Kiss you

Hai there im talia 19 i have meduim length brown hair and brown eyes and my best friend tess is 19 also she has short black/brown hair and brown eyes.

'I never thought i would meet them' i thought to myslef
"So whats your name" Niall asked me
"Talia" i replyed hands shaking
'Im talking to niall horan get your self together' i thought


2. Meeting the boys

A/N im so freaking sorry i havent uploaded in like 5000 million years and to tess sorry fpr not updating :( any ways heres chapter two



I yawned and looked up at nialls beautiful blue eyes "how much longer" i asked

"Still about 8 hours" i groan "hey where r u staying when we get to england" he asks "me and my friend were going to go house hunting the day i get back, she stays with her mom" i reply

We sat in silence for what seemed like forever until he finally spoke "why dont you stay with me and the lads for a bit until you find a flat?" I was about to day 'no thats ok' but my mouth said "sure if thats okay with them" "im sure they will be fine" he replyed

What.the.hell me. And. My. Bestie. Are. Staying. With. One. Freaking direction.

"You should get some sleep" niall says, i nod and close my eyes.



- few hours later-


"Talia, talia" i woke up to the sound of tess's voice

"emurphergurfle" i say and push my face into whatever i was on and heard male laughter i immeditly shot my head up and realized i was in nialls arms "jez you look hot" tess says, i hear everyone laugh "put me down" i command and i feel myself being put on my feet "so lads we are all okay with this?" Zayn asks and they all reply yes  i think what there talking about "thank you guys so much for letting us stay with you guye until we get a house" tess says, oh right im gonna live with one direction "well shall we im starving" niall says "your always hungry" liam states and we all laugh and make our way to the limo "nandoos please" niall instructs and we move away from the airport and into the streets of london.


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