i love you but i still gotta go

You and your amazing boyfriend Harry have been going out but will the paparazzi pressure and fans get to you or will Harry save you?

Sorry im bad at blurbs


13. what he said

After a bit of the party you bring Darcy to her room because she was tired and started crying. You sat in a chair and rocked her for a few minutes and she fell asleep. Slowly you walk over to the crib with her in your arms. You leave her down and tuck her in. Before pulling away from her you peck her cheek and then you feel someone's hands around your waist. ''How's she doing?'' asks Louis. ''How come you, her uncle, came in and her dad didn't come in?'' Louis smiled awkwardly and told me he was busy talking to an old friend about something. ''She's the cutest thing ever isn't she?'' Louis asks after a few minutes of watching her. You turn and smile ''just like everyone I know'' Louis smiles and asks ''what about her reminds you of me?'' you take a deep breath and say ''Her eyes are like yours blue her hair the little wisps are black like Zayn's hair she eats a lot like Niall and well I hope she is responsible like Liam but if she spends a lot of time with you she won't be will she?'' Louis looks at the child again ''I see you in her. Only you no one else'' you frown ''how?'' Louis smiles rubs your cheek and says ''well her eyes are like yours you eat a good bit and DRINK'' you blush ''her hair is dark like yours her face is cute.....'' you snap back around to face him ''WHAT?'' Louis covers your mouth ''shhh.....she's sleeping'' and briskly walks out of the room. You follow him and bump into Niall who looks at you and asks ''what's thee rush little lady?'' with a grin ''um sorry Ni I can't talk'' you say and rush off after Louis. You see him his messy brown hair black t-shirt. You grab his hand and spin him around to face you. ''Look Tomlinson you can't say something like that and jus-Harry hi'' you trail off. ''What did he say?'' Harry asks eyebrows furrowed. ''Who?'' you ask confused and push your lips against his. He pulls away and says ''Lou you said 'Tomlinson you can't say something like that' so what did he say?'' Harry asked getting serious. You look the other way and say ''nothing''. Harry catches your head in his hands ''WHAT DID HE SAY?'' Harry asked furiously. ''Em he said Darcy......'' you start saying trying to think of something to say that might keep Louis in one piece. ''Darcy what? What did he say about my baby?'' Harry asks shaking you slightly. ''Darcy doesn't look like you'' you say Harry looks confused ''but when I pointed out how she had your face and her eyes were like yours and he said he doesn't see it?'' Harry looks at you ''is that all?'' you look at him and say ''ya babe sorry I overreacted'' and you pull away.

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