i love you but i still gotta go

You and your amazing boyfriend Harry have been going out but will the paparazzi pressure and fans get to you or will Harry save you?

Sorry im bad at blurbs


22. dead

Someone pulled your eyelids up. "Darcy leave Mummy alone" says a british voice. You lift your hand and brush the hand away. Then you hear a baby crying. "Darcy" you say sitting up. You get dizzy and someone pushes you back into a lying position. "Calm down love" someone says everything is blurry. You raise your hand and rub someone's face and they catch your hand and place it on someone else's. "Why is everything blurry?" you ask. "(Y/N) darling you got up too quickly" says another british voice. Your eyes adjust slightly "Thanks Liam" you smile seeing his face then your smile streches from ear to ear. "Hiya baby? How are you honey did you try wake me up? I think you did and you were successful like everything you do in your long spontaneous-" "Babe your talking to a child only a couple of months old?" Harry interrupts you. "A COUPLE OF MONTHS?" you say shocked. "Em ya you were in a coma" Harry says to you. "A COMA?" you shout. "Please stop shouting your frightening Darcy" Harry says nervously. "Eh guys lets leave these two to talk" Zayn says and Louis picks up Darcy and they leave. "Harry what the hell is going on?" you say. "Ok well Lou was in an accident and you saved him by giving him blood then one of your organs stopped functioning properly and they operated but then you had an x-ray after and it turned out you had a eh a um tumur" Harry whispers the last bit. "A what Harry?" you scream. "Love calm down you had a tumur but it's gone now you were in a coma for about 3 months we never gave up but i couldn't let Darcy see her Mummy in that state. A nurse told me to bring her in and see if you would wake up slightly or improve but you woke up fullly" he grinned. You reach up and slap him across the face. Harry looks at you. "I'm sorry I don't know what came over me" you apologise. Harry kisses you passionately. "Eh guys we came back" Niall says awkwardly. Ye pull away and laugh Louis covered Darcy's eyes and she covered his. "Darcy come to mommy" you say holding out your arms. Louis walks over with her and places her on the bed beside you. Darcy looked at you. You lean in to kiss her and she cries you pick her up and she kicks so Harry takes her and she stops. You realise she doesnt remember you. "My baby doesn't know me. She hates me. Everyone does" you think and Louis takes Harry to the hall to talk to him privately. "Eh guys could i get some rest i feel tired" you say. "You were asleep fo-OW" Niall says before Liam nudges him. "Sure" Zayn and Liam say. They walk out and you look at the wires connected to you. You catch them in one hand and yank them all out. "Goodbye" you whisper. "I love you but I still gotta go"
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