Kiss you

Hai there im talia 19 i have meduim length brown hair and brown eyes and my best friend tess is 19 also she has short black/brown hair and brown eyes.

'I never thought i would meet them' i thought to myslef
"So whats your name" Niall asked me
"Talia" i replyed hands shaking
'Im talking to niall horan get your self together' i thought


1. Plane ride

I take a deep breath as i stepped onto the plane, my mom had paid for first class because I'm afraid of flying.

I look at a lady she was tall and had long blond hair she looked young "hello ma'am may i see your ticket?" She asked, i nodded as i handed her my ticket "your at the front" she says pointing of the front of the plane.

As soon as i sat down in my seat i texted my best friend

  To:  tessaboo

Tess I'm completely freaking out i cant fly from Australia to London its too long of a flight

  I started to panic the plane hasn't even started down the runway  and I'm freaking out, i heard my phone vibrate

  From: tessaboo

Calm down!!!! It'll be fine you flew from London to aussi you can fly back plus I'm sure you will meet someone that you can talk too


  I quickly replied to her

  To: Tessaboo 

Thanks babe see you in a few hours <3

  And with that i turned off my phone

"Hi" i heard a voice beside me, I quickly turned around to see Niall Horan from One Direction 

"H-hi" i stuttered as he sat down next to me

"so whats your name?" Niall asked as he extended his hand towards mine

"I'm Talia" I replied shaking his hand

"hello everyone this is your captain speaking may you please put your seat belts on we will be taking off shortly" 

I started to breath heavily, Niall looked at me "scared of flying?" He asked "majorly" I replied

He said nothing he moved the arm rest between us and put his arm around me, i started to feel the plane move and i started hyperventilating.

"shhh its okay love I'm here" he said and he motioned me to put my head on his chest, i did and he started to play with my hair.







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