Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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4. 2 pairs of the same eye's

Cyan's P.O.V

"Derek i swear ... it is not what it looked like he just looks so-

Derek raised his hand too tell me too stop talking and walked forward still staring at justin in amazement.

"No... cyan this is not your fault... it's Justin's" Derek said angry.

Justin raised an eyebrow and flung his hands up in the air.

"She kissed me bro!"justin said proud.

"Yea but you kissed back!"i spat.

"Oh and like you didn't like it princess" he said cocky.

I look down.

That kiss gave me butterflies like me and dereks...

because there twins...

just saying they kiss the exactly the same.

"Did you?" derek growled turning too me.

I looked up and shrugged.

"You guys kiss the exact same way...

it felt like kissing you which...

i love so much." i said.

I looked down from bot of there stares.

It is kinda weird just seeing 2 pairs of the exact same eyes on you...

"Why are you wearing your matching suit..." derek asked justin calmly.

Justin chuckled.

"I saw that yours was gone so i put mine on and when you got home i was gonna scare you ... " justin laughed.

I giggled at justin's laugh.

There laugh was different too.

"I'm sorry i kissed your girlfriend back i should of push her back....but damn was her lips soft and mhmm i could kiss them alll dayyy broo like seriously how did you get her like she is so sex-" Derek came at him and i grabbed on too him and pulled him back. 

 "Oh come on bro .... i'm telling the truth."justin said winking at me.

Yea justin is more flirty than derek is.I blush and look down.

"Lets just forget about this ever happen and we can go watch a movie..." derek said.

He looked at me and i nod and smile.

I kiss derek slowly and gain the buterflies again and i smile.

"Ugh... i don't wanna watch this movie ... i wanna watch a scary one. " justin said playfully.

I pull away and look at justin with a smile.

"Me and justin will go get dressed ... we are staying here tonight."derek said.

They walked upstairs and i went in the living room and looked threw the movies....

i found mama and i cheered and laughed.

I put it in the video player and turned on the tv.

I could hear talking and walking down the stairs.

One of them came in and threw a shirt at me.

"Hey put that on babe"

"Um which one are you " i asked awkwardly.

"Justin ..." he said winking and walking back upstairs.

I go in the bathroom and strip down .

I put the shirt on and it was a dress on me.

I put my hair in a pointy tail and walk out.

I go back in the living room and see both of them shirtless.

Derek was wearing the blue sweats with derek written on them and justin wore purple one's that said justin.

I giggled at them bickering.

They looked at me and they both checked me out head too toe.

"You look beautiful" they both said at the same time and there voices collided as one.

I laugh.

"Thanks boys. " i said .

I walked over too the couch and sat down and derek sat next too me and wrapped his arm around me.

Justin sat on the other said and his leg rubbed against mine.

I would look at him confused and he winked.

The movie started and it kinda creeped me out so i would scream and hide my face in dereks bare chest and justin would lay his hand secretly on my leg and derek didn't see.

Justin has been touching me the whole half of the movie and i don't know i just get butterflies with the touch like derek.

I started too fall asleep and dose off in dereks arms. He kissed my head.

"Sleep baby"He whispered.

I finally fell asleep and everything went dark.

Justin's P.O.V

We put her in derek's room and he shut the door and pushed me .

"What the hell bro " i said pushing him back.

"Is this another thing your taking away from me huh?" he said pushing me again.

"I took nothing from you derek calm your ass" i spat.

"Oh really?!you stole my familys attention all they care about is you ... and you took my friends .... you took everything from me and when i finally get something thats mine .... you take that too.. what the hell is wrong with you!" he said.

I felt a little hurt inside .

My brother actually felt like this.... man i feel like an ass. "I never meant too take the attention... i just wanted too be a singer and leave my dream... i didn't want there attention." i explained hurt.

Derek sighed.

"She was the only one that new the difference between us... she is special... justin... please... let me have her."he begged.

I laughed.

"Bro i'm not like that ... and i you want the our parents too pay attention too you more and love you more i'll help you do something cool... like ummm... what are you good at..." i asked.

"I am good at photography... and singing is more your thing and dancing.." he said giggling .

"Ok yea yea you should really look into that stuff bro... he you need too believe and never say never." i said corny.

He laughed.

"Not again bro" he said laughing .

"I'll think about it... and i'm sorry justin... but did she enjoy the kiss and you touching her." he asked.

She blushed and all girls do when they like things...

i could see in her eyes she loved it and caused fireworks too explode inside of her...

"No she hated it" i said patting him on the back before walking in my room and closing the door behind me.

I slide my back down the wall.

I'm falling for that girl...

her eyes...


she was triple everything selena was...

I'm falling for my brothers girlfriend.... 

Cyan's P.O.V

I heard talking outside of the door.

I walk up too it and put my ear against it. 

"I'll think about it... and i'm sorry justin... but did she enjoy the kiss and you touching her." derek asked.

There was a quiet moment.

I wanted too scream yes...

but i didn't.

I really liked it and i really liked it when derek did it too....

i mean is this right.

I like derek he is my boyfriend....

but what about justin....

i just have this weird feeling about justin...

like this spark and firework feelings.

I only had that with derek but now with justin....

is that wrong...."No she hated it " he responded.

I sighed.

I know justin lied too make him happy ...

i know derek likes me...

and justin does too ....

this is harder than you think....

pick one ....

pick one....

pick one .....

that kept repeating in my head over and over.

I pulled on my hair and slid my back against the door .

I'm Falling For My Boyfriend's Twin Brother.......


Heyyy guys so tell me what you think.... i really want you help though .... do you think cyan sjould go out with justin..... or derek.... i mean it confusing .... idk which one too pick because there the exactly the same... so please tell me which one she should go out with in the comments pleaseee boo's thanks :)

Thanks Readers :)

Love You XoXo.


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