annie jibblet

Blurb: Annie jibblet is a 10 year old orphan who lives in a bad place. One day she decides to run away one day and joins the circus under the name alice banister. What will happen?


3. the hospital

Annie’s pov:

The foundling hospital was a horrible place. So many abandoned children and orphaned children. They just stand in groups looking sad and miserable. No one is happy. There are children crying. It looks a miserable place.

The girls and boys were separated. So where age groups. It was a bit weird. The girls all stand in lines. Wearing dresses. There is a section at a back for babies that was where I was put.

There is a school there. Girls and boys schools were separate. It was hard. Weird place where there is a yard. It isn’t the best place.

Present day 1849

I wake up early at 6:30. Great going to be late for 6:40 breakfast making. The girls have to make the breakfast for the boys and the younger girls. It is the way they give us money. We don’t get it but it means we get time in a school there. After you turn 7, you start doing odd jobs. Cooking, cleaning and other things. After your 9th birthday, you have to work in the kitchen full time. You barely get time for a bite to eat before classes start at 8:30 if you work in the kitchen.

I get dressed into my normal outfit. The hospital make it for you. Bye the time I am dressed it is 6:45. Great I am going to be 15 minutes late. Another day, another beating. Every day is the same.

I walk into the big hall where we have breakfast. It is quite a big place. All the girls and boys are separated. It feels weird. Not that weird. You get used to it. We have nice breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Breakfast we get some bacon, sausages, eggs and some toast. We all get some milk. Lunch depends. Normally they normally had sandwiches with ham, bacon, egg and cheese and other things. They are really nice. Dinner is different every day. Normally potatoes, soups and meats.

I walk into the kitchen. No one is there. Everyone must be late. Mr walkmaster, the head of the hospital, comes up to me.

“Why are you late Annie?” asked Mr walkmaster.

“I woke up late. The others are late. No one woke me up,” I replied nervously.

“Not good enough. So I guess it is time for another beating,” said Mr walkmaster.

I turn around and he gets a cane waking me with it. I get cuts and bruises everywhere. I wish I could leave but I can’t.

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