i love you but i still gotta go

You and your amazing boyfriend Harry have been going out but will the paparazzi pressure and fans get to you or will Harry save you?

Sorry im bad at blurbs


5. how could he

"(Y/N) I need to talk to you" Harry said sitting beside you on the couch. You sit up straight and nod looking at him. "So you know how we are going to parents and have a child" "Em Harry how do you propose we become parents without a child?" you ask laughing at his stupidity "Em ya sorry so i don't think you and i WE could raise a child wait babe i'm not finished No darling-" you had left slamming the door you ran know idea where you were going. After a while i stopped outside starbucks you go in and Louis waved over and you went and sat down. Louis made you tell him everything. Louis got up and said "we would go and listen to everything Harry had to say. Back in the apartment Harry was no where to be seen. You went over to the coffee table and turned on the TV. Louis went to jump over the couch but i stopped him because Haz was sitting there. "Here i'll get drinks what do you want? Lemonade? I think we have beer if you want?" Louis smiles and says whatever so you head to the fridge and take out two bottles of beer open them and you scream "LOUIS!" Hs out and sees me pointing at a knife covered in something red. BLOOD! Everything goes black
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