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The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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37. "Birthday Boy" *SEXUAL CONTENT*

Cyan's P.O.V

I made the crowd of justin's family quiet. We are all here in justin's living room.You must be asking, justin's?

We have moved out of Canada and we are now in LA. It was on such short notice too. Justin told me last friday and they are planning this tour and everything. It's really stressful for the both of us. 

It is for me because i'm leaving my hometown, but i guess that's good because i left all the bad memories behind. 

Today is a special day because it's justin's birthday. I made it my mission too make this the best day for Justin. 

"Ok guys thank you or coming we are gonna go surprise Justin in bed , which i made sure we stayed up so he would not wake up early today"everyone laughed. 

Pattie patted my back and gave me a big smile. 

"So lets go surprise the birthday boy!"pattie said. 

There was Justin's grandparents, cousins, his siblings, Jazzy, Jaxon and Derek , aunts, uncles,Jeremy's wife, and his crew , even Ryan and Chaz came along on the trip here to LA.

I smiled as i led the way as everyone followed.

I opened the door slowly and saw justin sleeping. He has lips parted and he was lightly breathing. 

I put my finger to my lips and everyone nodded.

I slowly walked in and i wrapped my arms around justin as everyone gathered around his big bed.

I saw Justin stir and he groaned.

"Baby we stayed up all night i wanna sleepppp"he whined.

I smiled and saw everyone trying to hold there laughing.

"Ok fine then i'll just go on a date with Chaz now"i winked at Chaz and he try to hold his laugh.

His eyes shot open and everyone screamed. "Surprise!"Justin flinched  and then he looked around and i saw happiness in his eyes. Jazzy and Jaxon jumped on the bed and hugged him. 

"My whole family is in my room!"he cheered.

Everyone laughed.

He looked at me. 

"Did you do this?"he asked.

"Yes with a little assistance from your mom"i laughed.

"I love you so much"he grabbed me and kissed me.

Everyone awed and the kids blocked there eyes even Chaz.

"Well get ready Justin we all be downstairs for lunch"Pattie said.

The big crowd left the room so it left me and Justin alone.

He picked me up and spined me around. 

"Oh my i love you! i love you! i haven't seen a lot of them in like years! Ugh this is the best birthday!"he kissed me over and over.

I laughed.

"Hey it's not over! i still have more surprises! Me and you are going to this club at 7 tonight! But i have to leave you and your family alone to have time"i smiled kissing his nose.

He frowned.

"No don't leave"

"I have to because of your surprise " i laughed.

"But it's gonna be less fun without you for a couple of hours"he whined.

I grab his face and i kiss him passionitly.

I grabbed my bag i had ready.

"You'll have me all night"i whispered in his ear.

"Promise"he purred.

I smiled.

I kissed him bring my tonuge in his mouth as he gripped on my hips.

"Yes i promise now get ready, i love you"i gave him a peck on the lips before my hand slipped out of his and i left the room.

I walked down and i said by to everyone.


"Yea so your coming right?"i asked nicole on the phone.

"Yea i'm a little delayed but i'll be there in time!"she cerped.

I saw paps running towards me taking pictures.

I bring my head down.

"I'll talk to you later nicki"i said.

"HEY ARE YOU TALKING TO JUSTIN!"One pap screamed running to me.

I hung up on nicole and i put it in my pocket.

I walked and pushed myself threw them.


I want to smack them.

"Could you stop screaming and talk to me like a normal person.... i can hear you no need to scream"i said calm.

"Cyan This is tmz what do you think about selena and justin's break up?" one said.

I walked and looked back at the camra.

"There friends i think"i said.

"I'm best friends with her "i added.

"Is it true selena went to the hospital about a baby?"one asked.

I didn't awnser.

"IS IT TRUE?"One screamed.

I stopped.

"Do you guys have something else to do then stalk me and follow me... i'm trying to have a fucking great evening and perpare for tonight so will you guys get the fuck out of my face"i spat as i ran off. The paps didn't follow me surprisingly.

I'm really enjoying LA Besides all these stalkers.  I walk into the coffee shop and look at the time its 3 pm.

I breath and go to the counter.

A pretty brown haired girl came up and she gasped when she saw me.

