i love you but i still gotta go

You and your amazing boyfriend Harry have been going out but will the paparazzi pressure and fans get to you or will Harry save you?

Sorry im bad at blurbs


16. the next chapter

You stand in the hallway outside the bathroom the party is over all that's left is the boys and Danielle. You lay against the wall. Harry comes out and was about to walk into the kitchen when he turns around and sees you. He turns and kisses you. ''Hey babe'' he whispers and kisses you again. A tear rolls down your cheek and Harry pulls away ''what's wrong love?'' Harry asks worriedly. You glance towards the kitchen when Louis comes out and walks by ye to the bathroom your stare follows him. Harry pulls you into the sitting room. ''Did he touch you?'' Harry asks staring past you to the bathroom door. another tear starts rolling down your already damp cheek. ''(Y/N) did he?'' Harry asks. ''Harry h-'' you start. ''DID HE?'' Harry asks grabbing your arms. You slowly start to nod he pulls you into a hug. He kisses your lock on the back off your neck. Ye hear the bathroom door unlocking. Harry kisses you and marches over to Louis. ''WHAT DID YOU DO?'' Harry asks Louis practically screaming. ''Wha- nothing?'' asks Louis totally confused looking over his shoulder at you. ''DON'T YOU DARE LOOK AT HER SHE'S MINE GET OUT'' Harry screams. All the boys file out of the kitchen and walk in just as Louis storms out of the apartment. Zayn walks over to Harry and says ''Har you were a bit harsh'' ''I know but I can't let him hurt my girls'' Harry replies looking over to you who was in a ball on the floor crying your eyes out. Dani came over and hugged you. Then Darcy starts crying you stop and wipe your eyes and go into her. You pick her up and kiss her and sit in a big beanbag in the corner room. You and her fall asleep there.


You woke up to the smell of cooking. You wake up and find Darcy in your arms holding your finger. You pick her up and she wakes up and sees you. You change her nappy and slip her into a white t-shirt Niall got her saying ''NANDOS'' and he got her black leggings to match. You walk out with Darcy in your arms. You amble into the kitchen and find Niall at the table beside Harry forcing him to eat something. ''Harry Niall is right you have to eat'' you say to him. You put Darcy into a high chair get a banana and mash it in a bowl. ''Babe I'm old enough to eat a banana without it being mashed'' he says looking at you. ''Well done maybe you should work on not fighting next'' you say and take a baby spoon and sit beside Darcy and feed her. Perrie is beside you with a roll. She takes the bowl and hands you the roll. ''Thanks Perrie'' you say with a smile. Zayn then appears with Liam who gets a call as soon as he comes in. Zayn goes over to the fridge and gets a bottle of water. ''I hope you left a fiver there for that'' you say acting serious and doing a pretty good job because he offers you some money. ''I was joking Z'' you say. Liam appears back and takes your hand and pulls you into the sitting room ''Louis has been in an accident'' Liam says getting straight to the point. You fall to the ground and see Liam stand over you. ''JESUS CHRIST LIAM'' screams an irish accent coming into the room. You see Niall pick you up. You giggle and he rubs your head ''does this hurt?'' he asks pushing down slightly ''nope'' you say popping the p and giggle saying ''but I do need something to make me feel better'' Niall looks confused Liam asks ''do you remember what I told you?'' You nod and say ''that is why I need a horan hug'' Niall gives you a quick hug and says ''I'll bring her ya?'' looking at Liam.

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