i love you but i still gotta go

You and your amazing boyfriend Harry have been going out but will the paparazzi pressure and fans get to you or will Harry save you?

Sorry im bad at blurbs


6. woah an uncle

You wake up and think about Harry. "Haz where are you?" you scream but Lou catches your hand and puts his gingers to your lips and points to the bed next to him. You get out of your bed and climb next to Hary kissing his chest and cuddling in to him with his arm around you. Louis smiles and takes out his phone you laugh cover your face and say "no pictures please this is a priate ward" Louis laugh catches your hand and takes your picture. Harry opens his eyes and whispers "Lou is that you?" Louis waves and says "(Y/N) is here too" Harry smiles kisses your head and you look into his eyes which weren't the usual bright green more a pale green. You take his hand and rub your fingers over where he cut. You kiss it gently. Harry pulls your chin up so you are looking into his eyes and he kisses you. A deep passionate kiss. You pull away and see Louis run from the ward . You tell Harry he ran and Haz says he'll go after Louis so he pulled all the wires from himself which made everything beep loudly Harry didnt care he set off running after Harry. You look out the window and see Harry hug Louis and talk to him. You slowly walk out bringing two hoodies with you because it started raining you went out and Louis and Harry smiled pulled the hoodies on. They hug you and your standing inbetween them and then they both kiss your cheek. You laugh and Harry says "we are a great family" you look at him puzzled and says "it's uncle Louis who lives with us" you smile and give them both a hug. You all set off walking around the premises discussing what Louis can and can't bring with him when he says woth you. Ye walk in soaked to the skin and Louis packs Harry's stuff away while ye two get changed then you come in and see Louis in a superman t-shirt and superman boxers you smile and call "SUPERMAaaaan..." Louis turns around covering his boxers with a hoodie. "Oh (Y/N) you em...." he says trailing off and going red. "Yeah but I'm sorry.....wait where you not..." Louis says "Harry" over your voice you turn around and say "look supermans here" Harry smiles ahaking his head and and says "Louis if we had a boy he would love this''

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