.

"There you face is tearless" she said now looking in my eyes.

"You are very beautiful " i whispered.

She blushed.

I laid my hand on her waist and she jumped and pulled me away and backed up.

"Yea um lets go to the party" she said getting out.

I got out and walked by her side and brought her closer too me.

We got some stares and some cheers when we walked in.

There was people grinding on each other and making out and drinking and smoking.

I grabbed two beers and i handed cyan one.

She looked at me like i was crazy.

"What ? drink" i said with a smirk.

"Um hell no we have school tomorrow." she said.

I sigh.

"We came here too party babe so thats what were gonna do."I opened the bottle and gave it too her.

"DON'T CALL ME - I put my finger too her lips and shook my head smiling.

She rolled her eyes and put the bottle between her lips and started chugging and i was shocked.

"Whoa little miss goody two shoes just turned bad ass" i said winking.

She pushed me back and started running i chased her and she was on the dance floor.

She started dancing so i joined with her.

She started swaying her hips with the beat as i laid my hands on her hips as the swayed and we danced along.

I chugg my beer and place it down on the table before going back too cyan.

Cyan was pushing jake off of her but he still would put himself on her.

I stormed over there and pushed him too the floor.

He crawled away and got too his feet.

"Don't touch her" i spat.

"But i want too asshole" he pout.

My anger grew.

I lifted my arm up too swing but cyans voice filled my ears making me calm.

"Justin don't" she said yanking me back.

I put my arm down and pushed him back and turned and walked further down the dance floor.

We just stood there looking into each others eyes as people bumped into us as they danced.

"You didn't have too do that.." she said.

"You needed help though.." i said .

"Let just party" she said patting my chest and smiling.

We started laughing.

Roar By Katy Perry started playing and cyan started going crazy and dancing.

I got behind her and danced very close too her and having a good grasp on her hips.

As it got a little more crazy cyan started drinking more and so was i and she was so drunk.

Cyan's P.O.V (DRUNK)

Justin had his strong arms wrapped around my body as we danced along with the music.

"I could feel justin's hard body laying my back and i moaned.

He started too push himself on me .

I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck as i started to leave sloppy kisses on his neck and causing him too moan.

He grabbed my ass and started rubbing it and i moaned.

I grabbed his shirt and dragged him too a wall.

He roamed my body with his hands and he started kissing my neck making me moan his name.

He picked me up and took me too the car i kept kissing his neck over and over until he laid me in the back seat.

He got in the drivers seat and i got up.

"UMMM where are we going baby" i whispered in his eas as he drived out of the house and i kissed his ear.

"We gotta wait " he said looking back.

I started laughing and kissing his neck while he drove.

Justin swirled around the streets as i screamed .

I stick my head out and scream and whistle while we swirled the streets.

Justin was laughing to.

We pulled up too the house and justin came and picked me up as i started kissing his neck again.

He kicked the door closed and he went up the stairs and he laid me on his bed.

He started grinding on me and my hands roamed his body.

I took off my shoes and my skirt and i yanked justins shirt off and threw it .

He finally pressed his lips against mine and we started battling with are tongues and he won.

I started playing with his pants until he groaned in are kiss.

I started unbuckling his pants and it fell too his knees.

I could see his bulge and i smirk.

I played with his under wear as he rubbed my side.

Then just then justin lowered himself next too me and we started grinding on each other slowly and my eyes turned dark.


I woke up and the light blinded me.

My head was pounding like a drum it hurt so bad..

I felt someones arm wrapped around my tiny body.

I slowly twist around and she justin sleeping shirtless.

I look under the covers and see he is wearing underwear.

I breathe out and scream and push him away.

His eyes shout open and his eyes trailed too me and he let out a scream too.

"Did we d-did ahhhh" i said looking at me.

I was wearing my shirt and underwear.

Justin got off the bed and he was wearing underwear.

"Um... maybe.."he said confused.

"Justin we were drunk... i mean yea we were" i said nervous.

"What was the last thing you remember?" he asked.

"You giving me like my 3rd drink..." i said.

He sighed and pulled on his hair.

"What do you remember. " i asked.

"I remember driving home and you calling me baby and kissing my neck... while i was driving... and you screaming out the window as i laughed. "

he explained.

"Justin what if?" i asked.

"Then derek will have his plan too end me"justin said pulling on his hair looking at me.... thinking.



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