i love you but i still gotta go

You and your amazing boyfriend Harry have been going out but will the paparazzi pressure and fans get to you or will Harry save you?

Sorry im bad at blurbs


20. the same blood

You wake up on Harry's chest to Darcy crying. You go to get up but Harry says "sleep for another bit baby i'll get the other baby" you smile at his terrible joke. After a bit you go get him a cup of tea and bring it in to him. He takes it and asks "Are we going matching agaim?" "Harry its 5 in the morning" you say shocked. Harry smiles raises his eyebrows and says "itssssssss just 6 now and aren't we going to see eh" "Oh ya sorry i forgot" you say "wear whatever i'll go get dressed" and go into your room. You take a black tank top and pull up your skinny jeans. You pull your hair into a bun. "Ugh messy as usual" you sigh and run out to Harry and start dressing Darcy as he goes to get his clothes. "Hey Darcy you can wear your beautiful red an whit t-shirt today with navy leggings" you tell her as you slip her into it you tie her laces and smile. You coulsd see Louis in her Harry walks in and hands you the shirt you wear wearing. "Put this on" he say "You look good in it" You slip it on. He takes your hand and you carry Darcy to the car. Harry drives and when ye arrive at the hospital a nurse runs up to Harry. "Mr. Styles Mr. Tomlinson has-" "Harry i think i'll go over here with Darcy but i will only be over here" you say sensing the urgency in the nurses tone. You talk to Darcy in the corner of the room and hear a small scream you spin around. Harry had fallen to the ground and started crying. You run over and hug him then Darcy starts so Harry calms a bit takes Darcy and covers her small ears. "Louis lost too much blood and he has a special blood type they can't find anyone to match his. "Me i have my mum told me before she left i had a blood type only like 1 in a million had" you run up to the nurse who was talking to Harry. "I have the same blood as Louis"
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