annie jibblet

Blurb: Annie jibblet is a 10 year old orphan who lives in a bad place. One day she decides to run away one day and joins the circus under the name alice banister. What will happen?


4. the school

Annie Jibblet’s pov:

I worked hard for 2 hours in the kitchen. I just had time to have breakfast. I had toast, bake beans, bacon , eggs and mushrooms with some ketchup and fresh milk. We all normally have hat every day and sometimes we had porridge and orange juice instead or with it. We just have porridge when we are in a rush. As we were all late, we have to do farm duty. All we do is we have to work in the farm with the animals and crops. The people who there are no room for at breakfast to help do farming after they have had lunch.

Classes are after breakfast. They start at 9. We have to go through long corridors to get to classes. We have an orange while we are at break reading and some milk.

School isn’t a really boring place to be. It isn’t the best place in the world to be either. It is normal. Good. Just school. A normal school. It means that I can get a good job one day in the future. Not a low pay job working in a dirty farm. Like my mum wanted for me. I don’t know what I want to do but I will figure it out one day. School can help me with that. It will also means that I won’t have to rely on my father’s children for money. I will be me who can provide money.

It is a big building the foundling hospital. It has 3 floors. Basement is sleeping. Ground is food and top is school. It is good food isn’t on the bottom floor otherwise I would have a long walk. A really long walk.

I walked into my first class of the day, English. It is normally first lesson.

Class rooms are quite big. There are loads of black boards in the class. Well 3 or 4. We normally do a lot of class activities. The class has desks. Big desks. They were wooden. You could open them up and your books were there. Each lesson had a different class room with books for your class. It also had paper. Well books with paper in them.

“Hello class. Now everybody sit down. We need to get started. Now if you are in Mr Brockman’s history class he has moved to sub section b room 12. That is down the hall then go down the corridor. Go right then it is past the maths room next to reading 210. It says English 103 but that is because we are swapping class rooms. Ok, English 103 come in,” said Mr Aniston.

The history people started running out the class room and rushing out the corridor.

“No running!” Mr Aniston shouted.

The rest of the children in his English class came in. Unfortunately I had to sit next to Clarissa. The girl who chats a lot.

“So class, today we are going to start work on stories and what they tell us,” said Mr Aniston.

“Boring,” Clarissa whispered.                                                                             

“Who said that,” Mr Aniston shouted.

“It was Annie. She said to me in my ear boring,” said annoying Clarissa.

“Ok, Annie the punishment for talking is 5 beatings. Come to the front. I got a new cane because all of you having to be beaten broke it,” said Mr Aniston.

He beat me and more feelings of hurt came into my head.

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