i love you but i still gotta go

You and your amazing boyfriend Harry have been going out but will the paparazzi pressure and fans get to you or will Harry save you?

Sorry im bad at blurbs


1. goodbye babe

I couldn't do it I knew I shouldn't but it was so tempting sitting here alone ''(Y/N)?'' your boyfriend Harry called throwing his keys on the glass table beside the door to yours apartment. ''I'm in here babe'' you shouted back throwing the knife back into the cutlery draw before he came in. ''What were you up to missy?'' he asked very serious looking at you closely. You go red and he sees the wrapper from the chocolate bar you had for lunch. ''I told you not to eat we are going out later for our anniversary'' you smile and laugh and say ''sorry babe I forgot about dinner'' he shook his head and his phone rang he sighed and answered ''you are so lucky you stupid faggot'' you thought to yourself Harry came back and raised an eyebrow ''did you just say 'faggot'?'' ''no why?'' Harry put on a serious face and said ''never say that again ok now because you were a naughty girl you need to be punished'' you scream and start running but Harry has longer legs than you and you hardly make it to the sitting room. *after an intense tickling battle with him and a very heated kissing session he says he has to go for an hour* your alone again and your phone beeps you pick it up ''yippee more hate'' you shout sarcastically but this one tweet gets you really bad it's from one of your best friends before you moved to the UK with Harry after the tour she tweeted a pic of you two kissing and commented ''what a slut I don't understand how anyone could like her I feel so sorry for Harry who is forced to kiss her and stuff just for management'' that was it you couldn't do it you tried call Haz but his phone was off you ran to the bathroom Harry had been taking pain killers because some crazy fan wrote fanfic about him being shout and tried to make it come true and shot him he wasn't hit obviously but the bullet grazed his leg and he lost a lot of blood with out noticing and collapsed before a concert so he was brought to hospital (this happened a week ago) you took a few off them a few Panadol and some parositomol you took them all at once and text Harry ''babe I love you so much I did it for you im sorry but I died a mother and your the father'' but before you could send your eyes shut...................
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