i love you but i still gotta go

You and your amazing boyfriend Harry have been going out but will the paparazzi pressure and fans get to you or will Harry save you?

Sorry im bad at blurbs


11. Mum Dad and Uncle Lou

"LOUIS!!!!!!" Harry roared. "Looks like someones n trouble you laugh. He runs out and you follow still giggling Harry caught your hand and you sat beside him Louis stood looking awkward. "Are you going to sit down?" asks Harry "I suppose" says Louis and you catch his hand. "So the baby.."Harry says "we need a name any ideas?" "Why am i here?" Louis asks. "You will be her second Daddy" Harry says you look at him Louis looks at him "What?" you ask simultaneously. "Eh well we need a third party but she will call you Uncle Louis and we will be Mum and Dad." All three of us march into the hospital. We went and got our baby girl and went signing the forms then the nurse asks what we have chosen as her name "Darcy Lily Styles" ye say proudly. We had decided that then wee called Jay and talked with her she agreed to be a grandmother as your Mum died and you haven't heard from your Dad in ages
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