The Boy From The Bakery

18 year old Charlotte is moving away from her home town of Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland to the town Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England with her sister and mum. she really doesnt want to move but will someone change that for her....


5. meeting Anne.


Charlottes P.O.V

*beep,beep* That must be Harry. I peered through my bedroom window to see Harry making his way towords my house.

I scurried down the stairs only to be met by my mum.

"Where are you off in such a hurry dressed to impress?"

"I, um-"

There was a knock at the door.

"Well Charlotte Green, looks like your date is here." she smiled at me

I opened the door and there stood Harry. He was wearing black skinny jeans and white converse, a plain white t-shirt that shiwed off his perfectly formed abbs and a navy blue blazer to complete the look. He looked so handsome.

"Hi, i'm Lotties mum, you can call me anne" my mum said squeezing past me and holing out her hand for harry to shake.


Harrys P.O.V

The door opened. My eyes were greeted by the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had a cute cream dress on that kissed the top of her knees. The dress from the top of the chest up was made of florar netting. She had black wedges on that matched her perfectly curled hair.

"Hi, i'm Lotties mum, you can call me Anne" A woman who looked like an older version of Lottie said as she held her hand out for me to shake.I grabbed her hand and kissed it before replying with "Harry."

"Lottie, you look stunning" I said as I held her hand and planted a kiss on it. I just love it when she blushes, it's so cute.

"Thanks, you look very stunning yourself" A smile grew on my face.

"Would it be ok to take Lottie out on a date?"

"Of corse it is Harry, just take care of her please."

"dont worry shes in safe hands with me, ill have her back by 11, bye"

With that we walked away leaving Anne waving goodbye to us.I walked Lottie over to the car and opened her door for her. I then got in the car and we drove away.


Im sorry about the really boring chapter, I promiuse my next update will be alot better. Ill update as soon as possable, ive been really busy latley.

OMG! have any of you watched This is us! I watched it the other day and lets just say there was lots of tears and lots of laughing. Oh and OUR MOMENT!  havw you smelt it, OMG! i was nearly dieing!!!




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