Mr Styles

Janet Swift's love life is ruptured as the love of her ife turns out to be her maths teacher. what will she do? will she make it work? find out through her eyes as you live her life.


5. surprise surprise

As I enter the car park, I notice that my car isn't where I parked out this morning. My brother must have taken it, just my luck it begins to poor it down. I get to the roundabout at the top of the road as a black vaxhaul Astra pulls over and Mr Styles' face appears before he offers me a lift.

​ Anyone with a slight amount of common sense wouldn't turn down a lift in this weather even if it was an alien driving. But this was Harry styles well known star and I'm silly in his car. Eeeep fangirl.

​After a while, the silence is interrupted by the angel himself.

"you know, you are a right tease. Yesterday you called me Hazza. Only my girlfriends call me that."

I blush just thinking about being his girlfriend and what we would do. "oh, really Hazza, is that right?"

​"well I will get my revenge Janet. Mark my words i will."

we pull up outside my house as I have a confused look upon my face.

​"boy, do I want to know what you're thinking at the moment" he smiles sweetly at me but before I answer he understands. "the computer system has all your details on."

Damn! I forgot about that. He is a teacher. My teacher. My maths teacher. I can't have him he knows everything the school does.

​ my thoughts are all over the place when I remember that we are out side my house. I hop out of the car saying thankyou.

before I get inside the house I notice that Harry has parked in the next-door yard.

"why are you over there??" I ask puzzled.

He chuckles as I shake my head, not understanding.

"I live here; you just haven't seen me because how early I leave and how late I arrive home.the holidays have passed so I have been preparing for this semester." He smirks. "I'm your new neighbour, nice to meet you."

​"okayyyyy then. Back to reality. There is an ajoining hatch from my house to yours. It is located in what I am guessing I your room. It links up to mine. If you ever get bored or lonely or even if my grades need boosting just knock. I'll probably be in there."

He nods and smiles at me as a response before winking and walking into the house. I am left dazed and alone, in front of my house. Is THE Harry Styles my actual neighbour?

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