annie jibblet

Blurb: Annie jibblet is a 10 year old orphan who lives in a bad place. One day she decides to run away one day and joins the circus under the name alice banister. What will happen?


2. the letter

Annie’s pov:

After my mum left that day. I never saw her again to this point. I don’t think I ever will. I probably won’t ever see her again. Anyway it was one hour later they actually found me in my bed all alone wondering where my mother was. They searched for a note or something to see where she had gone. As it is unusual for a mother to just disappear. The hospital staff eventually found the letter on the bed. I’ll read it to you even though I kind of told you what it said.

Dear hospital staff or whoever finds this letter,

You are probably wondering where I have gone. What has happened to me? Why have I abandoned my child? Look I’ll explain.

See I grew up moving around from shelter to shelter as a young child with my brothers and sister and parents. We didn’t have jobs. I never had education or anything.

A few weeks ago my husband left me to work in the country. He was the provider. He had the money. He had everything we needed. So when he kicked me out the house I had no job. He even took all the money he gave me. I had no house, no money, and no nothing.

So, I had to go back to my old homeless shelter. There are at least 50 people there. It wasn’t a nice place. Not really much living space at all really. You were lucky if you got a pillow and a bench.

So after I had my daughter, I knew she couldn’t live in the shelter. I grew up there and had a bad childhood. There are people who aren’t nice to people and people who smoke cigars all the time. I didn’t want her to be bought up there.

I decided that the best place would be a care home. There she might actually get to go to school. Have a future. Live in a nicer place. DO what I couldn’t do.

Please tell her why I left. I know she will understand.

So bye I have to go

From mrs Jibblet

Straight after they took me to the foundling hospital where I spent my life to now.

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