i love you but i still gotta go

You and your amazing boyfriend Harry have been going out but will the paparazzi pressure and fans get to you or will Harry save you?

Sorry im bad at blurbs


21. nurses and more nurses

You don't remember much but you can feel someone pulling your hair. "No Darcy leave Mummy alone comes an Irish accent. You slowly open your eyes. The light was too bright so you shut them again. "HARRY" called the Irish voice. "What" someone else chokes. "Her eyes she opened them" the Irish voice came a third time. You groan he was so loud. Someone grabs your hand and you can feel someone sucking your finger. "Babe if you can hear me say something" you sigh and whisper "am i dead?" You open your eyes and see Darcy sucking your finger while sitting on Niall's lap and Harry holding your hand. Harry looks at you "Ni take Darcy for a walk maybe find Liam or food or something" "Food?" and Nialll and Darcy left. Harry looked at you and said "your not dead" you groan. "(Y/N) what's wrong you have me and Darcy you can't die" thwn you cry out in pain. It feels like someone stabbed you and kept stabbing you over and over. Harry looked at you and called a nurse. She checked some machines while you started crying and holding your side. Other people came in and wheeled you into a different room where someone placed a mask on your face and told you to breath normally. The pain eased but your eyelids drooped and.......
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