Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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36. All That Matters

Cyan's P.O.V

I wake up to justin moaning against my ear. I open my eyes and look around and i feel justin's naked body next to mine. I remembered last night and i smiled lightly. 

"Show me how mad you are, baby" Justin's voice was repeating in my head. 

I look at him and he had his mouth slightly open and he had his arm wrapped around me and he had his other wrapped around me but his hand was on my boob.

I laughed lightly.

His breathing was so calm.

How could of my life change so fast just like months ago i was this different person and now look at me.

I'm happy with my new boyfriend justin, even thoe it brings drama i don't care, i love justin and that is all that matters. 

"Mhm"justin groaned and he rubbed my boob. I laughed and looked at him and i saw him smirk with his eyes closed. 

He peaked his eye open and saw me and he smirked wider. 

"Morning sexy"he said in his morning groggy voice. 

I laugh. "Morning hotness"i joked.

"I like my hand here"he smirked. 

"Of course you do perv"i joked. 

He laughed. "Not if you like it, which you haven't pushed me away"he smiled.

I pushed his hand away and he poked out his bottom lip.

"So about last night...."he trailed off pulling me closer to his naked body. 

"You forgive me?"he asked seriously.

"I know you did it because you were hurt and you wanted payback so...."i trailed off.

"I forgive you"i sighed. 

"But i swear if you fucking do that shit ever again you will no longer have a dick"i threatened. 

Justin's eyes widen. 

"No worries babe"he laughed.

"Good"i said.

He kissed my head and rubbed my hip gently. 

"So my birthday is next week"justin smiled.

"ohh the lucky 18.... i'm gonna be 18 on may 30th"i laughed.

Justin's eyes widen. 

"Wait what"he said.

"My birthday is may 30th"i said laughing.

"That's my sister's birthday " he laughed.

"No way jazzy the princess"i cooed. 

"I guess you guys can have a party together"justin laughed. 

"Fuck no, i don't want anyone to know and i want know attention. I haven't celebrated my birthday since my dad died"i said.

Justin frowned. 

"I'm sorry"he sighed.

"No it's ok... i have you and your sweet adorable family"i smiled. 

"But for your birthday i'm gonna give you what ever you want just ask"i smile.

"all i want is that puss-"

"Stop there darling"i put my finger to his lips.

He smiled.

"I mean like buying you something"i said.

"OH NOOOOO DON'T BUY ME ANYTHING!!!"He whined like a little kid.

I laughed at his cuteness.

"sorry but it's your birthday"i said.

"But why do i need presents when i already have what i wanted"he pulled me closer and kissed my nose.

"Babbbeee"i whined.

"Ugh no"he said.

"I'm still gonna do it"i said.

He rolled his eyes.

There was a knock on the door so i hopped up and threw justin his boxers and he went in the bathroom. I quickly just put justin's oversized shirt on and i put my shorts on.

No panties on , ugh.

I walked to the door and opened it and i saw pattie's face and she smiled.

"Scooter is here to talk to you and justin"she moved a side and i saw scooter.

I smiled. 

"Holy cow it's like such a blessing to meet you... your like amazing!"i shook his hand.

"Thank you sweetheart."he said smiling.

"I'll get justin"i said walking to the bathroom door.

"Justin scooter is here to talk to us"i said.

I heard his footstep towards the door and he opened up.

His hair was messed up and he had boxers.

"Yo sup scooter"justin gave him a bro hug. 

I smile.

"I came here to talk work with you and your girlfriend"he smiled at me.

"Ok shoot bro"justin pulled me down to sit on the bed next to him wile we looked at scooter standing in front of us. 

"After your birthday i want to start a tour"he sighed.

I looked at justin.

I heard them talking about this weeks ago


I stood there and listen to them talk back and forth.

"Just please think about it"the man said .

I heard a car then the door slam.

I jump slightly.

I heard him sigh and then i heard footsteps.

I tip toed up the stairs and into the room and i plopped myself on the bed.

What if he leaves me?

I mean he does make me really happy... i just don't show it.... which i think i should start doing.

I just don't want him gone... i love him... a lot.

He is the reason i'm alive ... i mean i practically could of died so many times but he saved me every damn time. 



I looked at justin and he smiled.

'i Really wanna see my beliebers again, and i want them to have the rest of this believe album you know.... but what do you think cyan?"he asked.

I was shocked at first.

"Justin this is amazing you get to see all those faces that admire you and yes you should totally do this"i said.

He smiled.

"Would you be willing to go with me ?"he asked.

"There is traveling , screams, paps, media, and so much but would you go with me?"he asked. 

I smiled. "Yes, a million times yes i would love to!"i cheered.

Scooter looked happy.

"Yes back in work! You better tell your family especially you miss cyan"scooter said.

I laughed.

"Yea don't worry about that"i sighed.

Justin kissed my cheek which made me peak a smile.

"Ok i will be getting nick setting up dancers and you will come in and pick which ones going on tour."he said calling and leaving the room.

"You are gonna see my beliebers! and my crew! i'm so excited!"justin was hoping up and down.

I laughed at him.

"Calm jumpy"i said kissing his nose.

He laughed.

"I love you"he said

"I love you more"i said.

"Whoa don't lie to yourself! we all know i love you more"he said kissing me.

I rolled my eyes.

"Your all that matters to meee"he singed. 

I laughed.

"Did you just make that up?"i laughed.

"Yup i did and it actually gives me idea"he smiled.

"Awh how cute your gonna write a song"i cooed.

"Yea about you"he said kissing me again.


I hope you liked this cute little chapter!!! i love you boo's!!! thanks for comments and favs,and likes. You boo's are perfect like awhhhhh!!!! Ok so i'm feeling better after what happened to justin and my family shit but i'm so much better and justin is safe and cute as ever and confident video bitch!!!!!! excited.



Thanks Readers:)

Love You XoXo.



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