i love you but i still gotta go

You and your amazing boyfriend Harry have been going out but will the paparazzi pressure and fans get to you or will Harry save you?

Sorry im bad at blurbs


19. back with news

The boys stayed with you for the night Zayn fell asleep in the kitchen Liam was on an armchair Niall on the sofa and you in your room. You woke up and went to the bathroom you splashed your face with water. You had just dreamed Louis and Harry died the boys left you and Darcy then Darcy got very sick. You were a bit better then you heard Darcy cry. You sped into her room took her into the kitchen for a bottle. Zayn woke up and laughed. "What?" you say waiting for the bottle to heat up. "Nothing just your pjs" he says still laughing. You look at yourself and start laughing. You never had company at night you were wearing what you usually wore to bed. A pair of Harry's underwear and a vest-top. Luckily before you went bathroom you put on Harry's shirt. Darcy's bottle was ready so you began feeding her. Zayn couldn't stop smiling. He took out his phone and called someone. "They'll hardly answer it's what woah it's only 1 in the morning" you say genuinely shocked it was 3 or something. Zayn starts talking and you talk to Darcy telling her she was the cutest baby ever and Daddy would be back soon. You had totally forgot about Zayn until there was a flash he had just took a picture of you and Darcy. He showed you it and sent it to Harry. You went back into the sitting room Niall rolled off the couch. He didnt wake up so you sat on it and whispered to Darcy for a while it was 03.27 now and you could tell Darcy was falling asleep as her grip was loosening. You smile and bring her into her room and put her down when you hear the front door close you run to it and find Harry checking his phone. He sees you and goes over and hugs you. "You know that shirt really suits you" Harry chuckled into your hair. You giggle and mumble "how is he?" Harry looks at you. You pull him over to the couch and sit on his knee. You feel a tear roll down his cheek. "Babe please tell me?" you beg. "He eh he started bleeding again and he never woke up before it happened you know before he started-" Harry choked. You could feel tears forming in your eyes but you gave Harry a kiss and hugged him tight. "We'll get through this" you say and ye go to bed even though neither of ye actually get sleep.
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