i love you but i still gotta go

You and your amazing boyfriend Harry have been going out but will the paparazzi pressure and fans get to you or will Harry save you?

Sorry im bad at blurbs


17. Niall's touch

Liam nods. Niall grabs your hand and takes you to the door. Niall opens it and pulls you out into the hall. "Where are we going?" you ask him. "Louis" says Niall pressing the button for the lifts. "What about Harry he should know he's close to Lou" you say. "True but Lou was talking to a doctor and he wants to talk to you" says Niall getting in the lift pulling you after him. You pull your hand out of his. The doors slide open and Niall gets the car and ye head towards the hospital. "How far are you going to go?" you ask still thinking this was just a welcome to the family prank. "What? Em Louis Tomlinson's room please" Niall says talking to you and a receptionist. "279" the receptionist says and picks up a ringing phone. You look at Niall "is this for real?" "Sorry excuse me miss?" Niall asks the receptionist. She smiles and holds up a finger indicating to wait a moment. *sigh* Niall sighs until she hangs up "yes dear what do you want now?" asks the receptionist politely. "Eh you said Mr. Tomlinson was in room 2-er 2-" "279 yes?" the receptionist. "Where is that?" "Down the hall to the left down the end of the hall take the stairs. Second door to the right." "Ok thanks" Niall says. Louis' room was empty. "I knew it it was a joke" you say pointing a Niall who was very pale and his eyes very wide. "Niall......Niall what's wrong? Ni" you say. He grabbed your hand and pulled you into the hallway. "Eh miss em" Niall points at Louis' room. "Oh Mr. Tomlinson is gone" she says. You hug Niall who holds onto you. You pull away with tears streaming down your face. "He-he's g-g-gone?" Niall stutters you can feel him shaking. "Oh sorry I didnt mean gone as in dead gone he's gone into surgery" You grab Niall and cry you wanted to scream. "(Y/N)"he whispers into your hair that was in a messy bun. "I'll leave ye two for a moment" says the nurse checking her clipboard and going again. Niall takes your hand and brings you to the car. He pulls out his phone and starts talking. You climb out and run through the hospital. "Em do you know where Louis Tomlinson's er surgery room thing is?" you ask a doctor. "I'm on my way to it now to start the second half of his surgery" "Would you mind showing me the way?" you ask him pleadingly. You sit there the surgery was just finished. Niall had left loads of messages and calls on your phone but you ignored him. "I just saw him being operated on. He wanted me to be here for him. Why was i-" your thoughts were interrupted by a someone touching your shoulder. "Look (Y/N) I know it's hard but I'm here for you and Harry, Zayn, Liam everyone is. We love you" Niall's Irish voice putting an end to the silence. "(Y/N) I need to know why Harry got cross with Louis" A/N I hope this comes out ok i spent ages working on it if it doesnt i'll republish it.
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