The Boy From The Bakery

18 year old Charlotte is moving away from her home town of Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland to the town Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England with her sister and mum. she really doesnt want to move but will someone change that for her....


4. Is that you?


Charlottes P.O.V


The rain had gotten heavier by the time i had gotten to the bakery, I really don't want to walk back home in this...

I stepped into the bakery and the fresh smell of bread and cakes filled my nose.I walked over to all the different types of bread, there was so many choices to choose from. I picked up the bread i wanted and turned around....


Harrys P.O.V


I had just finished my shift in the bakery and was walking out

and texting the lads when i bumped into someone and knocked their loaf of bread out of their hands. "I'm so sor....."

i handed back the loaf of bread realising who i was giving it to.

"Lottie, is that you?"

"yeah, i suppose it is, you work here?"

"yeah, ive been working here since i was 14"

"really, cool"

I couldnt help but look into he beautiful brown eyes, she was stunning. She looked so cute with her hair soaking wet.

Charlottes P.O.V


His green eyes pierced mine as he took me to another world. I had to break the silence

"umh, I best b-"

"you can come back to mine....if you want...I mean its totally up to you " he looked down and blushed, he look so adorable when he was nervous.

"I, umh, I've gotta get this bread to my mum"

"oh...ok...ill drop you off, its raining bad outside"

I can't let him do that, I mean I dont even know him, but it is raining really bad outside. I suppose it wont do any harm

"if you dont mind, thanks" I said blushing

I went and paid for my bread and we headed for his car. The ride back to mine was kinda awkward. As we pulled up in front of my house he got out and quickly ran around to my side of the car and opened the door. He took my hand and helped me out. He's such a gentlman

"Before you go, I need too ask you one thing, will you  go on a date with me"

my cheeks started to burn up so bad. I gave him a small smile and answered

"yes, i will"

"I'll pick you up here tomorrow at 7pm?"

"see you at 7 tomorrow"

"bye" he said kissing me on the forehead.

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