i love you but i still gotta go

You and your amazing boyfriend Harry have been going out but will the paparazzi pressure and fans get to you or will Harry save you?

Sorry im bad at blurbs


10. uncle Lou's surprise

You wake up Harry lying on the bed beside you. His face shiny from dried tears he had his hand over your which lay on your bandaged stomach. Louis and Jay were speaking in hushed tones. Just then Harry's phone beeped you slipped it out of his hand and read the message from Liam.


hey has she woken up yet? did you tell her? let me no im with Zayn and Niall. Niall is really worried and Zayn to but I feel bad really bad call me.

''Tell me what?'' you think to yourself. Louis came over and kissed your forehead ''how are you?'' he asked shaking. You smile and ask ''what happened?'' He looked at Harry and said ''I think we should wake him so we can all find out properly'' you nod weakly then. ''HARRY GET UP NOW'' frightening everyone even yourself. He gets up and you pull over so Louis is to your left Harry to your right you in the middle Jay sits at the end of the bed then a doctor comes in and he starts talking you get fed up and look around you. You start pulling at your bandages Louis touches your hand and you look at him and he shake his head. You sigh heavily. ''I'm sorry Ms. erm Mrs. Styles but this is important'' you sigh again and lean over Harry and get up. '' Mrs. Styles you must sit down and rest you lost a lot of blood'' you start pulling up sweats and you search around for a top but can't find one so you take Harry's shirt pull it on and leave the ward. The doctor follows you telling you to get back. You continue walking then the doctors speeds up so you run fast as you can. You fell a pain in your side you catch it and look at your hand blood your bleeding. Harry grabs you and tries take you back to the ward you grab onto a door handle Louis comes along and tries he didn't help. You hit Louis hard he falls back and Harry leans over to help him up you kick him and run. The door is in front of you 20 meters. 19...18...17...16...15....14...13..12..11...10...9...8..7...6...5...4...3...2...BANG you ran into something hard. The person grabs you and says ''(Y/N) your ok'' he picks you up. It's Niall he carries you up to the room and the doctor restarts his boring speech again. Then Zayn Perrie and Liam come in and you shout ''hi'' to them and Harry whispers ''babe he will start again'' after like 10 years he finishes and a nurse comes in pushing a crib you hop up and say ''is that aw he-'' you look up and Louis says ''it's a girl'' ''sorry she is the most beautifulest thing ever'' Liam opens his mouth but Niall throws a piece of his sandwich into his mouth to shut him up. ''Now the child most stay here but unfortunately you can't'' you look at Harry he says ''ok we'll have to go so'' ''yes now'' the doctor says.

You arrive back and Louis tkes your hand as ye walk in and brings you over to the spare room between his and your and Harry's he opens it. There was a crib a mobile a changing unit a wardrobe loads of baby stuff all pink. ''But how did you know?'' you ask as everything was pink. ''The ultrasound you gave me'' as if it was that simple.

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