Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall imagines. WARNING: IF YOU HAVE VERY POWERFUL FEELS DO NOT READ!!!
Enjoy lovelies;)


1. Fixing the broken pieces {Niall}

"Y/N what's wrong I got your text" Niall rushes towards you and immediately hugs you. He wipes the tears rushing down your cheeks. You turn away from him and hug your knees close to your chest.

"He broke up with me." You manage to say.

Niall caresses your cheeks and rubs your back.

"From Facebook, He told me on Facebook!" You stutter

You lie down in bed and pull the covers up until you neck.

"I don't think he ever loved me" You say "Who would ever love me?"

You pull the covers up to hide your face.

Niall removes the covers and lays down next to you.

"I do" He says

"I love you" Niall whispers into your ear.

You turn around to face him and say "You do?"

"I love you y/n" he repeats

You realise you always have loved Niall, and always wanted to be more  than best friends.

"I love you, Niall" you whisper back.

He delicatly kisses your forehead "I always did"


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