"Oh my god"she whispered.

"Your dating justin bieber"she squealed.

I laughed.

"Belieber?"i asked.

She nodded fast.

I giggled.

"W-What would you like"she shrugged.

"Umm can i have a hazzlenut coffee"i smiled.

"yes right away"she speed off making my coffee and stopping to tell some workers i'm here.

Wow i'm really that popular.

She gave me my coffee . I was about to grab my money but she stopped me.

"Oh no no it's on the house"she said smiling.

I smile and grab the coffee.

Before i turn around.

I speak again "Hey would you and some friends like to ... you know come to justin's party tonight?"i asked.

She looked shocked.

"Yes"she squealed.

"Ok give me your number and name and i'll make sure your on the list"i smiled.

"Omg thank you so much! you are pretty nice for a famous person"she said.

"I'm not famous ,so i guess i'm just nice"i laughed.

She laughed to.

"And you and Justin make a cute couple"she said.

"Thanks sweetie"i said grabbing her number and her name on this paper.

"See ya tonight"i said before leaving.

I walked down the streets of LA Till i saw the club in sight.

I walk threw the doors and i see people setting things up.

I see Dj Tay James setting up his Dj stuff.

"Hey!"i said.

He looked up. 

"Sup girl!"he called.

"Where is the list so i can right some people down?"i asked.

"Oh i have it one of the body guards said give it to you"he said. 

"Oh thank you"i took it.

I walked to one of the tables and i sat down and wrot down each person 

I want to invite friends and crew but idk about famous people.

Thats why i secretly took numbers from justin's phone.

There was Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Scooter Braun of course, ryan good,and many more celeb's.

I have to call every single one and invite them.

Do it for justin.


I pull out this:

Selena Eyes widened. Nicole literally screamed.

"LOOK AT THE LINGERIE!!!"she screamed.

I laughed.

"Go put it on go get ready literally justin will pounce on you"selena laughed.

I smiled down at it.

"It isn't to much?"i asked.

"NO"nicole squealed.

"Ok then i go put this on"

I ran in the bathroom and put the bra and panties on and i looked at myself i smiled.

I put the dress on and jean jacket over. 

I dried my hair and curled in fast.

I heard selena and nicole screaming at me to hurry so i put on my natural makeup and opened the door.

"I'm done"i said.

There mouths gaped open. 

"YOU LOOK SO CUTE"The chriped.

"Really "i said looking down.

"YAS"nicole said making us all burst into laughter.

"Party Time"selena clapped leaving the room with me and nicole followling.

Justin's P.O.V

Twist and Za came up to me and fixed my suit.

"You look so swag bro"Za playfully said.

I laughed.

"Girls will be all over you"twist said.

I laughed.

"I only want one girl on me tonight and that's cyan"i smiled.

"Yea but there still gonna check you out"Twist said.

"Ok your coming with us now"Za said grabbing a girl and twist did to. 

I look at the place and it was a club.

I smiled wide and followed them inside.

There was music blasting and flashing neon lights.

Everyone i saw i knew which brightnened my mood.

I looked around and saw Za and Twist disaperred.

If you saw me you would think i looked pretty confused and lost.

There was sudden light that shined on me which made me flinch.

The music turned off and everyone turned to me and cherred.

I smiled and looked at another spotilight coming towards me.

"Happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you ! happy birthday dear justinnnnn! happy birthday to you!"everyone sang.

I saw cyan come out of the crowd with the spotlight on her and me.

I went up to her and i grabbed her waist.

"You did this?"i asked her.

She bit her lip and nodded.

I was a bit turned on by her lip biting and i pulled her closer and i kissed her.

I heard the chowed oh and cheer.

"I love you"i whispered against her lips.

"Mhm i love you too"she said pullling away and grabbing my hand.

She pulled me up the stage and grabbed the microphone from Tay James.

I gave Tay James a handshake and i went next to him.

"Hello everyone! Justin is here so party it up until it's time to eat in 15 minutes!"Cyan said and everyone cherred in the club.

Tay James started the music and i played around with it for a while.

Cyan's P.O.V

I grabbed justin and i pull him over to the beliebers i invited.

They all looked pretty.

