annie jibblet

Blurb: Annie jibblet is a 10 year old orphan who lives in a bad place. One day she decides to run away one day and joins the circus under the name alice banister. What will happen?


1. my mum

Annie jibblet’s pov:

I was born to mrs jibblet in 1839. She had broken up with my dad a few weeks before my birth. My dad was the financial provider of the house hold. He took all of his money with him throwing my mum out and then moving to the countryside to further develop the train lines.

My mum was poor. She had no job as her parents had no money and where poor as well. This meant she did not get an education. No one would give her work as she had to live on the streets and she had clothes made of rags. She barely could afford to live. She had to move back to the homeless shelter where she was born and her friends lived. She barely got any food.

I was born 18th june 1839 12:00. I was born in a hospital in London. I don’t know where as it didn’t really have a name. All I know is that it is near where I live now. This hospital was dirty. Hospitals have always been dirty places. Never clean ones. My mum had no home except for the homeless shelter.

A homeless shelter is a miserable place in gaps in the roads with little benches. Lots of people live in one gap. They have to beg for money and food. They have blankets they find or people give. I see them every day. Homeless shelters. The people have cold eyes. I would never want to live there. Ever in my life.

My mum didn’t want me to live in a homeless shelter. She spent her childhood there and it was awful. She wanted me to have a good life unlike her. Have a good future and education. When she was with dad, she knew I was going to have a stable future. She had to make a hard decision that was best for me.

She named me after my aunt who died as a baby Annie. She filled out my birth certificate in tears. She got 2 drawings of her and me. One for me and one for her. After filling out the birth certificate she put it to one side and held me.

“Oh darling. You’re great. I love you. You are the best thing that happened to me. I am poor though. A baby doesn’t belong on the streets. You belong in a house. A home. Somewhere with a proper bed, food and a proper life. I don’t want you to be like me. I never got a job and relied on your father for finance. How stupid was I believing he would stay with me and his child? Don’t worry you will have a good future. I promise that. Though for that to happen I need to leave you. It is for your own good. I need you to know that. I never want people to think that. I’ll make sure this is story is put in your care home papers of why I left you. Ok,” said my mum.

She got out of her hospital bed and turned the light of and closed the curtains. Leaving a letter of everything I just told you. That is how I knew that.

My mum walked out the hospital I started crying. That was the last time I ever saw my mother.

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