The one that didnt get away

the day finally arrived. Kayleigh was finally at a One Direction concert with her friend Molly. Kayleigh is inlove with Niall and when there eyes finally meet does she see what she wants to see? Or is Niall completely different to what she imagined him to be.
Can Kayleigh change the way Niall is or does she have to just walk away with or without him and do the other boys try to stop her but in the process fall madly inlove with her?

1. Finally

" you still have to squeeze into your jeans but your perfect to me", i listened to Harrys beautiful voice sing but all i could focuse on was Niall. I had been a huge fan for 5 years now and i finally got the chance to see them, i was so happy but at the same time worried. What if Niall looks at me and just turns away? Ive been having fantasies for years that he will see me and fall madly inlove with me, i know it would never happen but i liked to tell myself it would.

"OMG KAYLEIGH LOOK AT NIALL" Molly yelled into my ear, i had been so deep in thought i didnt notice Niall singing his solo and to my suprise he was staring at me. RIGHT AT ME!!.

My heart started to beat uncontrollably and tears formed in my eyes, i couldnt explain how happy i was and how much i loved this boy.

"maybe you'll love yourself like i love you" Nialls solo ended, he put down his mic as he walked over to Paul. Paul nodded as if he was accepting what Niall had said to him. "i wonder what he said" i asked Molly as she broke her stare at Harry and turned to me, "i have a feeling your going to find out" i got slightly confused at her reply until i felt somebody grab my arm and pull me backstage.

i looked up to see Paul stood over me, he looked slightly scary but at the same time harmful. "why have you brought me back here?", he looked at me and as he was about to open his mouth i heard the boys run in as the concert was over. 

My stomach flipped, i slowly rotated my body to see One Direction stood in a line glancing down at me.

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