I saw justin look them up and down which kind made me have a jealous pit insode me. "Justin i met this belieber today and i guess this is her friends."i said.

He smiled and gve them all hugs.

One kissed his cheek which made me a little more jealous.

The girl sent me a evil stare.

I was a little confused.

"Thank you all beliebers for believing in me " he smiled as one girl rubbed his shoulder.

I felt myself grow angry.

Justin saw me and he backed away from the girl.

"Have fun guys"he smiled.

He grabbed my waist and the girls walked away.

I shrugged im off.

"I'm gonna get a drink"i mumbled and made my way threw the crowd.

I felt arms go around my waist and soft lips planted on my shoulder.

I turn and see justin.

I sighed.

"You ok?"he whispered against my ear.

I shrug.

"Is it because of the kiss and the girls?"he asked.

"That adds to it"i take a drink of the strong drink.

"What is it then?"he asked annoyed.

I gave him a annoyed look.

"there not the only one checking people out"i said.

He rolled his eyes.

"I didn't check them out?"he protested.

"I was looking at you, you were staring right at there-"

He grabbed me and kissed me hard.

I could smell the alcohol from his breath.

"It's my birthday  and i only wanna do anything with you ok?"he asked.

I smiled.

"Ok"i said running my hands threw his hair as i kissed him again.

"Ok everyone it's time for justin to open his presents! then cake!"niall horan said.

I laugh with Justin.

He grabbed my hand and we were brought to this big table with presents stacked. I haven't seen so much presents in my life.

He sat down and he pulled me next to him. 

Everyone gathered around.


"Ok now that you have opened your present's it's time for cake!"Harry styles said.

I fangirled when i saw one direction and these famous people.

The big cake everyone went at it and grabbed pieces. 

I saw justin get a piece and come to me.

"He put cake on my lips and kissed me and licked it off.

I laugh at his stupidness.

"Your too cute"i laughed.

"I know I know"he laughed.

"But hey baby"he whispered.

I blushed when he called me that.

"Yes jay"i said.

"Can i see your present for me now?"he asked. 

I smiled.

I grabbed his hand and i pulled him threw the crowd.

I got my stuff and so did justin and we walked out of the club.

There was no paps because we left in a secret passage.

I hold his hand as we walk down the busy streets of LA.

"Where are we going"he laughed.

"Somewhere special."i took him in this big fancy hotel.

"Cyan what-" i covered his mouth. 

"Shh just shut up"i said.

He laughed.

I went up to the desk.

"I have a room for me and Mr. Bieber" i said.

"Oh yes the cute couple, here you go" she handed me.

I nodded to her. "Thank you" i said as i pulled justin along with me to the elevator.

After standing there for a minute we came out and i went too the door to our room.

I stopped him before he opened the door.

I grabbed the blindfold from my bag.

"What you doing"he asked.

I grabbed his present from my bag too.

"Open your present"i said.

He opened it slowly and looking at me and i smiled.

He pulled out the brand new supra's i saw him looking at the other day.

He smiled wide.

"Oh shit you didn't!"he cheered.

"I did"i laughed.

"They were expensive thoe"he cried.

"Don't worry about it, there is something else"i smiled.

He pulled out a chain.

He smiled wider.

"i fucking love you"he cheered.

I laughed.

"Ok"i took his presents from him. 

"Put the blindfold on"i said.

"That's not all?"he asked.

"No baby"i said putting the blindfold on him.

"You better not push me towards a wall"he warned.

"I won't "i laughed.

I opened the door and saw the workers set up the room like i asked.

Rose petals over the bed and the candles lighting the room a little.

I peel off my clothes except my lingerie and i took of my heels.

"Can i look now?"he pouted.

I grabbed his blazer and placed it on the chair.

"Wait"i grabbed his hand.

I sat him on the bed.

He smiled.

"You ready?"i asked. 

I sat on his lap and grabbed his arms making sure he didn't touch me.

"Yes"he grunted.I took off his blindfold and he looked me up down with a hungry look in his eyes.

His hands run down my body making me get the chills.

He looked around and he smiled.

I got off his lap and i gabbed his tie and pulled him up.

"I'll do what ever you want"i purred. I slowly took of his tie as he gulped.

