i love you but i still gotta go

You and your amazing boyfriend Harry have been going out but will the paparazzi pressure and fans get to you or will Harry save you?

Sorry im bad at blurbs


7. suspicions

So after a long 8 months a week before the baby was due Harry and you came back from a huge party for Zayn and Perrie you met up with loads of celebrities. Harry was talking to everyone and didn't drink because it wouldn't be fair on you. Even though you hardly ever drank you still wanted to join in with all the girls sipping champagne and admiring Perrie's ring. Harry wanted you to dance all night long but you could hardly walk never mind dance.

You were sitting watching Harry dance with Jesy when a guy came over. ''hi i'm George'' said George you looked around and realise he was talking to you. You smile and say '' well George i'm (Y/N)'' ''(Y/N) wow that sounds like you. Amazing...'' with a chheky smile you find him similar to Harry. He takes your hand and asks to dance but Harry came over. He coughed and George turned around looked shocked and said ''em (Y/N) I think Josh called me'' Harry looks cross so you go to explain. But then he raises his eyebrows and gives you a face ''you still got it babe'' you try to be cross but start smiling and Haz catches your eye and you start laughing. Louis looked upset and I went over to  him and he smiled and said ''how's my baby?'' and you say ''if Harry-'' then Lou grabbed you around your stomach and you say ''oh...''. Louis looks up at you and says ''how are you as well'' you smile and say ''tired but Harry is busy so i'll wait'' ''If you want me to bring you home I can,I'll stay with you if you want''. Harry walks over and says ''Bitch you ready to go?'' you turn around astonished Louis laughs and says ''calm babe he's asking me'' you laugh and the three of ye head home.

Harry and you walk in Louis was busy on the phone. Ye walk in and there was Niall on your couch with loads of bags of chips crisps sweets nando's watching 'Bambi' you walk in front of him he pulls over and moves some bags around. You sit down and Harry comes over with water for you kisses you and goes to bed you lie on Niall's shoulder he kisses you on the forehead and offers you some sweets.

*BANG* Bambi's mother dies and you start crying on Niall's shoulder after a while the movie finishes. Niall picks you up and carries you into Harry. You hug him before he leaves Harry smiles and you kiss his butterfly tattoo and harry moves your hair from your neck and rubs the tattoo you got. It was a keyhole on you neck your hair always covered it and Haz got a key because he holds the key to your........well.. EVERYTHING. Louis came back in and you had just changed into you super cute pjs. A usually baggy t-shirt with 'marvel' across the chest and comi strip shorts. ''will ye be going out tomorrow?'' I look at Harry and shrug and he says well I was going to watch some movies with (Y/N)'' Louis sighs ''what's that about?'' you ask usually he loves when ye are around the house (he doesn't have to cook). ''what's what?'' asks Louis totally innocent. ''Your sigh'' says Harry as if it was obvious which it was I suppose. ''oh nothing I just was going having eh just...'' Harry cuts him off saying ''I understand Lou so we will leave around 8 and be back by 9'' he looks at me. I nod

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