Mr Styles

Janet Swift's love life is ruptured as the love of her ife turns out to be her maths teacher. what will she do? will she make it work? find out through her eyes as you live her life.


4. Mr hotties Detention

walking to detention, I hear a sweet song coming from Mr.Styles' with the stings if an acoustic guitar being strum.

​"1D is now my past, this is the new me, I always came last, so listen to me plea. I might come off as strong but if I must stay true my shield is only so long but ill use it to protect you".

​with that, I walk in with a tear in my eye, trying to smile.

​"awww don't stop, please" I whine.

​He blushes immensely and shows off the cute dimples that he has.

​"You heard all that??"

​All I can do is nod as a lump in my throat forms. I wanted to cry but I didn't want him to see me cry.

​" well um.may I" I hold out my hand indicating that I want to try and play. "I'm so sorry if I'm a little rusty. I haven't played in a while. I know you know this song because you wrote it haha. Sing along please."

​He holds out the wooden guitar and as I go to get it, our hands brush against each others. I felt sparks but I took it away before I died of embarrassment.

​once it is I position and I have warmed up a little I play the chords to'live while were young' whilst singing with Harry harmonizing perfectly.

​" you say that you're rusty but you have an amazing talent. Have you ever thought about taking it up professionally?"

​"nah, I is only a hobby. Done it since I was 4"

​After a Series of songs and sing along, I look up and see the clock. Hurried, after seeing the time, I inform Mr styles that I have to leave immediately.

​"laterz hazza" I wink at him as I leave, sprinting out and to my car, I drive home.

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