"Anything"i said unbuttoning his shirt.

I threw it to the ground and i slowly kissed down his neck sucking his sweet spot making him moan. 

I nibbled on his skin as i gripped his pants and i rubbed his obvious boner.

"Mhm baby"he groaned. 

"You like that birthday boy"i said.

He moaned loud.

"Don't s-say that"he groaned as i pulled his pants down.

"Say what?"i whispered against his jawline.

"Birthday boy"i whispered against his lips.

He grabbed my ass giving it a squeeze and i gasped and he put his tongue in my mouth.

I jumped and he grabbed me as i wrapped my legs around his torso.

He placed me on a soft surface. 

He trailed kissed down my chest.

I Push him back and get on top of him.

"No i'm pleasuring you"i whispered.

I kissed down his chest and giving him hickeys on his abs.

I made it down to his boxers.

I look up at justin.

I put my hand on his dick and rub him slowly. 

"Ah please come on baby"he said.

"What if i wanna take my time"i said.

I rubbed a bit faster.

"No now"he demanded.

I pulled his boxers off and i pump his dick in my hand as he moaned.

"Faster"he growled.

"Not if you ask nicely"i teased.

"Cyan damnit baby fucking please go faster"he moaned.

I went faster.

I stopped and he looked up.

"Ok yea happy birthday"i said getting up.

"Wait whaaattt"he breathed out.

"I'm done" i said looking down at him.

"Unless you want more?"i asked teasing.

"Yes baby yes"he moaned.

I got back on the bed.

"What do you want?"i asked.

"I want you to-"he stoped.

"Mhm"i asked.

"I want you to suck my dick"he moaned.

I grabbed his dick in my hands and sucked the tip of his dick and i started to put in further in my mouth.

"Yes baby"he screamed.

He cumed in my mouth. I licked it all up.

"Ok my job here is done" i said walking away but justin grabbed me and threw me on the bed and crawled over me.

I giggled.

"You thought you were done baby?"he asked.

"Yea i thought"i giggled.

"Well i wanna do things to you"he said.

"But i have to make you feel good not the other way around i mean its your birthday"i said.

"I wanna play with you"he said kissing down my chest.

"So let me play" he whispered again my skin.

He unsnapped my bra and threw it.

He sucked my right boob as he massaged the other one.

"Oh justin"i roamed my hands threw his hair.

His hand traveled down my body till he got to my underwear.

He put his hand threw my under wear as he rubbed me as he sucked my left boob at the same time.

I slowly rubbed my body against him.

He kissed down my body and pulled my panties off.

He lightly kissed me and he started sucking me.

I gasped for air and arched my back.

He pumped his tongue in and out of me.

"I need you justin"i screamed.

"Then have me"he growled in my ear.

He pounded himself in me.

"Ah!"i screamed in pain.

I clawed his back.

The pain started to slowly go away.

He pulled out and pounded in me again.

"JUSTIN FUCK"I screamed.

"I want everyone to hear"he growled.

He buckled my hips and i felt myself sweating and justin was too.

"If i flip will you ride me "he purred in my ear.

"Yes justin"i moaned.

"Ride me baby"he flipped us over.

I pounded on top of him as fast as i could.

"YES FUCK"He screamed.

I gripped his hair and rode him fast.

"go faster"he demanded.

My legs started to hurt.

"Justin i c-can't "i slowed down.

"I know you can"he said.

I went back faster and i went faster.

"Yes!"he screamed on the top of his lungs.

He gripped my hips and pushed him further in me and i screamed.

When we finally reached our climax i feel on top of his sweaty body.

"Best.Birthday.Ever"he breathed out.

I smiled and rolled off of him and got under the covers and justin did to.

He pulled me closer so are bodies were touching. Justin Nuzzled his head in my neck.

"I love you"he mumbled.

"I love you too baby"i cooed.

He chuckled.

"Can i sleep because you rode me so hard"he laughed.

"Yea you can"i smiled.

After hearing his snores after a minute or so i slowly fell into slumber.


DAMNNNNNNNN longest chapter ever or if it wasn't then it took forever! 

I wanted to make this a good chapter ! 

So i hope you guys love it ! if you know what i mean ;)

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