i love you but i still gotta go

You and your amazing boyfriend Harry have been going out but will the paparazzi pressure and fans get to you or will Harry save you?

Sorry im bad at blurbs


18. the news

After the surgery you sit there a doctor had told you Louis would wake up in 2 to 3 hours. "I just saw him being operated on. He wanted me. But-" your thoughts were interrupted by a hand on your shoulder. "Look (Y/N) we love you and would never be that mean to you as to play a prank on you having one of us die. We love you and are here for you." Nialls Irish accent soared breaking the silence. "I really need to know why Harry threw Louis out" He pulls you onto his knee and you explain what happened. "Excuse me is there a (Y/N) in here?" asks a doctor just after you explain everything to Niall. You stand up "Yes i'm (Y/N)" the doctor smiles and says "Mr. Tomlinson eoke up and asked to see you." You are outside Louis room Niall catches your hand before you go in. "I'm here for you"Niall kisses your hand pushes a strand of hair that fell out of your bun behind your ear. "Thanks darling" you say smile and go in. You take a chair next to Louis. He smiles and catches your hand. "Don't say anything" Louis says "I want you to know you are Niall's princess Zayn's best girl-friend Liam's favorite of our girlfriends Harry's girlfriend/girl/fiance ansd everything but your my crush" he smiles kisses your hand. "I want you to know i'm yours" you smile and ye sit in silence then you start humming i'm yours Louis starts singing and after a while you start singinf Lou stops and when your done the song he's asleep. You go out to Niall and ye go home and decide to tell the boys about Louis. You walk in and find Darcy's clothes laid on the table and music playing there is a red carpet rolled from the sitting room to the kitchen. You walk in and find Harry and Darcy dressed identically in a white t-shirt with a little logo in the bottom corner faded jeans and both bare foot modelling for Zayn Liam and Perrie. You laugh and Harry spins to you "(Y/N) come here i have a present for you." the 3 of ye go to your bedroom Harry has three pairs of white converse on the bed. You smile and say "ok Harry get my jeans and i have a present for Darcy" Harry pouts "what about me?" You smile and laugh "you have one" you say to him taking out a white t-shirt with a little D on the bottom. You got Harry one ages ago. Ye three dress in the t-shirts jeans and new white converse. Ye walk out and Niall looks at you raises his eyebrows. "Eh Harry I em it's important"you say . Harry starts to walk off with you and Darcy. "No leave Darce here with Zayn Liam and Niall" you say. He gives her to Liam and you take him into your room. He sits down and pats the bed beside him. "Eh no ok Louis-" "ugh" Harry sighs interrupting you. "Ok well he don't forget you still love him he was in an accident" you say. Harry's eyes were as round as saucers. He said "Lou has?" You nod "Yes he has had surgery and woke up". Harry runs out of the room. "Haz wait" you call and run after him. Liam catches your hand and says "Let him go he's probably going to visit Louis he'll be back" Liam says. Darcy starts to cry so you go get her of Zayn
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